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Siemens CZV228 28mm Zone Valve

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* 28mm
* De-mountable actuator (power head)
* Replaceable motor
* Wedge type actuator
* Spring return operation
* Manual lever for flushing or filling the system
* Industry standard wiring

Direct replacement (Same wiring dimensions & thread) for:
Landis & Gyr / Landis & Staefa / Siemens ZAV-228 ZA-V228C 2PZV-V28
Boss Therm B2P28 BZV28

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Hi, I have just received delivery from you, great service. Could you advise on vertical installation of valve, so port A will be the top connection and port B will be the lower connection for the flow? Does it matter if the actuator manual lever is at the bottom of the valve, if yes can I just reverse the actuator so that the manual lever will be on top by port A?
Hi.  Yes as long as both planes are within the limits (so any leaks do not run into the actuator).  You cannot reverse the actuator, but the lever if fine on the bottom.

We have an older-style Siemens "Landis & Staela" ZA-V228C 2-port zone valve which has a plastic covering. The removable top actuator part has failed (the motor component makes a noise like a winding clock but never turns the cog to drive the valve). Do you know if this part will be able to replace the top part without having to drain the heating?
I'm afraid not. The old style ones are obsolete.
can i use this as a direct replacement for part ZA-V228C without draining the boiler?
I'm afraid you will need to drain your system to below the point of the motorised valve.
Is this valve a direct replacement for landis and gyr ZAV 228/6? If so can the actuator be swapped over ? Thanks
Yes it is. No, the complete valve needs to be swapped.
Will this be a direct replacement for a Orkli 60421600 please?
Yes it will
Hi, In the Siemens DVA2/6 CZV228 Zone Valve, through how many degrees does the spindle in the valve rotate when going from fully closed to fully open? I want to determine whether or not the one I am servicing is jamming. Regards, T. P.
There should be around 45 degrees rotation.
is the actuator interchnageable with siemens ZA-V228C to save me replacing complete valve for faulty actuator
I'm afraid not. You will need to change the valve body as well.
Hi can you tell me if Czv228-28 will fit siemans 2pzv-v-28 so i can fit without draning system if possible
It is a direct replacement. You will need to drain the system.

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