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Express delivery for Tuesday Available Until 4pm Monday
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Siemens RDS110 Smart Thermostat

Brand: Siemens (Landis & Staefa/Gyr)
HCO Code: 07D51
Price: £143.99
Ex VAT: £119.99
Stock: Out Of Stock
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Q: Hi. I have a Danfoss mechanical thermostat which controls heating and water and it has appart from time schedules, 2 additional butons for 1-Hour Heating and 1-Hour Hot Water, so it's handy when you only need that 1 hour of heat or for water. Does this unit have something similar? Many Thanks, George Loizou.

A: Hi It doesn't currently have this feature.
Q: Can it replace a RDJ10 thermostat

A: Unfortunately the RDJ10 will not have the mains power connection needed by the RDS110.
Q: Dear sir, We would like to replace Siemens RW165.01 aerogyr controller, with the Siemens RDS110 Smart Thermostat. Is this possible? If not which one would be suitable with App control ? We shall look forward to your reply. Kind Regards Prem

A: I'm afraid it is not possible.
Q: I see this requires a permenant live supply as this will be replacing my current thermostat, that has a live supply only when the programmer time for heating is on . If programmer is selected for heating as constant then a live feed to the thermostat is obtained. Can the Siemens then take control leaving easy in place wiring and simple reversal in emergency

A: That's correct.
Q: Can this replace the Danfoss RMT32

A: I don't have trace of a RMT32. Could it be a RMT230 or RMT24?
Q: How can I set temperature on 6 degrees? So dat heating turns on when room temperature reaches 6 degrees Celsius. Because during the winter I'm often not home, and I don't want to heat too much on one side, but I neither want mijn pipes frozen.

A: The thermostat has a frost protection that will ensure that the temperature will not drop too low even when set to be off. It is set to 7c by default, but can be changed in the advanced settings.
Q: I want to purchase the thermostat and apply it to a building in Greece. The watt power is 220 in Greece. Does this thermostat apply to Greece? Thanks

A: Yes it will be fine on 220v.
Q: I have a rev11 installed now but want to upgrade. Is it capable with The old wiring?

A: The REV11 was battery powered, and this is mains powered. So you are not likely to have the mains connection needed to fit the RDS110. If you can add a mains connection, then this will be OK.
Q: Hi Will this work in a commercial application - we have 2 commercial boilers and pump for a local church and they req remote control via an app ?

A: Hi Yes, but it only has one output so the boilers will need to be joined. If you let us know how it is currently controlled we can advise further.
Q: I notice this units has CO2 capability. will this units control a heat recovery units? As well as heating?

A: I'm afraid not. It doesn't have a CO2 detection capability.
Q: Hi, main thermostat is Siemens RDE100 Digital, in two of the bedrooms there are 2 more, question would I have to replace all 3 units with this smart thermostat.? Thank you.

A: You can leave the rooms you don't want smart controlled with the RDE100. You only have to upgrade the rooms you do want smart controlled.
Q: Will this device work with a Worcester oil boiler. Thank you. Regards, Glenn

A: Yes it will.
Q: hi there. I am about to purchase the thermostat, but need to ask two questions: 1. can I control both central heating and the boiler in my house from the same thermostat? or do I need two separate thermostats? 2. can I use the app to control the thermostat from outside the house, i.e. through the Internet? thanks

A: Hi 1) You can control both heating and hot water from one thermostat. 2) Yes you can use the app to control it from anywhere you have internet access.
Q: Are there any ongoing costs for the app and will this do hot water and rads, thanks.

A: No. There are no ongoing costs. Yes, it will operate heating and hot water.

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Easy to install, gorgeous looks and market leading functionality.  The new smart thermostat from world-renowned manufacturer Siemens is set to change the way we think about heating.

The Smart Thermostat is different. Different from any other thermostat you know. Its unique features benefit both professional installers and end customers. From easy installation and fast commissioning to being always in touch with its surroundings, it creates perfect places.

Understanding your needs with smartness
The Smart Thermostat has been developed to provide professional control and operation of heating applications. With its clean design it fits perfectly into every interior. It is always in touch with its surroundings thanks to six powerful and accurate sensors: temperature, humidity, light, proximity, presence and organic particle detection. Since all of them are an integral part of the Smart Thermostat, no additional wiring or programming is needed. These sensors allow the Smart Thermostat to be fully autonomous.

Operation with or without app
The Smart Thermostat can be operated either directly on the touchscreen itself or with our highly intuitive Smart Thermostat app. The app enables full control and monitoring of your Smart Thermostat from anywhere and at any time. Key functionalities of the app range from a scheduler, setting different modes (e.g. Away, Home), humidity control and indoor air quality monitoring to the Green Leaf function and much more. This makes control of the Smart Thermostat easy and fast.

Your benefits at a glance
The Smart Thermostat offers a package of strong benefits. It figures out the perfect room climate and guarantees optimized energy consumption in your home. In addition to achieving these goals, the Smart Thermostat gives you many other benefits, proving that it fully understands and satisfies your needs.

Intuitive use and automatic updates
The Smart Thermostat was developed to make handling as easy as possible. This is reflected in the highly intuitive user interface and the display that has been reduced to the essentials. Automatic updates ensure that the Smart Thermostat benefits from the latest features.


Healthy indoor conditions
Using the built-in sensor, the Smart Thermostat displays and controls the humidity. In addition, the built-in indoor air-quality sensor provides pertinent information based on an easy-to-understand color-coded system.

Improving energy efficiency while lowering energy costs
The Smart Thermostat ensures energy-efficient operation by meeting important energy efficiency classes. Thanks to the Green Leaf feature, you can be smart while being green. This, in turn, can motivate you to save even more energy. The Smart Thermostat app is your companion to achieve measurable savings – simply by using its control and access functions.

Perfect room temperature in less than one day
Thanks to its built-in presence sensors and algorithm, the Smart Thermostat creates the perfect room temperature when the room is occupied. It learns the perfect moment to start heating the room within one day instead of the usual days or weeks. The benefits are compelling: energy and cost savings as well as improved indoor comfort.

For installers
The Smart Thermostat is made for the professional installation market. It is designed for product replacement as well as for new construction projects. Find out how easy and fast it is to install and commission the Smart Thermostat.

During commissioning, internet access is not always available. For this reason, the Smart Thermostat uses a unique point-to-point concept which doesn't require internet connection. Only one product is required during commissioning, eliminating the need for a gateway or router. In addition, the Smart Thermostat can be commissioned directly via its hardware menu. A navigation wizard will guide you step-by-step through this process, making it efficient and easy.

The Smart Thermostat offers a unique two-step commissioning process. The advantage: Installation can be completed during construction while the actual setup can be performed later. In addition, the user interface – among the easiest and most intuitive on the market – makes the installation process even faster. As a result, fewer users need support, giving you more time to focus on new projects.

NOTE: Not suitable for replacing 2-wire thermostats.

David | 1 reviews

Before you purchase this product, please be aware that it has to be mains 220v powered! Nowhere was this made clear in the supplied description. It is not suitable as a replacement thermostat for any battery operated thermostat using a two wire only system. The Siemens installation video shows the removal of a two wire thermostat! Suddenly an extra wire (assume a neutral) is introduced to operate the thermostat. If you would like to use the other features, an extra relay is included for dehumidifier operation, you will need to wire it directly to the thermostat. If you would like to avail of the outdoor temperature display, you will need to wire the sensor directly to the thermostat. The same is true if you wish to add a room sensor from a different area.

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