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Sunvic TLX6001 RFPV Wireless Programmable Thermostat

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The TLX RFPv programmable room thermostat has been developed for use in areas where it is not practical or acceptable to run cables between the room thermostat and the boiler controls.


Wireless (RF) - no need to channel walls or redecorate

  • Supplied with receiver
  • Easy to program - fewer installer call-backs
  • 8 pre-set programmes - saves installer time
  • Volt free switching - ideal for combination boilers 
  • 60m range - achieves a more reliable connection
  • Free standing unit - no wall fixing required
  • Large clear display - ideal for the visually impaired
  • Comfort / Economy mode - saves energy when the building is empty or asleep  
  • 7D, 5/2D & 24H settings - stock 1 instead of 3 units
  • User adjustable programmes - fine tune to households exact requirements
  • Frost protection - override the set programme if temperature falls to a dangerous level


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Thank you for your reply. Is the RF receiver a direct plug in to replace the mechanical timer. Ariston E Combi Evo boiler. Using Sunvic TLX6001 Wireless thermostat and receiver. Many thanks Keith
No. You will need to install the receiver on the wall next to the boiler and wire it to the thermostat terminals.
Will this be suitable to replace a old Robus fixed wall thermostat working via a switched live 2 core cable, that controls a Valiant Eco Pro 28 boiler. Also - if it is compatible - will it come with the appropriate wiring diagram for the replacement, thank you
It needs as a minimum, Live, Switched Live and Neutral. If the existing one has these three connections, then it will be suitable. Yes, it comes with a wiring diagram.
Hi, I want to replace a Salus VRT 620 in my Vaillant ecoTEC pro 28 , will this plug directly in to the boiler?
Hi. The receiver goes onto the wall next to the boiler then wires into the thermostat terminals on the boiler. It doesn't plug in like the Salus.
Hi, is this compatible with a Main Eco Elite 25 combi? Does it need to be installed by an electrician or gas engineer, or an I do it myself? Thank you
Yes it is. You will need someone competent with electrics to fit it.
Is this suitable for use with a Thorn Apollo boiler? and can it be programmed to turn the boiler on and off at certain times on different days?
Yes, but you will need a system with at least one motorised valve. You can program up to 6 temperature changes per day. Each day of the week can be different.
Is this compatible with a Vaillant ecoTec plus 937 boiler? Many thanks.
Yes it is.
I want to buy this item and am confirming that it will replace a Drayton RTC 1 thermostat. This has switched live, neutral,earth,demand and no demand wires. To use it I need a permanent live, which can be got by switching my programmer to always on and linking this to the common on the 6001. The earth will be unused. All the best Mike Engles
Yes that is correct.
Is this compatible with Worcester greenstar 25 i combi
Yes it is.
Is the thermostat unit battery operated?
Yes it is.

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