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Myson MRT1 Room Thermostat

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The MRT1 is a wall mounted, temperature activated on/off switch. The desired temperature is set on the rotary control dial. The thermostat monitors and compares the actual room temperature with the set temperature on the control. If the room temperature is below the desired level and the thermostat has requested heat the central heating system will run the heating circuit until the temperature reaches the required level, the MRT1 will switch off the heating circuit.

* Gas bellow with anticipator
* Simple and accurate
* Lockable or high/low temperature restrict feature
* Operating range 6 to 30°C
* Switching differential 1.3°C
* Large terminal screws

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Hi. I currently have a Honeywell CM907 programmable thermostats which I think needs replacing. It is far too complicated; would I be able to replace it with something like this. Thanks. Regards Trevor.
Hi. You would need 2 wire thermostats like the Siemens RAA21.
I have a Potterton PRT100 currently is this compatible to use as a replacement?
Yes it is.
Is the Myson MRT1 Room Thermostat compatible with a Siemens RWB29SI controller.?
Yes it is.
My myson MRT1 wall control temperature dial numbers are very faded and can no longer read them. Can I change the dial over or do I have to replace the full unit? Many thanks.
I'm afraid replacement dials are not available. So a complete replacement thermostat will be needed.
Hi I've got a problem with the heating. The engineer thinks it might be the battery from the Myson which I've got for some years now. How long does it last. Should I need a new one. My question is: is the Myson MRT1 room thermostat has got a battery inside ? Thank you Regards Eliane
Hi No, it is mechanical.
Hi I am looking to use this with a Myson 600E. rated at 12.5 Amps. Q1 What is the current rating of this Myson thermostat? Q2 Where do I fit it in line with the fused spur or inline with the Myson Kickspace 600E power switch? Thanks Chris
It is 15A resistive 2.5A inductive You will need to install it between the fused spur and the heater.
Is this product 24volt and is the Myson Code 50507
No it is 230v.
Is the Myson MRT1 room thermostat compatible with the Potterton EP2 controller?
Yes it is

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