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PR3 Three Channel Programmer

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• Three channel 230V AC 50Hz output
• Frost protection adjustable between: +5°C & +20°C
• +1 Hour Override (Boost: 1 – 9 hour selectable)
• Summer/Winter changeover
• 5/2 or 7 day programming
• Blue backlight
• Room temperature display
• Power supply: 230VAC 50/60Hz
• Output contact rating at 230V AC: 3 (1) Amp


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Does the 3 channel programmer have separate heating and hot water timings?
Yes, all three channels are independent.

How do I access the backup battery to replace it ? How does the controller detach from backplate ?
Once you have switched off the electric, loosen the two screws on the bottom.  the programmer will then hinge up off the backplate.  The battery does into the tray on the back of the unit.

Hello. Look at the front, what side is the mounting plate on? Is it an Industry Standard wiring plate? Thank you.
Hi It is in the centre. It is not a standard backplate.
Is this compatible with a wireless room stats if so which tyoe
You can wire in any wireless thermostat that has a wall mounted receiver. I would recommend the Sunvic TLX1012
Will this replace an ESi from about 2014?
As long as it is a 3 channel, then yes. A backplate change will be needed.

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