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Siemens CMV322 Mid-Position Motorised Valve

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* Removable replaceable head.
* 3 Port 22mm Mid-Position
* Replaceable Motor
* Wedge Type Actuator
* Spring Return Operation
* Manual Lever for Flushing or Filling the System

Direct Swap (Same wiring dimensions and thread) for:
Landis & Gyr / Landis & Staefa / Siemens MAV-322 MA-V322C 3PMP-V22
Boss Therm B3P22 BMPV22
Tower MP3-22C













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I have a siemens 3pmp-v22 what has worn the gear teeth on the half moon part does a Siemens cmv322 have the same insides as the 3pmp-v22
Yes it does.
Need to replace Landis & Staefe Marked MAV322 B6C 397892 System PSI300 Watt 6.5. Think yours would be suitable replacement but not sure if valve is 22mm. Is there a clue in part numbers. Thanks.
Yes, the 22 at the end of the model numbers signify 22mm.
hi I have just received a siemens cmv 322 motorised valve ( excellent service ) as a direct swap for my landis staefa mav -322 but if port b goes to hot water and b to central heating the lever will be on top of the valve not the bottom as now is this ok Thankyou
Hi. Yes that is fine.
I need to replace Siemens landis and staefa rmh but can’t find one anywhere, is there another unit that is like for like that will do the same job as a direct replacement?
I'm afraid not. A complete valve change is needed.
I need to replace a landis gyr DA V322 valve and motor. Is the CMV322 a replacement for this.
Yes it is.
Hi, can you supply a replacement actuator for my Landis & Staefa MAV-322 3 port motorised valve, or would I have to fit a complete unit. If so which would be a direct replacement to suit existing pipework. Thanks
I'm afraid not. You will need to replace the whole valve. The CMV322 is the one you need.
Just ordered a CMV 322 ( from yourselves) to replace a LANDIS & GYR MAV 322 , is the wiring the same please , my valve has 5 wires.. ?
Yes it is.
I have a MA V322 landis valve, which i can't get a new actuator for but will nuts and pipes with the olives go in to cmv 322 assuming i can spring the pipes a little without cutting it all out and a repiping it? failing that information on rebuilding the old actuator. Thanks
Yes, the dimensions and thread are the same, so it would be a straight swap using the existing compression nuts.
Yes it is.
I have a Siemens 3 PMP-V22 valve in my heating systum . Just to confirm a CMV 322 Valve is the modern replacement .
Yes it is.
I have a Landis &Gyr 3 port valve MAV322 is there a replacement actuator available? Also if the paddle indicator shows paddle at A does this signify all flow is through B?
I'm afraid you cannot get a replacement actuator for the MAV322. Yes that's correct.
It says please remove actuator before installation? How do I do this?
You move the lever into the manual position and then just pull it off the valve.
Will this head fit the Mav-322 and if so does it need draining to fit?
You will need to replace the whole valve with the CMV322, this would require a drain to below the point of the motorised valve.
Is the wiring and wire colours on this the same as on the 3pmp v22?
Yes they are.
The item is listed as a direct swap for the Boss BMPV22 does this mean the head will fit the existing body or will the complete assembly need changing? Regards
The complete assembly will need changing.
Is the MA-V322C no longer available ?
No. It is long obsolete.
Does the actuator on this unit replace the one on the MA-V322C ?
No, you will need to replace the whole valve.
Can I use the actuator from this product to replace a broken actuator from a Siemens 3PMP-V22?
No, the 3PMP-V22 did not have a removable actuator. You will need to replace the whole valve.
I'm not a DIY kind of bloke so can I ask - if I buy a CMV322 do I need a plumber or electrician to fit it? I know, I know! Thanks.
A "Heating Engineer" would be the most qualified to do the whole job.
Hi is this valve a direct replacement for the Landis & staefe MAV-322. Many thanks and kindest regards.
Yes it is.
I have a Siemens rmh Landis+staefa head would this be a suitable replacement
Only if it is the 22mm 3-port version.
I have a DVA3 motorised valve that has gone very noisy. will a cmv322 replace this valve, and wire in the same. thank you.
As long as your valve is 22mm, it will be suitable.
Does this come with the wires?
Yes it does.
Can I just change the head on my mav-322 or will I have to change the whole valve?
You will need to change the whole valve.
Is it possible to just remove the head of a ma-v322c siemans and replace it with this head. Or is that not an option? Need to know before I order.
No, you will need to change the whole valve.
I have removed the motor head off a Boss Therm BMPV222. Will the CMV322 motor head fit the valve, or will I have to change the valve out as well? Thanks, Pete.
Yes it will fit.
Will the full head fit on to the brass valve on my system. I have a MA-V322C. I don't want to remove the full valve and disconnect the pipe work Kind Regards Gary
I'm afraid not. You will need to replace the whole valve.
Does the CMV322 replace the 3PMP-v22
I understand that the Siemens MA-V322C is obsolete is this the replacement for it
Yes that is correct.
I have a Boss therm B3P22 - can I replace the actuator. If so do you supply the actuator for the valve?
Unfortunately you cannot replace the actuator on that one, you will need to replace the whole valve with the CMV322.
Is the wiring for the synchronous motor the same as mav322c. I.e 3 pin fitting. Thanks Tony
No it isn't, the synchronous motor in the mav322c is obsolete.
Does this price cover the complete assembly (valve and actuator head)
Yes this is both valve and actuator.

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