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Salus RT510RF+ Wireless Programmable Thermostat

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The RT510RF is the replacement for the highly successful RT500RF. Along with all the existing features it comes with some exciting new features.

New upgraded plus model features Internal Temperature Load Compensation technology for boiler plus compliance.

  • Sleep Mode
  • Programmable 
  • Frost Protection
  • Desk Stand
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Simple Operation
  • Frequency 868 MHz with 30 metre range
  • Manual mode
  • Pre-Paired for "Plug and Play"
  • Heating Boost Mode
  • Holiday Mode
  • 16 amp Switching receiver 
  • Contemporary design
  • RF Test Function
  • Easy Installation


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Hi, is this compatible with a Baxi 400 boiler please.
Hi.  Yes it is.

Good morning,

We have a Salus ST620RF (TX) thermostat controller. Unfortunately, it fell on the floor and broke. Please confirm this is the right replacement.

Many thanks
Yes, as long as the receiver is the wall mounted ST620RF (RX).  If it is a boiler mounted receiver, then you will need a different one.

Does this include the receiver just to check?
I have been told the 500rf is discontinued and I need to replace both thermostat and receiver.
Many thanks
Yes it does.

is this compatable with baxi duo tec combi boiler
Yes it is.

I have the Salus RT500 which is starting to malfunction. If I purchase this RT510RF+ will I need to wire in the receiver or can I use my existing one? If I need to wire in this receiver will the wiring be the same?
You will need to replace the receiver, but it connects to the same 4 wires. So a simple swap.
Hello, is this able to be used with Gloworm Energy 25 combi. Thanks.
Hi. Yes it is.
Thank you. You advised ITLC – what is the affect of setting that to Rad or Elec? The hot water for the UFH in our flat comes from a heat exchanger in the flat (water at a constant temperature for the UFH) which is fed by a supply of hot water endlessly circulation in the apartment block heated by a boiler in the basement. Thus I cannot see that I need to try to control boiler firing or whatever. There are some minutes between the thermostat asking for heat (and thus opening the motorised valve) and the pump starting which is visible by a light on it, so I'm not sure how this might affect any CPH that might be set. Any thermostat can only turn the motorised valve and (after delay) pump on and off. There is no provision for changing water temperature. My present simple system is pre ITLC requirements and it seems to me that the 510 with Dip Switch 2 set to SPAN most closely mimics that, but I’d be interested to hear about the ITLC settings. Thanks. Yours. Will
Electric heaters are quicker to start heating the room as well as quicker to stop (little residual heat when switched off). So the thermostat will adjust its predictions accordingly. UFH is slower than radiators. It's frustrating the RT510RF+ doesn't have that option. ITLC will try to lower the temperature of the radiators (or UFH circuit in your case) by cycling on and off. This stops the "zig-zag" associated with span. So even with no boiler it can help comfort.
Hi. I have a flat with underfloor heating. This is a hot water piped system with a thermostat in each room which controls the motorised valve for that room's circuit. I'm contemplating replacing the thermostat in one of the rooms with one of the Salus RT510RF+. The receiver will be fitted where the current thermostat is fitted (ie it will only be used to control the motorised valve for that room) and I intend to place the thermostat where experimentation dictates it is best. I've studied the excellent guides and have a vague understanding of ITLC and SPAN but would appreciate your advice on what is likely to be the best (or maybe the only sensible) settings for the two DIP switches. I'm quite interested to understand the hysteresis which would result which I see is quoted in the guide for the superseded model, ie the 510RF without ITLC, but not for the latest one. Thanks. Yours Will
Hi ITLC (aka TPI) is undoubtedly the better option. It gives better comfort and uses less fuel. The problem it that it does not function how a homeowner expects it to. It will appear to bring on the heating when showing as up to temperature and it will appear stop the heating before it is reaches set point. This leads to false allegations of faulty goods. So ILTC is often disabled in favour of the more predictable span.
Is this compatible with Vokera easi heat plus
Yes it is.
My Salus rt500 is beginning to fail ( I’ve just moved into the property so don’t know it’s history) Do the two parts mean it replaces the Salus on the wall by the boiler and the thermostat control in the hall?
Yes, that's correct.
