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Siemens RDJ100-RF Easy-to-Use Wireless Programmable Thermostat

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Replaces RDJ10-RF

​The RDJ100RF/SET, comprises of 1 RDJ100RF (transmitter) and 1 RCR100/433 (receiver), is
used to control the room temperature in heating (or cooling) systems.

Programmable, for heating (or cooling) systems

  • Operating modes: Automatic, Comfort, Energy Saving, and Frost Protection
  • Large LCD display
  • RDJ100RF, transmitter, battery powered
  • RCR100/433, receiver, mains powered
  • Communication of the set is bonded ex factory
  • Two-position controller with TPI (PID) response
  • Wall mount or table stand
  • Set point 5-30C
  • 8(3)A volt-free contacts
  • Receiver 104x84x32 mm HxWxD
  • Transmitter 120x90x26.9 mm HxWxD

The digital display shows the actual room temperature, the current ON / OFF time number and the symbol of the operating mode which is currently active. When the heating output is active, the triangle symbol appears.

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  • Yes.  You don't have to change the receiver, however it is a good idea as they have improved them.

  • Only later versions of the Greenstar 2000 are compatible with non-Worcester controls. The earlier versions can only be used with Worcester controls.
  • It does not have a manual mode. You can manually change it between permanent comfort mode and permanent energy saving mode with the switch on the left.
  • Yes, just turn the dial to the desired temperature. It will revert back to programmed settings as the next program.
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