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Siemens DVA2/5 (CZV222) Actuator

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Replacement actuator for use with Siemens CZV222 motorised valves.
Can also be used on CZV228 valves where the white wire is not currently used.

Also suitable for replacement of:
Orkli models 60421600, 60521600, 60520604, 60821600, 60921600, 60441600, 60841600, 50021600, 50041600
Telford model 60521623
Boss Therm BZV222 (metal head)

Not suitable for motorised valves with other model numbers.

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Hi. I have a sealed heated water vessel with a Boss bzv222 motorised control (metal) which doesn't seem to be operating at all when the water heater is activated. No clicking, just nothing. Is this more likely a stuck valve, or could it be the control is just dead?
Hi. Pull the actuator off from the valve and check the spindle is free.
Hi I have Boss Therm BZV222. It states the actuator is BP2:DVA2/6. Your listing states Siemens DVA2/5 is compatible is this correct? Thanks Jim
Hi. As long as the white wire is not used, you can use the DVA2/5.
Hi my hot water system has a orkli 60520604 valve on it and when it calls for hot water the valve just keeps on clicking any help would be much appreciated.
Hi. It sounds like the gears have worn. Check this is not because the valve itself has seized before you change just the actuator.
Hello.My Siemens DVA2/5 intermittently clicks when HW switch is selected on my Honeywell ST9400C programmer. Also my Ariston Gas bolier keeps running so i have to manually shut it off.. Does it sound like I have a faulty Actuator ?
It does sound like it.
Would you have a replacement head for a Siemens Part ZA-V222C 2 port zone valve? Or would you have to replace the unit? Many thanks
I'm afraid not. A complete valve change will be needed.
I have a faulty Siemens BPZ CZV222 will this replace?
This is the replacement actuator for that valve.
Hi, will this actuator replace a head on a ZAV-222 (397749)??
Hi. I'm afraid not. A complete valve change is needed.
Hi, I have a Boss Therm Actuator BZV22, is this part a compatible replacement?
I'm afraid it will not replace the old plastic ones.
I need to replace my Siemens CZV222 drive unit. Can this be replaced without drain the system.also I notice it’s out of stock how long till it’s back in stock , or is there another unit that would directly fit . Many thanks
Yes it can. It should be back within a week.
Hi, I have a faulty CVZ222 2 port valve. Will a CZV222 fit the same valve body? Thanks
Hi. Yes it will.
I have Orkil 60520604 head, this drives a round spindle with a slot in it, also has a normally open contact I have contacted other suppliers and they tell me that the part number ending 600 is a normally closed contact but you say it fits both, who is right? I need to order but unsure if this is the right replacement head. Please advise as nobody seems to have this replacement part. Thanks Richard.
Hi. This is the part you need, it will be a direct swap.
I have a Boss Therm / Siemens BZV 22 (plastic cover version) does the brass valve have the fixings as the newer Siemens metal cover and can I fit the metal covered actuator as a like for like replacement to the older plastic cover version.
No. You will need to change the complete valve.
Is this a suitable direct replacement for the Bosstherm BZV222?
Yes it is.
I need to replace an orkli 60520604 actuator, if possible. One of your answers for this above, is that it is a direct clip on replacement. That is great, however, are the wire colours the same, and if not, are they clearly explained in any instructions/wiring diagrams which come with the actuator? Many thanks
Yes, the wire colours are exactly the same.
I need to this replace the actuator on an Orkli 60520604 and one of your answers to questions says that this is suitable. Is it a direct clip-on fit with 5 wires which will fit on existing body without draining down? Thanks
Yes that's correct.
I need to replace two of these siemens CZV222 as the platic gears have broken. Have read that honeywell are superior actuator, can you tell me if there is a direct honeywell replacement actuator to this my installed siemens 2 port valve?
