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Siemens REV24 Hardwired Programmable Thermostat

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Replaces obsolete Landis & Gyr (Landis & Staefa) Chronogyr models REV10, REV11, REV12, REV15, REV16, REV20, REV21, REV22, REV23, REV32

The new REV24 digital room thermostat from Siemens are designed for straightforward operation and a high level of reliability. Improved design ensures that the new products are even more user-friendly and - thanks to very accurate room temperature control - offer enhanced comfort while providing even greater energy efficiency. The new thermostats from Siemens are suited for any type of heating application and excel in a very good price-performance ratio.

User-friendly features include:
* Program selection slider
* Extremely bright high-contrast backlit display
* 7-Day programming
* Over-ride functions
* Holiday mode
* Party mode
* Frost and overheating protetion
* Information level for checking settings
* Sensor calibration
* Can be used for heating or cooling
* Pump/valve protection
* Optimum Start
* Automatic Summer/Winter time change
* Dimensions: 94x135x30mm HxWxD
* 6(2.5)A SPDT Volt-Free contacts












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I have a Siemens rev23 which does display only a few characters: would this rev24 product use the exact same box than the rev23, I mean , could I interchange both products without changing the part on the wall?
You will need to change the wallplate, but it will connect to the same 2 wires.

I currently have a Vemver Eco W thermostat controlling my boiler. Can you tell me if the REV24 uses the same wiring to the boiler (a straight swap, with a change of back plate)or will there be some rewiring?
It will connect to the same wires as the Vemer.
Will Siemen's REV24 get fitted into the same wall socket of the existing wall socket of my old Landis & Gyr REV21?
You will need to replace the backplate, but it will connect to the same 2 wires.
How do I control the rev24 remotely Many thanks
It has two terminals on the back that when connected together override the thermostat. You can connect this to an appropriate device for remote control.
I'm looking to replace my Siemens RDJ10 with this, is the wiring the same? Do I just need to replace the backplate?
You will need to change the backplate, but it will connect to the same two wires.
Does the frost protection still work when running in automatic mode or only in frost protection mode?
Yes, it will protect against frost in automatic mode.
Siemens have told me that the REV24 is battery powered and does not need mains power.It is also a 2 wire unit. Is this the one you have. Will it fit the REV15 backplate
Yes it is. You will need to change the backplate, but the screw terminals are in the same place - so it's a simple swap.
Will the Rev24 slot into the same base as the Rev13 and work without any re-wiring?
Yes it will.
Will this replace the rev10 model and will it require the same 2 cables or new wiring?
Yes it will. It will connect to the same 2 wires.
Hi, I need to replace a 15 year old Siemens L&S REV11. Am I able to replace it with the REV24? Thanks In advance, Jonathan Stanley
Yes you can. It will connect to the same 2 wires.
I'm installing a REV24 in place of a Honeywell CM907. There are two wires from the boiler (Vaillant ecoTech 837), red which goes to terminal A on the Honywell and yellow, with a red sleeve, which goes to teminal B. Please could you confirm which terminals on the REV24 should be used (i.e. is it: red to L and yellow to L1?) Many thanks in advance
Yes that's correct.
Does the REV24 controller on offer come with a backplate. I am replacing an old REV11 controller.
Yes it does.
Has rev24 have a battery back up for memory for mains failure
The REV24 is battery powered.
Can you tell me please; will a Siemens REV24 Hardwired Programmable Thermostat fit straight on to a Landis & Gyr Chronogyr REV10 mounting back plate?
You will need to change the backplate, but it is the same 2-wire connection.
I'm looking for a very accurate PID thermostatic controller, which the REV24-RF appears to be, albeit remotely controlled. The REV24 hardwired thermostat appears to be identical in most of its' features, but it doesn't appear to say anywhere, whether it has the PID functions (Proportional / Integral / Derivative). Please advise, thank you.
Yes it does.
will rev24 replace rev100 and plug in the same base or do I have to replace the base as well . thank you.
You will need to replace the base. But it will connect to the same 2 wires.
Hei. I have one defect REV32, can REV24 do the same jobs?
Yes it will.
Will the rev24 replace the Landis & Gyr Chronogyr rev20? Is the wiring the same?
Yes it will, the wiring is the same.
I need to replace my Siemens REV24 but it isn't obvious to me whether I need the REV24RF. My programmer lifts off to reveal 5 prongs. I am not aware of having an RF base unit. House is/was a new-build and the installer left me instructions for "REV24 Easy programming" which are adequate. But I cannot actually see the model number anywhere. Thanks.
On the back of the unit it will say REV24 or REV24RF. The REV24RF also has "learn" and "test" buttons on the back. If you unscrew the flap on the backplate you can see if there are any wires connected to it.
Will the old base plate from my rev22 fit directly into the rev24 unit. Without any alteration to the wiring connections.
You will need to fit a new base plate, but there are only 2 wires, and the terminal numbers are the same. So its a simple job.
Hi, can the REV24 replace my old Siemens REV11? Do they have the same size? Thank you
Yes the REV24 will connect to the same 2 wires. The REV11 was 95x117x35mm HxWxD The REV24 is 94x135x30mm HxWxD
will Siemen's REV24 get fitted into the same wall socket of the existing wall socket of REV 12?
Yes it will.
\which is the right replacement thermostat for my currently installed(broken)Siemen's REV12?
Yes it is.

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