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Siemens RDJ100-RF Easy-to-Use Wireless Programmable Thermostat

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Replaces RDJ10-RF

​The RDJ100RF/SET, comprises of 1 RDJ100RF (transmitter) and 1 RCR100/433 (receiver), is
used to control the room temperature in heating (or cooling) systems.

Programmable, for heating (or cooling) systems

  • Operating modes: Automatic, Comfort, Energy Saving, and Frost Protection
  • Large LCD display
  • RDJ100RF, transmitter, battery powered
  • RCR100/433, receiver, mains powered
  • Communication of the set is bonded ex factory
  • Two-position controller with TPI (PID) response
  • Wall mount or table stand
  • Set point 5-30C
  • 8(3)A volt-free contacts
  • Receiver 104x84x32 mm HxWxD
  • Transmitter 120x90x26.9 mm HxWxD

The digital display shows the actual room temperature, the current ON / OFF time number and the symbol of the operating mode which is currently active. When the heating output is active, the triangle symbol appears.

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Is this kit compatible with a Worcester Bosch Greenstar 2000 combo boiler? Thanks.
Only later versions of the Greenstar 2000 are compatible with non-Worcester controls. The earlier versions can only be used with Worcester controls.
How to setup seimens rdj100rf wireless thermostat,use manualy,turn off all timers tips tricks
It does not have a manual mode. You can manually change it between permanent comfort mode and permanent energy saving mode with the switch on the left.
I have a RWB7 and want to replace it with this one. Is the wiring the same or do I need a professional to do it?
It will connect to the same 4 wires. So is a fairly simple job.
A) Is the thermostat available without the receiver as i only need to replace the faulty thermo? B) is the thermostat battery operated? C) you say its bonded ex factory but I'm not replacing the reciever. Does thermo have a learn button so i can pair it with my existing receiver
A) I'm afraid not B) Yes it is C) Yes it does so you can,
Thanks for your answer. If I purchase this is it just the thermostat or a new receiver aswell? If I purchase a new thermostat do I need a new receiver or will the current (RCR10/433) sync with the new?
It is a pack of both items. However you can bind the new thermostat to your existing receiver.
Hi, Got a RCR10/433 receiver and looking to buy the RDJ100 thermostat, will it work or does it need to be the RF? There doesn’t seem to be a “learn” or “test” function to sync on the RDJ100. Thanks.
Hi. The RDJ100 is a wired thermostat. You need the RDJ100-RF
Hi I have a 3 wired manual thermostat .L/N and call at 240 volt will this work on this system thanks
Hi. Yes, just link live to common on the receiver.
I have just had a wireless thermostat fitted. Can you tell me if I can over ride the programmed settings, to put heating on when not within programmed times
Yes, just turn the dial to the desired temperature. It will revert back to programmed settings as the next program.
I already have a siemens wireless stat, but it isn't programmable - if I bought this will it connect automatically to the existing receiver I already have in ? and if so will I be able to use both to control temperature, thanks
If you have the RDH100-RF or RDH10-RF then you can use your existing receiver. If you have any other model, then you will need to change the receiver.
I fitted a Honeywell CM927 thermostat several years ago. The room temperature display has always been inconsistent against a calibrated thermometer, and it's now switching the boiler & pump on when the displayed (and actual) room temperature is higher than the target temperature. I wish to replace the CM927 with something similar, but with 1 set of settings covering every day of the week (like the old CM921) rather than 7-day setting. Please would you advise if the Siemens RDJ-100RF would be the most suitable stand-mounting unit for my purpose, and would it be a straight swap electrically? I'd like to avoid Honeywell on this occasion.
It sounds like it would be suitable for you. The receiver will connect to the same 4 wires, so a simple swap.
I wish to replace my existing thermostat in the hall with a wireless device which relates to the temperature in the lounge area. The Drayton hall thermostat is battery operated and simply switches the power on and off to the water valve. Is the RDJ100-RF receiver also battery operated and serve the same function? Regards David
No. All wireless receivers are mains powered. You will need to install the receiver next to the boiler or wiring centre (depending on your system).
Can you use more than one of these thermostats in the same heating system/house?
Yes you can.
Apologies for asking again but if I replace the 2 RDH10RFs with this one, I can leave the old 433 receivers in place and rebind the new thermostats? Thanks.
Yes you can.
Hi, I have a Siemens underfloor heating system part of which is controlled by 2 wireless thermostats - RDH10RF/SET. Can I replace them with this programmable one? Thanks. Des
Hi. Yes you can.
My Siemens RJF 100 RF wireless thermostat was recently fitted in my hall. My lounge radiator takes almost an hour to heat up due to it being the furthest from the boiler, ( common occurrence, apparently). Heating goes off due to hall reaching set temperature, but lounge has not had long enough to heat room. A) can I override thermostat? B) is it safe to move temperature setting higher than at present? Setting is currently 22.5 I would be extremely grateful for your assistance.c2c
You can over-ride it by turning the dial. But as it is wireless, it would be simpler to move it to the coldest room.
Can I still use my RCR10/433 receiver with this updated version?
Yes you can.
I currently have a wired programmer/stat controlling the heating on an older combi boiler. This is using 2 wires (230v) to switch the heating. I want to replace the wired programmer with a wireless receiver and have the programmer/stat portable. The existing stat is fixed near a new woodburner which when lit is holding the heating off. Can this unit be used for such and installation? Thanks
This needs a mains power connection at the receiver as well as the two control wires. So it would probably be easier to install the receiver near the boiler instead of in the place of the existing thermostat.
Is this a simple / direct replacement for the RDJ10RF unit,
Yes it is.
What temperature should I set the control dial at on the boiler for the heating or does the wireless thermostat override the boiler temperature setting
The boiler manuacturer will recommend a most efficient position for the boiler thermostat in many cases this will be maxiumum. The room thermostat will not effect it.
Is this thermostat compliant with boiler plus regulations?
To comply with Boiler Plus you will need either a separate Flue Gas Heat Recovery or Weather Compensation control when using the RDJ100-RF.
Can the thermostat control be portable or does it have to be fixed.
It comes with a table stand, so you don't have to wall mount it.
Is the wiring in diagram same as the previous one?
Yes it is.
Could you tell me what bonded ex factory means on the descripition means please
It means to do not have to teach the thermostat and receiver to talk to each other on installation. Siemens have already done this for you in the factory.

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