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Salus RT510TX Transmitter Only

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The RT510TX is a stylish, simple to install and use wireless RF fully programmable room thermostat that can be paired with a range of compatible receivers.

  • Sleep Mode
  • Programmable time and temperature scheduling
  • Frost Protection
  • Desk Stand
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Simple Operation
  • Frequency 868 MHz with 30 metre range
  • Manual mode on thermostat to disable schedule
  • Heating Boost Mode
  • Holiday Mode
  • Manual override
  • Contemporary design
  • RF Test Function
  • Easy Installation


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Hi there
Does this work with ( Potterton Promax 28 Combi boiler)
Hi.   As long as you have the correct Salus receiver to go with it.

Will the RT510TX replace the RT300RF and if so how do I pair it with receiver?
I'm afraid not. Receiver replacement will be required.
does this work with reciever salus rxvbc605
Yes it does.
Hi bought a salus rt510tx having trouble pairing it with my boiler just wondering if you can give me any advice I've got a salus receiver already in the boiler but having no joy don't know what model that is
Hi. It is not compatible with all models of Salus receiver. It it won't bind, then it may need replacing as well.
Hi, Can I use this to replace the RT310TX? Thanks
Hi. Yes you can.
Hi. Does this have the pairing button under the battery cover please. I’ve just ordered what I thought was the right one from amazon and it only has a reset button. Thanks
Hi. Yes it does.
I have the Sales ST621RF(tx). I think the receiver is OK, LED is on however the controller/transmitter is dead. Never liked the touched control display, aweful. Will this be compatible as a replacement and does it have the boiler plus features (2018 onwards).
Yes it will. It has the boiler plus features.
hi we currently have two of these thermostats which control our underfloor heating and radiators. Ours have both stopped working we have tried reset and new batteries if we were to order two more would these automatically connect? Many thanks
Hi. You will need to follow the binding procedure to match them to the receiver. It's a simple procedure and instructions are included.
I currently have a RXWBC605 receiver will this automatically pair with it
You will need to follow the pairing procedure, but this is very simple to do.
I have an RT310X which has gone blank even after adding new batteries. Is this compatible after pairing? Thank you.
Yes it is.
Hi, our RT500 Thermostat has broken. We have been advised to Replace with RT510. Can this one be used if there is no receiver as ours was hardwired when the property was built. Thanks
Hi. I'm afraid not. Please email us and we will be able to supply you with the RT510.
Can the programmed set temperature be checked before over riding the current temperature ?
Yes it can.
Is this battery operated?
Yes it is
I have an RT510tx which has randomly just stopped working. If I buy just the transmitter will this automatically pair with the receiver at the boiler?
You will need to pair it with the receiver. This is a simple process involving just a few button presses.
My control unit has no display even after charging the batteries so will you unit work straight out of the box or will it have to be linked
You will have to pair it to the receiver. It's a simple job and instructions are included.
Can it be used with the receiver from ST620WBC
Yes it can.
How do I view the already set programme (daily on and off times)on my controller?
Press the SET button. Use the up down buttons to choose the day you want to review. Repeatedly press the SELECT button to view the programmed times and temperatures.
Hello my portable wireless room thermostat has stopped working, it is a Salus RT310TX. Will this pair and work with what is already connected to my boiler? Or do I need to replace that as well?
Yes, it will pair to your existing receiver.
Hi We have just moved home and under the boiler there is a Slus RXRT505 wireless RF receiver, it does have power to it. however we cannot find any wireless controls. If I were to buy this, would the transmitter and receiver pair or would I need to buy both items and start again. Thanks.
Hi Yes they would. No need to replace the receiver.
Will this transmitter only communicate with a wireless wiring centre?
Salus don't currently make an underfloor wiring centre that can communicate with this model.
Hi. How do I stop heating coming on during the summer. Do I activate sleep mode. Will the water still heat ? Thank you
Just press the frost button on the top. Hot water is not controlled by this thermostat, so will carry on as normal.
Hi I have the Salus ST620WBC receiver installed in my boiler will I be able to pair this transmitter to it? Kind Reggards
Yes you will.
Hello, my mum spilled tea over her one of these and it stopped working. I've ordered a new one from you but when it says 'transistor only' is it a component rather than the whole unit? And will we be able to link it with the boiler ourselves? Thanks very much
It is the whole unit, but doesn't include the receiver that connects to the boiler. This is the part you need. You can link it to the receiver yourselves, its a very simple job.
If I put the frost protection on how do I know what temperature it will get to before the boiler goes off.
The default is 5C. It can be changed in the installers menu.
How do you make sure that the boiler doesn't come on inbetween the times that are set.
Set a very low temperature. E.g. 5C.
I currently have a Brit Gas WL2 wireless thermostat. Can I simply replace it with this without needing to change the receiver? Thanks.
I'm afraid not.
Hello can you please advise how to omit programs 3-4 from Salus RT510TX as I only need two ons and offs. Thank you Phil
Just set them to match the last program.
The transmitter on my Ideal Logic boiler isn't working, but the receiver is. A heating engineer has told me that it would be much cheaper to buy just the part I needed, rather than the whole kit. He also recommended Salus as being compatible, and cheaper than Ideal. Please advise, thanks. The boiler is a Logic Combi 24, the transmitter is a PRT3.
I'm afraid the Salus transmitter will not work with the Ideal receiver.
Good Morning Could you please tell me if this is compatable with british gas rc plus room controller? Thank you
Hi. I'm afraid not. You will need a Drayton Digistat+ 3RF.

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