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Siemens RAM-TR.2000M Cylinder/Pipe Stat

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* Bi-Metallic
* 20C-90C
* 16A Contacts
* Ideal pipe thermostat up to 40mm
* SPDT contacts
* 24V-250V
* Dimensions 105x38x42mm HxWxD

Suitable to replace:
ACL Drayton CS1 CS2 HTS2
British Gas CS1
Honeywell L641A
Potterton PTT1 PTT100
Sunvic SA1452 SA2451
Sopac SAY
Smiths / Switchmaster SCT1
Siemens RAM1
Tower CS1
Barlo CT1
Horstmann HCT2.







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Hello, I have a 23 yr old cylinder thermo. It is a Landis&gyr but NO identification on it. Will the Siemens RAM1 be suitable ? Thank you. J.C.
Hi. Yes it will.
what is the temperature differential between on and off please?
It is 8±3K
Hi, I need to replace a 'Switchmaster' cyl. stat. (can't see a No. but is blue with temp. control knob on top surface.) It's an old system, fully pumped with 3 port valve. Is this a suitable replacement with not too much wiring changes? Thanks Vic
Yes, it will connect to the same wires.
Would this thermostat work on a copper coil wrapped around the flue one of a wood fire once the temp got to 60 degrees turn the pump on and once the temp dropped below 60 turn the pump off.
It needs to be strapped on. So if the coil is tight up against the flue, you wont be able to get the strap around it.
it this a high limit stat (to switch on a circulation pump when a wood stove boiler reaches 85C)
It is a control thermostat rather than a limit thermostat, so the pump would switch off again when it drops below 85C.
Is this a 3 wire connection?
It can be either 2-wire or 3-wire.
Hello - I have noted somewhere that this device requires a minimum current of 200mA to make it function "correctly". Is this correct, and if so why? Regards
Yes, that's correct. Unfortunately, they have not given a reason for this requirement.
Does this switch need a voltage supply to work or is it a bi-metallic switch Does this switch make contact at upper level set in the switch As I want to use it to turn a 12v circulation pump fitted to a wrap around wood burning boiler for central heating Many thanks Chrisaab4a2
It is a bimetallic switch type. It needs a minium current of 200mA to function correctly.
how does this fit onto the hot water pipe?
You just strap it on. You can use a cable tie or similar to hold it.
I have a Landis and Gyr that looks identical to this on our cylinder. I am not sure what temperature this should be set to? Also, I am assuming that the big pointy moulding on the front (pointing up to the dial) is the temperature setting marker? Thanks
Yes, it should be between 55 and 60.
Would this cylinder thermostat replace a Landis&gyr
Assuming the model number is RAM1 as well, then yes.

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