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Siemens DVA3 (CMV322 CMV328) Replacement Actuator

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Replacement Actuator for Siemens CMV322 or CMV328 motorised valves.

Also suitable for replacement of Orkli models 70551600, 70451600, 70851600, 70951600 or 50051600

Boss Therm BMPV222 

Not suitable for motorised valves with other model numbers.

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Hi, I have a conventional central heating and water system which has a 3 way motorised valve. On the valve description is Siemens DVA3 demountable actuator,230 volts,50HZ,3 amps, mid position CMV322. The water has stopped heating and I have looked inside the actuator and I have noticed that the half moon has got some of the teeth worn away. Is this item I am looking at the replacement I need. Thank you.
Hi. Yes it is.
I need a Siemens actuator for my 3 way 28mm valve, is the DVA3 suitable for both the 22 & 28 mm?
Yes it will fit either.
My cmv322 when switching between hot water and heating, mechanically it works but when a switch to heating, it doesn't tell the pump or the boiler to work. Is this a common fault or is the divertor broke.
It sounds like the microswitch in the actuator has failed. So a new actuator would be needed.
Can you confirm that this will fit the Boss Therm BMPV222 valve with the Demountable spring clips. Thanks
Yes it will.
I have siemens DVA3 Mid position CMV322, it no longer heats the hot water, can i just replace the actuator? thanks
Yes you can.
Will this replace all 3 port Siemens actuators only need the acuator not the 3 way valve
No, this is only suitable for the model numbers listed.
Hi, I have a three port, mid position, Boss Therm actuator BMPV282. Can I just replace the actuator and if so what would you recommend or do I need to replace the whole unit? Thanks, Tony
Hi. Yes this actuator will be suitable.
I have a Siemens Part RMH actuator Head that needs replacing. Is there a direct replacement as this part is now obsolete? If not what part do I need to use for the valve and actuator assembly? Thanks
I'm afraid not. A complete valve change is needed. Please let us know if it is 2-port or 3-port and the pipe size. We will recommend a replacement.
I have a Landis and Staefa MAV-322. Is this a replacement for the actuator on that valve?
No. The complete valve will need to be changed.
Hi can you please let me know if this can replace a siemens ZA-V222C? If not which one on your website could? thanks Sophie
I'm afraid you can no longer get replacement actuators for the ZA-V222C. A complete valve change is needed. I would recommend the Drayton ZA5/679-2 to replace it.
Will this head fit the Thermo Boss BPZ:BMPV222 3 way valve? The current actuator includes the designation BPZ:DVA3.
Yes it will.
I am looking to see if a replacement actuator ( Motor head) is available for 3PMP-V22 three position valve. Also if this motor actuator is replaceable without draining the heating system. Further if any other manufacturer (say Honeywell device is compatible with the Simens . Thanks
No, the 3PMP-V22 is a fixed actuator valve. You can only replace the synchronous motor. See HCO code 14C04
Hello, I need to replace a landis and gyr mav328 but don't want to drain the whole system. In one of your previous answers on this thread you say that this replacement head won't work as the mav328 was a fixed head system. Is the only option to replace the whole valve and therefore drain the system? Or would buying the Siemens cmv328 from your site and then removing the new head on that and replacing the old mav328 head work? Thanks for your help.
I'm afraid not. You will need to replace the valve body as well.
Do I need a gas registered technician to replace this part or can I fit it myself? The pluming firm I spoke with mentioned I would need to flush the boiler after fitting the part though the message above suggests otherwise? Could you kindly confirm if this is the case.
It's a DIY fit for a someone with competent electrical skills. There is no need to drain or flush the system (unless the system is dirty).
Hi can u please confirm that this head will fit the landis and staefa mav-328 valve.thanks barry
No, the MAV328 was a fixed head valve. So you will need to replace the whole valve.
Hi Can this be used as a direct replacement head for a landis and staefa MAV-322 valve or will i need to replace the whole valve? Thanks
You will need to replace the whole valve.
Does this include the motor? Is this basically everything needed but without the valve body?
Yes it does. That's correct.
CMV 322 requires replacement activator not working ,is DVA3 the correct replacement,and are full instrutions included,and draining of system not required,Thank you. Apologies for not including with previous request.
Yes it is. Instructions are included, and there is no need to drain the system

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