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Siemens RDH100-RF Wireless Digital Thermostat

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Replaces RDH10-RF

​The RDH100RF/SET, comprises of 1 RDH100RF (transmitter) and 1 RCR100/433 (receiver), is
used to control the room temperature in heating (or cooling) systems.
Large LCD display

  • RDH100RF, transmitter, battery powered
  • RCR100/433, receiver, mains powered
  • Communication of the set is bonded ex factory
  • Two-position controller with TPI (PID) response
  • Wall mount or table stand
  • Set point 5-30C
  • 8(3)A volt-free contacts
  • Receiver 104x84x32 mm HxWxD
  • Transmitter 120x90x26.9 mm HxWxD

The digital display shows the actual room temperature and the comfort temperature setpoint.
When the heating output is active, the triangle symbol appears.

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Looking at changing manual timer on Main Combi 25 Eco Elite will this fit and give room temperature adjustment aswell.
This is used in conjunction with a timer as it is a plain up/down thermostat. It will control to a temperature when the timer is on.
How do I change batteries or do I need to on my room thermostat
The receiver is mains powered, so doesn't use batteries. The thermostat has a drawer on the bottom for changing the batteries.
I currently have a Boss BR1 receiver with a BRTRF thermostat which I want to replace with the RDH100RF so I have an override option. Can I simply unscrew the BR1 receiver from its casing and simply slot the RCR100/433 receiver into the existing casing or do I need to get it completely rewired and connected to my boiler system?
The wiring does direct into the receiver, so you will have some wiring to do, but it is wired the same for a simple swap.
My RCR10/433 receiver is not behaving as it should when I try to reset it. The amber light flashes for 3 seconds if I press the Reset, Set or both buttons together as directed in the binding instructions. No other lights show. I assume I need a new pair? Is this item a straight swop for my RDH10RF & RCR10/433?
Give techincal support a call on 08708 500184. They will try and get it going with you. If not, then the RDH100-RF is a straight swap.
Iam buying this RDH100-RF to replace my lcd smashed RDH10RF WOULD I HAVE to replace the receiver too?
No. The new one will bind to the existing receiver.
Hi Is the siemens rdh100rf compatable with a baxi ecoblue 24kw system only boiler. Needto order one asap if it is.
Yes it is.
Further to our previous communication and your Horstman recommendation, we note that the Siemans RDH100-RF is the replacement for our existing RDH10RF stat and RCR10/433GB receiver, which operates our boiler at +/- 2degrees of the selected room temperature. Could you confirm that this RDH100RF would operate the boiler at +/-0.5 degrees of selected room temperature. If so this would be a logical choice for us.
Yes it has TPI for closer control.

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