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Siemens RDH100 Digital Wired Thermostat

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Replaces RDH10

Large LCD display

  • Set point 5-30C
  • 5(2)A volt-free contacts
  • Dimensions 120x90x26.9 mm HxWxD
  • Battery Powered (2 x AA)

The digital display shows the actual room temperature and the comfort temperature setpoint.
When the heating output is active, the triangle symbol appears.

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Have an old Tower RS room thermostat,live supply in no neutral (2 wire) Will the RHD 100 work with this system ( have gas boiler)
Yes, it will connect to the same 2 wires.
Will this replace a Sunvic TLM 2253?
Only if it is controlling a gas or oil boiler. It is not suitable for electric heating.
How do you change batteries
There is a drawer on the bottom to change the batteries.
I am looking to replace a TLX2259. This seems to be compatible. Am I correct
Yes. You will need to isolate the neutral and earth as they are not needed by the RDH100.
Hi, will this replace an old ACL Drayton room stat. Thanks
Hi. As long as it is wired and controlling a gas or oil boiler.
will this be able to replace the Honeywell T6360
Yes it will. The Honeywell will have a neutral wire which must be isolated and NOT connected to the RDH100.
Will this replace the RDD100.1 ?
Yes it will.
can you adjust the on off temperature difference
I'm afraid not.
Will this replace a sunvic tlx1009. We want to use it in a cooling application- volt free terminals to switch a 0.2A load fan.
Yes it will.
will this replace a ACL TS142 4 wire connection
Yes, the neutral and earth wires are not needed by the RDH100, so must be isolated. The remaining 2 wires connect to the RDH100.
Could this be used to replace a Flash Immermat Timer that is used to control a central gas boiler?
This is just a thermostat, not a timer. If you did so, you will not be let with the ability to time the system. If you don't have a thermostat on the system, I would recommend a wireless programmable thermostat instead.
We have the old RDH10 but the backplate has failed. Will this backplate fit on the holes already drilled for the old RDH10 backplate. We don't want to drill new holes as they'd be too near the original ones. Thank you.
Yes, the holes are in the same place.
Want replace an old Potterton PR2 t/stat- Looks to have just a live, switched live and neutral-(and a link between Com and switche dlive) will this work? Thanks!
Yes it will. You will need to isolate the neutral as it is not required by the RDH100.
Does the RDH100 employ silent (i.e. Triac) switching? I am retrofitting to a two wire installation so need ones like this that are battery powered.
No, Triac switching is normally only found on underfloor heating thermostats - as they are unsuitable for switching a pump directly. I do not know of any 2-wire underfloor heating thermostats. A wireless thermostat may be your best option if noise is an issue.
We have a standard older Drayton 33-10B... analogue wall mounted room-stat driving our central heating valve. It has four terminals; Common, Demand, Satisfied and Neutral. Can the Siemens RDH100 Digital Thermostat be used as an upgrade replacement, without changing any wiring please?
Yes, the neutral will not be needed so should be isolated.
will this work with my old two wire thermostat that has not have 230v going to it
Yes it will.
Will this replace my ancient Honeywell T40 room stat Which has three wires - Live, Live out, neutral? I suspect the neutral will just be redundant?
Yes, as long as it is controlling a gas or oil boiler. The neutral is not needed so should be isolated.

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