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Secure Radbot1 Self-Learning TRV Head

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Radbot 1 is an intelligent thermostatic radiator valve (iTRV) which has been designed as a straight-forward replacement to a standard TRV but with superior energy savings.

The Radbot uses a self-learning algorithm to monitor the occupancy pattern of a room, heating the room when it is occupied but automatically lowering the temperature when the room empty, saving money and energy.

Radbot also learns how long it takes to heat a room so that it’s warm when you arrive. If your schedule changes, Radbot quickly learns this and automatically updates the heating pattern.


  • Frost protection
  • Intelligent pre heat
  • Autonomous occupancy driven scheduling
  • Whisper mode - quiet night-time operation
  • Weekly decalcination cycle
  • Boost button - temporary temperature override
  • Runs on 2 standard AA batteries
  • 7-year no quibbles warranty
  • Damp protection
  • 2-year battery life

Fits a large range of TRVs including:
Pegler Yorkshire Terrier, Mistral, Belmont 4, Bulldog
Altecnic Ecocal
B & Q Regis
ACL Drayton Lifestyle RT212 ,RT414, TRV4, TRV3
Honeywell VT117E, VT200E, VT15
Myson TRV-2-Way, Petite
Siemens MTN51GB

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