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Siemens CZV222 Zone Valve

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HCO Code: 09C04
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* 22mm
* De-mountable actuator (power head)
* Replaceable motor
* Wedge type actuator
* Spring return operation
* Manual lever for flushing or filling the system
* Industry standard wiring

Direct replacement (Same wiring dimensions & thread) for:
Landis & Gyr / Landis & Staefa / Siemens ZAV-222 ZA-V222C 2PZV-V22
Boss Therm B2P22 BZV22
Tower MV2-22C

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Can you supply a DVA2/6 Actuator for a Siemens CZV228 (or CVZ222) zone valve?
We can order it in. Please email However if you are not using the white wire (i.e. there is more than one zone valve on the system) then you can use the much cheaper DVA2/5.
2PVZ-V22 Is the synchron motor available as a replacement for this model?
HCO code 14C04 would be suitable.
Like others here , i have a Siemens 2PVZ-V22 Valve that needs replacing . Is there another make and model that would be a straight swap with out needing to drain the system .
I'm afraid not. All you can do with the old model is change the synchron motor inside.
Is this Siemens CZV222 demountable actuator a straight replacement for a Boss Therm demountable actuator BZV222?
Yes it is.
Hi do you sell a replacement actuator head for a Boss therm BZV 22 plastic head?
I'm afraid not. You will need to change the whole valve.
Hi, can i purchase only the actuator for this valve?
Hi. Yes, it is HCO code 21B04.
Can this part be fitted in place of a ZA-V222C without changing pipe work or draining the system?
I'm afraid a drain would be needed as the valve body would need to be changed.
Hi I have the Landis & Staefa 2 port valve model ZAV-222 which the CZV222 appears to replace. However it is only the actuator which is faulty so is it possible to change over the actuator from the Siemans to the original valve without changing the entire valve body? I note your answer to a previous question on this subject but in hat instance the old valve was model ZAV-222C and I wonder if the exact model type of the existing fitted valve makes a difference. Would appreciate your help Dave Lamb
I'm afraid not. You would have to replace the whole valve.
Hi the model number is 2PVZ-V22 can I swap the heads as only the actuator has failed? Thanks Dave
No, the older model you have had a non-replaceable head. You will need to change the whole valve.
Does the Siemens CZV222 zone valve come with five wire cable already wired in? Thank you . MC.
Yes it does.
i have SIEMENS 2 PORT VALVE ACTUATOR 2PZV-V22 which is faulty and needs replacing / i can't replace it with a new 2pzv because they don't make them anymore / the replacement is now a CZV222-BUT CAN I CHANGE THEM OVER WITHOUT DRAINING DOWN THE SYSTEM-OR DO I HAVE TO REPLACE THE WHOLE VALVE ??
I'm afraid you will have to change the whole valve, which means a drain down.
Just one question before I order, this unit is a direct replacement for the ZA-V222C, this unit has 3 wires but the new unit has 5. Can you tell, me which wires to use? many thanks Brad
The ZA-V222C had 3 wires to the motor, but 5 wires to the junction box. You will need to change it at the junction box.
are the wires exactly the same in color as the boss bzv22?
Yes they are.
Removed the Boss Therm BVZ22 - will the Siemens be s straight swap and hence no need to drain the system? I currently took the working one from the central heating and put it in place of the faulty one, so hopefully the Siemens will swap the same way without draining.
It's a straight swap, but you will need to drain the system. The internal components are not interchangeable with the older model.
Hi, can I swap the motor without draining the system? I have Tower MV2-22C. Thank you.
No, you will need to change the whole valve.
Hi, does it matter which way round the valve is fitted in the flow path of the heating circuit (is the inlet/outlet specific)? Thanks.
Yes it does matter.
Hi, is this valve a direct replacement for the Landis& Staefa ZA - V2 22mm 2 port valve? Is the original Siemens Landis & Staefa ZA - V2 2 port valve no longer available? Many thanks
Provided it is 22mm it will fit.
Hi, can this valve be installed in both horizontal and vertical position? Thanks, Beata
Yes, provided the actuator is not below the valve.
does this have an axillary contact? i.e.Normally open, closed when valve opens.
Yes it does.
I have a Boss Therm BZV22 & am not sure whether it has gone faulty or I have knocked the settings....should the silver lever be in the open or manual setting?
In normal operation it should be in the AUTO position. The MAN position is only for filling the system.
Hi, Is this exactly the same i.e. compatable with a Siemens 2 Port 22mm 230V 50HZ 3amp 2PZV-V22 Valve. Max Dif. Pres. 28mm 6 bar, 22mm 7 bar, water temps 5oC-88oC, max amb.temp 50oC, Ip20? Is it a straight swap please? Thank you.
Yes, it is the same valve, but now it has a removable powerhead. So it is a straight swap. You will need to drain the system.
Hi, Can I swap the motor / actuator from this product onto Landis & Staefa Part No ZA-V222C, i.e fix faulty valve without disturbing the pipework ? Thanks
No, you will need to replace the whole valve.

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