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Optimum WiFi Timer for Combi Boilers

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HCO Code: 11A31
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Baxi Part No. 241701
Potterton / Main Part No. 247207
Vokera Part No. 202 0005
Alpha Part No. 6.1000210
Halstead Part No. 600512
Ferroli Part No. 39803840 803840
Ariston Part No. 569538
Diehl 884 (230v model).


Plug-in 7-day replacement integral WiFi timeswitch for the following boilers:



Alpha Baxi Ferroli (not HE models) Halstead Potterton / Main Vokera Wickes
CD C (CD25C CD28C CD35C) Platinum Optimax 25 ACE Performa Syntesi Combi 102
CD50 Maxflow Modena ACE High Promax Synergy Combi 82
CD S (CD18S CD24S CD30S) Instant 77FF FINEST Platinum Gold Linea  
HE SY25 80 100FF EDEN CB Puma Mynute Ariston
CB24 (CB24C CB24X) 130HE Optima CLUB Statesman Hydra Eurocombi SX20
CB28 (CB28C CB28X) 105e Domina FINEST Propane Combi Excell Eurocombi SX 20 MFFICE
CB32 (CB32C CB32X) 80e Falcon Quattro Gold   Maxin  
C (C24 C27) 105 Domicompact        
  Bahama Hawk        

Can be used to upgrade a mechanical or digital timer to WiFi

Minimum setting 1 minute
Countdown Function: Countdown ON or OFF
WLAN 802.11 b/g/n

Note: wiring harness not included

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Hi I would like to upgrade my Main Combi 24 HE (which uses the Grasslin mechanical timer) to a wifi enabled boiler. Will this unit fit and also can this be paired with a wireless room stat? Many thanks.
It will fit your boiler. It will not pair to a wireless room stat. If you need a wireless room stat, you will need HCO code BU781.
Hi I'm looking to run my baxi duo tec 33 combi boiler via WiFi with an ap to programme the sequence of on off.. Is this possible, and if so how do I go about it please
Assuming you have the mechanical timer on the front of the boiler, you just swap it for this. The procedure will be explained in your boiler manual under changing the timer.
How do I connect it to my wifi router? Had to replace router and now can't access settings it via phone app....
Long press the button to reset it back to factory settings. Then re-add it in the app as a new device.
Will this fit the Baxi combi 105e and if so does this work from an app on your phone
Yes it will. Yes, you control it with an app.
I have a grasslin QE7 running 1 immersion element in a water tank. Will this replace the grasslin unit and clip into the harness?
It will replace it, but you will need to change the backplate.

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