My traditional Honeywell thermostat has stopped working. Can I replace it with this. I have a Potterton Performa 28 bolier
As long as it has a neutral connected to it. You will need to set your existing timer to constant to allow the RT510RF to take control.
My Salus RT300RF has packed up - if I upgraded to this one would it use the same wiring? Thanks
Yes it would.
I have an Ariston e-combi evo boiler in a static caravan and would like to replace the time clock with an rf thermostat and room controller. Will this Salus RT510 fit direct or is there another model please. Thank you
The receiver would need to go on the wall next to the boiler. If you have the inbuilt time clock, you would simply set it to constant.
Hi, My current Sales RT500RF (RX) has stopped firing up my boiler when asking it to put the heating on... been slowly packing up! Just had boiler serviced and is running fine apart from the receiver... So was wondering if the Sales RT510RF+ Wireless Programmable Thermostat will be a upgraded replacement? I want to just exchange this unit myself and was going to just use the same wiring??? We have a Baxi Duo-Tec Combiner's 33HEA Serial No BTH104130073GC Can you assist further please? Kind regards
Hi Yes, the RT510RF is the replacement for the old RT500RF. The new receiver will connect to the same 4 wires and your existing one.
Hi will this work with a Biasi 24s
Hi. Yes it will.
Can I fit two room stats to control the one receiver which in turn control the boiler.
I'm afraid not.
Hi does the RT510rf replace the RT500RF? I believe the 500rf has been discontinued? Thanks
Hi. Yes that is correct.
Would this replace the Drayton RF2 programmable thermostat that is connected to my Vaillant ecoMAX 828/2E
Yes it would
is it compatible with a Worcester Greenstar Heatslave ii oil fired boiler and can I use 2 thermostats to control heating and programme in kitchen/dining room and lounge separately
Yes it is. If you want to use two you will need two motorised valves to control flow to the appropriate rooms.
I have a Landis & Staefa Chronogyr REV22. Could I replace it with a Salus RT510RF wireless thermostat and use the same wiring? Many thanks
The wiring to the REV22 will not have the required connections for a wireless receiver. You would need to install the receiver near your boiler or cylinder instead.
Is this thermostat compatible with Worcester Bosch 28Si II
Yes it is.
Is it compatible with the Valliant ecoTEC plus 937
Yes it is.
Hello, can I have more than one RT510 in the same house to control different zones?
Hi. Yes you can.
Is this compatible with Worcester Greenstar 24i Junior Combi MkIII?
Yes it is.
I've been recommended to use the RT510RF to control an infrared heating panel which has a cable with earth, live and neutral wires. If the RT510RF is suitable for use in this situation which wires would connect to which terminals on the receiver?
Yes you can. It comes with a wiring diagram for 230v switching.
Do you have a system where you can press a button anytime of day just to put the heating on for an hour please.
There are none that are a 1 button press, but most (including this one) have a mode that gives you the same function. It is often called 'party mode'. On this model it is called 'Hourly temperature Override Mode'.
Hi , will this replace a British Gas RS1.If so, does the base replace the existing RS1, then communicate to the stat ?
Hi. You will need to convert the switched live to the RS1 to a permanent live. The easiest way to do this is setting the heating side of your timer to permanent. You can then replace the RS1 with the receiver. A link between live and common will be needed on the receiver.
How many programmes per day? And does it support both 5 + 2 day week and/or 7 day week?
It allows 6 temperature changes par day, which is equivalent to 3 on periods. You can have either 5/2 day or 7 day programming. You choose during installation.
Does this work with baxi eco blue 28kw ?
Yes it does.
Does this work with the Ideal Logic plus C30 Combi boiler?
Yes it does.
I need the thermostat and the reciver that you attach to the boiler are both parts as shown in the photo
Yes, both are included.
Is this suitable for a Vaillant ecotec pro 24 boiler
Yes it is.
Will this work on my Ariston ACO 35 MFFI series Thanks
Yes it will
Will this work with a Baxi 600 (new model) please?
Yes it will.
will this work with Baxi Platinum Combi 2017 model
Yes it will.
does this salus RT510RF comply to new boiler plus regulations ?
To comply with Boiler Plus you will need either a separate Flue Gas Heat Recovery or Weather Compensation control when using the RT510RF.
How do you override the time control switch heating on ?
Press Override in order to activate the mode. Press Up or Down to set the temperature to a high temperature. Press Set to confirm the changes.

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