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Pegler Terrier III TRV Head

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Pegler Terrier III TRV Head

Direct replacement for Terrier II head (part number 850685 picture below).

Also suitable for all Regis and Bulldog TRVs


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Could I use this as a replacement for a Pegler Terrier 42 EN216
Unfortunately none of those numbers are the model number. Please email us with a photo.
I need to replace a Pegler EN215; is this head a suitable replacement?
Unfortunately EN215 is not the model number. Please email us a photo.
I have Drayton TRV-4 thermostatic valves. I am fed up with the heads failing due to the plastic cracking around the base of the head, I want to find a different TRV head that fits on the Drayton valve body. Does Pegler sell one?
The Pegler would not be suitable. Our Multi-Fit TRV Head would be suitable.
Hi I need a replacement head for a Bulldog TRV. The plastic failed above the 30 mm metal nut. This question was asked previously , but the the thread stopped before confirming a solution - Thanks
Hi. This will be suitable.
One of the Pegler Terrier 11 TRV,s fitted " hisses" when it is in any of the "on" positions. There are no leaks so could it be the TRV ?, the system is approx 20-25 years old. Thank you.
This sound is normally caused by excess differential pressure. This could be caused by the pump being turn up too high, or a problem with the bypass.
Can you get it in chrome? to replace Pegler terrier 42 EN215? thanks
I'm afraid not currently.
Are the currently available Terrier TRV valves compatible with the original Terrier TRV bodies ? I'm trying to update an existing Terrier TRV valve without having to replace the valve body.
They are not suitable for the original black and white Terrier. But they are suitable for the Terrier II. Please email us a photo if in doubt.
Hi I have a faulty Pegler II TRV head with a code 42 EN215. Is the III head a compatible replacement? Tx
Hi Yes it is.
Hi, I am told by Peglar technical support that a Terrier TRV head will fit on a Mistral 1 valve body, as the Mistral 1 head is no longer available. Is this correct? Many thanks Don
Hi I believe the Mistral 1 was like the Mistral 2 in having a square nut, so the Terrier III head would not be suitable. If you can send us a photo of the body I will confirm.
I need a replacement TRV head for a broken Pegler Terrier 42 EN215 - is this compatible?
Please email us a photo of it, and we will confirm.
need to replace pegler valve head..ref 42/EN125 will this fit??? cheers
Unfortunately none of those numbers are the model number. Please email us with a photo.
Is the Terrier III TRV head a direct replacement for TERRIER I?
It is not suitable for the original Terrier TRV with the black base. You will need HCO code 21C04
I need a replacement thermostatic valve head for a radiator valve. The one I need needs to be compatible with a Bulldog 42 EN215. Please, can you advise?
This one will be suitable.
What is the diameter of the connecting knurled screw? Approx 30 mm?
Yes, it has a M30 thread.
Hi, Will the Terrier TRV head fit my Bulldog valve bodies, I have the original Bulldog valves and the Bulldog Gen 2 valves that have been changed over the years. Thanks
Hi Yes they will.
Please advise if this will replace Regis head with number: 42. EN215 written on it? Thank you.
Yes it will.
Will this be a direct replace for a Terrier 2 head?
Yes it is.
Hi , which adapter do I need to fit a Pegler terrier head to a Drayton Trv4 valve? Both appear to have the same diameter thread? Thanks
I'm afraid we don't currently have a suitable adaptor.
Hi I have 2 bulldog trv heads that have failed (pretty certain it is head, as i can push valve with thumb, but radiatpr stays hot even when head is set at zero. What do I replace my Bulldog heads with?
You need the Pegler Terrier III

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