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Secure (Horstmann) C1727 Wireless Control

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HCO Code: 18E05
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The new C1727 is a receiver / PTD unit (1 or 2 channels) which can control combi or system boilers. Out of the box it is wireless enabled and can be controlled by an app. With the optional Wi-Fi adapter, it can fully control your heating system outside of the home via the app.

Ideal for replacing traditional wired controls for systems that require separate control of heating and hot water or up to two heating zones. It is compatible with standard 6-pin backplate offered with our popular CentaurPlus and ServicePlus timer, programmer range.

With load compensation algorithm that significantly improves boiler efficiency by preventing short-cycling and overshooting of temperature when used with programmable thermostat display (PTD). Load compensation has been shown to save energy compared to traditional systems, while maintaining more consistent comfort levels.

  • 3A Volt Free Operation
  • 12-Year battery life on wireless control
  • Optimum start and stop
  • Local override
  • Load compensation for efficiency and comfort
  • Optional Service Interval reminder
  • Bluetooth Installer and user app (Android and iOS)
  • Upgradeable to WiFi control with adaptor

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Hi can the unit support both mains and mains free contact operation
It has volt-free connection.  For mains, link L to common.
We currently have a Horstmann Plus Single channel programmer H17XL. Can you tell me whether this unit would be an appropriate wireless/app based WiFi control for that?
Yes.  If you need WiFi (i.e. control away from home) then you will also need the WiFi card.  HCO Code 16E10.

I am using the EPH CONTROLS R27-HW controller, can I replace it with this one? Is it possible to use a mobile phone to control heating and hot water? Can I control it with my mobile phone when I’m not at home?
Yes you can.  If you need control when away from home you will also need the WiFi adaptor card.  HCO Code 16E10
Hi quick question does the controller take batteries? is it rechargeable? I have recently purchased this unit and I don’t see anyway of charging or changing the batteries.
Hi.  The batteries are non-replaceable, and last around 12 years.

Is the optional Wi-Fi adapter included in the box? If not, where can I get one, I can't see a separate listing.
No. It needs to be ordered separately. We are hoping to have it in stock shortly.
Hi, Please can you tell me how many on/off periods per day this unit allows?
Hi It has 6 temperature changes per day, which is equivalent to 3 on/off periods per day.
Hi, recently purchased the C1727 - it's great and ideal for what I need. The only issue is that it requires a PIN to access the installer menu. Please can you provide the PIN? Thanks, Ross.
Hi. Please give support a call on 01962 826213.

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