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Orkli TRV Adaptor

Brand: Other
HCO Code: 15A85
Price: £13.19
Ex VAT: £10.99
Stock: In Stock
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Q: Hi I have an HIVE radiator valve and none of the adaptors supplied fit. I have been advised that I need an M28x1.0” adaptor. Is the is the right item I need to purchase as I do not know the make of the valves that are existing.

A: Hi. It sounds like this is the correct one. If you email us photos of your existing valves we can confirm.
Q: Hi. I have Concerto TRVs which have a 28mm 1.0mm pitch thread onto the valve. Will this adaptor work to get to a Hive head? Cheers,

A: Hi Yes it will.
Q: Hello, I am full of ORKLI radiators and would like use intelligent TADO heads Is it the right product that will permit to use the TADO heads ? Best regards Yves

A: Hi Yes it is.
Q: Hi there, I have "Viking by Orkli 5" TRVs and want to fit eqiva bluetooth thermostats. So, I need M28 to M30 adapters... but... I've already added the controls to some Westherm valves using adapters which look like the adapters in your pic - these didn't fit the Orkli TRVs because of the pin length. The Orkli pin is 10.5mm long (I have a photo if that would help). Are these adapters the correct ones or is there another specific adapter for the Orkli TRVs? Look forward to hearing from you. best regards

A: Hi These are the correct ones you need.
Q: Hi, I have an old Drayton TRV and need to fit a Tado remote thermostat. None of the Tado adaptors fit, will this enable me to fit the Tado to the valve body? Thanks, Russ

A: Hi. It depends on the model. Please email us a photo of it.
Q: I have bought 10 Hive TRV's, only 1 does not function correctly as the pin in the existing valve is too short. Will this fix the issue do you think?

A: Please email us a photo of the head that was previously fitted to the valve to sales@heatingcontrolsonline.co.uk
Q: Hello. I have a house FULL of Orkli radiator valves, in place of which I want to connect the HIVE smart TRVs. However, the Hive will not connect directly to the Orkli threads. As the Hive comes with an M30 adaptor, if I install your adaptor, would that allow me to connect the HIVE TRV's?

A: Yes that's correct.
Q: Can this adapter be used to convert a Wessex body M30x1.0mm to fit a Hive TRV which comes supplied with an adaptor to fit an M30x1.5mm? Thanks for your attention.

A: Please email us a photo of the Wessex TRV to sales@heatingcontrolsonline.co.uk
Q: Hi - I have some HR92 and need to fit a Salus body ideally to save me replacing things - they are listed elsewhere as fitting direct - but do not - and look similar to the ACH28 but with finer thread - so one might guess @ 1mm pitch - do you know if this fits? (also an old Wickes TRV has a similar looking thread?) Thanks

A: Hi. Salus and Wickes have done Orkli TRVs in the past. Please email us a photo to sales@heatingcontrolsonline.co.uk and we will confirm.
Q: Hi. Will this adaptor allow us to fit Drayton Wiser TRV heads on Orkli Suretherm bodies?

A: Hi. Yes they will.
Q: I have an Orkli TRV which has the figure 29 on it. This appears to be the width of the fitting. Will your Orkli TRV adaptor convert this to accept a Genius head? The body is too big to accept a 28mm adaptor and too small to accept a 30mm head

A: Yes it will.
Q: Will this allow me to fit a Tado radiator valve to my Orkli 28x1 valve?

A: Yes it will.
Q: I need an adaptor to fit a Wiser M30 TRV head to an old SALUS TRV - it seems to be a M28 and probably 1mm pitch. Will this fitting work?

A: Please email us a photo of it to sales@heatingcontrolsonline.co.uk and we will confirm
Q: Hi, I currently have Wessex TRVs, will this adaptor allow me to fit Drayton wiser TRVs?

A: Hi. Yes it will.
Q: Will these fit an old Siemens trv I believe m28 for a Drayton wiser head M30?

A: It will fit the Siemens 'Trade TRV' model. If you are not sure of the model, please email us a photo.
Q: I want to replace a concerto thermostatic head with a current make. Does this adaptor fit and what make can I replace the head with?

A: Yes it will. You can use the multi-fit head (see the related items tab).
Q: I have an Orkli tvr valve and need an adaptor for a honeywell hr92 valve. Will this fit? Cheers

A: Yes it will.
Q: Hi, The TRV i have has the name Viking on it. There are no other marking on the valve or actuator. Would this fit the valve? If so does that then mean i can use a wiser actuator with it?

A: Please email us a photo of the TRV to sales@heatingcontrolsonline.co.uk and we will check if it is an Orkli one.
Q: Would this be able to convert a Drayton trv3 so that I can buy a trv4 head as a repkacement?

A: I'm afraid not.
Q: Do these adapters fit a Wessex TRV, they look like 28mm but are not the same thread as ACH28 adapters.

A: Orkli did do a TRV called the Wessex so it may well do the job.
Q: Hi, I have Salus 28 x 1.0 trv's and would like to fit Honeywell HR92 will this adaptor fit? many thanks

A: Salus did do rebadged Orkli TRVs so they may well fit.
Q: hi would this adaptor fit a "FAR" ( ITALIAN BRAND ) RADIATOR VALVE ? THANKS

A: No. Far valves should already be M30x1.5
Q: I have orkli valves (M28x1.0) and i want to put hr80 honeywell heads (M30x1.5), this adaptor is correct?

A: Yes it is.

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Adaptor for fitting a head with a M30x1.5mm thread to a Orkli, Concerto or Wessex (M28x1.0) TRV body.

Suitable for (see related items):
Multi-Fit TRV Head
Honeywell HR80/HR80UK
Honeywell Evohome HR92/HR92UK

Drayton Wiser

Multi-Fit Thermal Actuator








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