Image is for illustration only and should not be relied upon Siemens DVA2 (CZV222 CZV228) Actuator

Siemens DVA2 (CZV222 CZV228) Actuator

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Replacement actuator for use with:

Siemens CZV222, CZV228, DVA2/5, DVA2/6.

Also suitable for replacement of:

Orkli models 60421600, 60521600, 60520604, 60821600, 60921600, 60441600, 60841600, 50021600, 50041600

Telford model 60521623

Boss Therm BZV222 (metal head)

Boss Therm BZV282 (metal head)

Not suitable for motorised valves with other model numbers.

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