No, to fit another brand of actuator you will need to replace the whole valve.
Mine is a Orkli 60421600 on a 28mm valve. Would this be a straight swap? The white wire isn't being used. Are the wires and their colours standard so I could just copy the wiring? If this doesn't work then could I send the actuator back.
Yes, it will be suitable. The colours are the same. Please see for our returns policy.
Is it suitable to replace a Orkli 2 way valve 60520604
Yes it is.
Can this be used to replace a BOSS THERM BMPV222 actuator
Yes it can.
Hi. I have a Boss Therm DVA 2/5 and the motor has gone. Is it possible to buy the motor separately and then I can just replace that part?
This will do the job.
Hi, I have Siemens actuator number 2PZV-V22.would this fit as a replacement for my actuator? Doi need to drain the tank when changing? Thanks
You will need to change the whole valve. The CZV222 will replace this.
Can this actuator be used to replace a Siemens 2PZV-V22 actuator
I'm afraid not. You will need to change the whole valve
Can I use this actuator to replace one on a Boss BP 22 22 valve
I'm afraid not. You will need to replace the whole valve.
Have tower mv2-22c does the dva2/5 head match this?
No, you will need to replace the whole valve.
How to change siemans dva2/5 actuator
The actuator simply pulls off the body. You will then need to change the wires one by one
Hi I have an Orkli 60520604 2 port valve. Will this head fit directly onto the valve body?
Yes it will.
Hi. I have a siemens landis & Staefa part RMH 2 port zone valve 28mm. Will this actuator be able to replace this part and fit onto my existing valve. I can't seem to find anywhere the complete landis & Staefa actuator. The base part teeth have warn. Thanks in advance.
I'm afraid not, you will need to replace the whole valve with the CZV228:
I have an orkli 60521600 2 way, and think the actuator has gone. I notice that this part is no longer made or has been remodelled or superceded. Will this head definitely fit my valve? Many thanks
Yes it will.
Hi, This looks like what I need to replace my 2 port Orkli head Art no. 60421600. BUT mine is 28mm and I think but I am not sure, this may only work with a 22mm. Help?
Providing yours isn't using the white wire, then this can be used.
Hello do I have to drain down the system to replace a Siemens DVA2/5 valve. Thank you.
No you do not.
Will this actuator head fit on to a valve which came with a Telford Copper Cylinder. The number on the plastic cover of the actuator head is 60521623. The head clips onto the valve sides rather than being screwed on. Thanks.
Yes it will
I have a Landis and Byr ZAV 222 valve. Will this actuator replace the existing?
No, I'm afraid you will need to replace the whole valve with the CZV222.
Do I have to drain the system to replace the head on the Orkli 60520604.
No, you will not need to drain the system.
Hello I have a 2 port cvZ222 zone valve doing my hot water I want to change the head is there a honeywell head that will fit . Thanks
No, to fit a Honeywell you will need to replace the valve body as well.
The info on the cover plate of my actuator states Siemens DVA/5 CZV222 is this the same as DVA2/5?
Yes it is.
I have a Orkli 60520604, the valve seems to have a damaged spring. Will this siemens replace it and is it supplied with the wire?
Yes it will replace it. Yes it comes with the cable.
Hi, I have a Siemens DVA2/6 CZV228 running my 2 port heating valve at the moment but I think it is not moving the valve. If I replce the activator can I use the DVA2/5 CZV222 actuator? Regards Dawn
Only if the white wire is not used (i.e. you have two of these valves on your system).
Will this fit onto a Landis & Gyr ZA-V222 valve?
No it won't. You will need to change the whole valve with the CZV222.
Will this fit on a Telford 60521623, or will I have to a new whole valve? Thank you
Yes, it will fit on the valve.
Can this unit be used on a Boss Therm BZV28 2 Port Valve Body. Boss Therm was taken over by Landis & Staefa and then by Siemens. (28mm body Normally closed by spring return)
No, you will need to replace the whole valve with the CZV228. Please see the link below.

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