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Multi-Fit Thermal Actuator 24v (Low Voltage)

Multi-Fit Thermal Actuator 24v (Low Voltage) Image is for illustration only and should not be relied upon
Brand: Do Heating
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- 4-Wire

HCO Code: 11A11
Brand: Emmeti
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Ex VAT: £22.27
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- 2-Wire

HCO Code: 02C06
Brand: Other
In Stock
Ex VAT: £12.50
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Q: Will this replace a uponor tsa2?

A: Several versions were available. Pease email us a photo.
Q: Hi, can we use these on a Drayton TRV 4 Thermostatic radiator Valve body?

A: Hi. Yes you can.
Q: Looking for an actuator but needs to be 12v

A: I'm afraid we don't have any 12v ones.
Q: Hi , would you know if I could replace a standard TRV head with something like this . We work in healthcare & have a problem with TRVs inside radiator covers . Capillary types aren't suitable so was thinking about trying something like this . The valves on our current project are Danfoss ( the grub screw type) . Cheers

A: Hi. Yes, but this one is not suitable for fitting onto Danfoss TRVs. For your valve you need the TWA-A. HCO Code 04A09
Q: Is this either opened or closed? Or if I control the voltage applied can I open it partial amounts? Ie open it any specified fraction

A: They are closed without power. No, they are designed to be either open or closed. They can be partially opened by pulsing the voltage (e.g. one minute on - one minute off) but it is not an exact science and will vary from valve to valve.
Q: Is this actuator usable on a Honeywell V120-15 type valve body?

A: Yes it is.
Q: Hi, Does this unit have the same fitting ring and travel, to replace an old Watts Dumser actuator, Type 24v AC, 3w Normally closed, 2 wire other numbers on the unit are 9019000 & D76829 L.ander? TIA.

A: Hi. Yes it does.
Q: Will these work with your:- 20D13 'Do heating TRV MK 2', and can you confirm that normally closed, means the actuator pin is fully extended when no power is applied, and the TRV will be shut off...??? Many thanks Andy

A: Yes they will, and that is correct.
Q: Will this Actuator Replace a Behr X7 592 024?

A: Behr numbers are usually 4 sets of numbers. Please check it and confirm.
Q: Hello Can I use these valves with hive multi room controllers to create heating zones in my property

A: Hi. Yes you can. You will need a 24v supply as well as 230v for the receiver.
Q: Are these actuators suitable for use in wetrooms?

A: The 2-wire version can be used in Zone 2 (or outside of the zones) of a bathroom. The 4-wire is not suitable for use in a bathroom.
Q: What is the cable length on the actuator?

A: It is 900mm
Q: What is the max cable length for running the cable from the wiring centre to the actuators? I plan to have one wiring centre driving 2 manifolds, one downstairs and one upstairs. With max cable length of around 3 to 4m.

A: Yes as long as the wire is a decent gauge to avoid voltage drop.
Q: Does it have the same 1/2 turn Mount as a Taconova 257.1855.000?

A: No you need to remove the base of the Taconova actuator as well. This will then screw on to the threaded connection.
Q: is there any difference between NC (normally closed) or normally open?

A: Yes, with a normally closed actuator opens when power is applied. A normally open actuator closes when power is applied.
Q: Hello, will the multi fit thermic 24vac two wire replace the following BEHR X7 531.26.024 5 watt Cheers

A: I'm afraid I have no trace on that one. Please let us know what manifold it is installed on.
Q: Is it possible to get these actuators with a chrome finish??

A: I'm afraid not.
Q: Hi will this work with Loxone Controls, also how many amps do they draw?

A: They will work with any control that will supply the correct voltage and amperage. The 2-wire one will draw a maximum of 600mA
Q: Will your multi fit thermal actuator, Normally closed valve fit onto a Terrier II TRV.

A: Yes they will.
Q: Will this replace a standard radiator TRV or will an adaptor be required, if so, which one/size?

A: It depends on the TRV. Please email us the make and model of the TRV (or a picture) to sales@heatingcontrolsonline.co.uk
Q: These are stated as being normally closed, is that its 0v state so that no electrical power is being consumed when they are closed?

A: That's correct.
Q: Can this operate on 24V DC

A: Yes it can.

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Normally Closed manifold thermoelectric actuator.

Suitable for a large range of underfloor heating manifolds including:
John Guest Speedfit
Emmeti Topway
Uponor TM, FM, FR, MF & RA 

Can also be used on many TRV bodies, for example Honeywell

Replaces many existing actuators, including:
Uponor 1002053 (2-Wire) 
Watts Telestat 10C:
    10C24NC2 (2-Wire)
    10C24NC4 (4-Wire)
Watts Telestat 20C:
    20C24V (2-Wire)
Watts Telestat 20CI:
    20CI-24V (2-Wire)
Watts 22C
    22C24NC2 (2-Wire)
    22C24NC2-5 (2-Wire)
    22C24NC4 (4-Wire)
    M100-AG (2-Wire)
    M100-AGE (4-Wire)
    Z100-AG (2-Wire)
    Z100-AGE (4-Wire)
    H200-AG (2-Wire)
    M8001V24 (2-Wire)
    656104 (2-Wire)
    656114 (4-Wire)
    Novadrive 257.1855.000 (2-Wire)
    Novadrive 257.1862.000 (2-Wire)
    Novadrive 257.1255.500 (4-Wire)
    TWA-K 088H3140 (2-Wire)
    1827-00.500 (2-Wire)
    82980NC54 (2-Wire)
    82979NC54 (4-Wire)
BEHR Thermaqua
    X7 565 02 024 1A (2-wire)
    CAH02401 (2-Wire)



And many more. Please e-mail us if your model isnt listed.



Technical Detail:
Input Voltage: 24v 50/60Hz
Throw: 3.6mm
Breakaway Current: <0.35A
Input: <0.125 (3VA)
Auxillary Switch (4-wire version only): 5A
Max air temperature: 60C
Protection (side or upside down mounted): IP40
Protection (upwards mounted): IP44
Opening Time: 5-6 Minutes
Thread M30x1.5

These are high quality electrothermic actuators. Beware of cheap, unreliable, brands being offered elsewhere.

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