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Siemens REV24-RF 7-Day Wireless Programmable Thermostat

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Replaces obsolete REV23-RF

The new REV24RF digital room thermostat from Siemens are designed for straightforward operation and a high level of reliability. Improved design ensures that the new products are even more user-friendly and - thanks to very accurate room temperature control - offer enhanced comfort while providing even greater energy efficiency. The new thermostats from Siemens are suited for any type of heating application and excel in a very good price-performance ratio.

User-friendly features include:
* Program selection slider
* Extremely bright high-contrast backlit display
* Bi-directional commumication with receiver
* 7-Day programming
* Over-ride functions
* Holiday mode
* Party mode
* Frost and overheating protetion
* Information level for checking settings
* Sensor calibration
* Can be used for heating or cooling
* Pump/valve protection
* Optimum Start
* Manual over-ride button on receiver
* Automatic Summer/Winter time change
* Thermostat can be wall mounted or used with supplied table stand
* Supplied complete with receiver
* 16(2)A SPDT Volt-Free contacts

Transmitter: 94x135x30mm HxWxD
Receiver: 88x114x32mm HxWxD

Model: REV24RF/SET










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How many heating on / heating off periods can be set for a 24 hour period?
You can have up to 3 comfort periods per day.
Already have the Rev23.03rf is it straight replacement or will I have to change the receiver also
You will need to change the receiver, but it will connect to the same 4 wires.
Is this compatible with Worcester 28CDi RSF combi boiler?
Yes it is.
Hi, i have a Potterton combi boiler. currently using a siemens RDJ10RF control unit. However it doesnt have a 7 day timer facility. Would this one work?? Or is there better unit available? regards Lee
Hi. Yes it would. It will connect to the same 4 wires as the RDJ10-RF.
Will this work with a Remeha Avanta 28C boiler and replace the useless Salus RT500 controller?
Assuming you have the RT500-RF, then yes the receiver will connect to the same 4 wires as the Salus receiver.
I have baxi back oiler, wickes programmer and satchwell thermostat, will this work with the back boiler and replace the programmer and thermostat?
This will not control hot water, so if your hot water is timed you will need to retain the programmer for that.
Hello I am just wanting to replace my old REV24 as the switch is damaged, do i also have to renew the receiver also or will a new one work with an existing receiever? many thanks for your help
No you can bind it into work with your existing receiver.
I have a Honeywell CM927 that has lost its display. Can the above take its place, most of the info on line about the honeywells display are not good. Many fail I think it's an inherent problem, if this was on a mobile phone they would have to put them right. Thanks Roger
Yes, the Siemens receiver will connect to the same 4 wires as the Honeywell receiver.
We want the heating to come on at two particular times in each 24 hours which is fine, but not to come on for half the night when it is cold - however if we put the temperature down lower to avoid this then of course it won't come on at 5 am to warm the house before we get up! Is it possible to set two different temperatures to avoid this happening, or just to have it on frost protection while we are at work or asleep to save fuel? Thank you
I would recommend enabling the optimum start via the DIP switched. The manual for more information.
Our REV24RF control panel is completely blank. I have tested the batteries and they are apparently still good and have also tried replacing them but still nothing happens. Is there any hidden power button that I need to press or does this just mean the unit is broken?
The is a reset button under the DIP switch panel on the back of the unit. If that doesn't work, then a new unit will be needed.
Will this be able to replace my broken REV23rf, working with the existing REV-R.02/1?
You will need to replace the receiver, but it will connect to the same 4 wires.
I currently have rev24rf controller and receiver controller display has almost unreadable, which other wireless controller will be compatible with the receiver I already have can’t afford the rev24rf one Thanks
Unfortunately the REV24-RF is the only one that can talk to that receiver.
Hi I have Siemens rev24 heating thermostat and receiver I broke my wireless controller I’ve bought a new one how do i bind it to the existing receiver as there is no learn button on the back of the new one like there is on the old one I’ve set up the new one but it doesn’t seem to be linked to the Receiver Thanks for your help
Check it is the wireless REV24-RF model, not the wired one.
I have this set installed at home but have broken the wireless room stat part, if i buy the set again can i just pair the new wireless room stat unit to my existing receiver unit that is already installed? Thank you.
Yes, you can.
I have a REV23RF controller that is not working well, can I switch to the REV24 and if so how do I do that I am not very techie
Yes, the new receiver will connect to the same 4 wires as your existing receiver.
Do you know what Radio frequency range the rev24rf operates at? I note the device is generally not for sale in Australia and wonder if this is due to a potential rf spectrum interferance issue.
It is 868Mhz
Hi we have recently had this installed and it's working great. Unfortunately we're having a few problems with the programs. We want it to run 5 days at 3 different time periods during the day (eg 5 - 6am; 4 - 6pm and 8 - 10pm). 2 days at different start times for the weekend. We have set these up, but are finding that the heating is still coming on at different times during the day - how can we stop this happening. Also, as we will be soon into the warmer weather - how would be switch off the heating altogether? I hope you can assist? Kind regards. Lesley
If the temperature goes below the energy saving temperature during the off periods, then the heating will still come on to bring it up to this temperature. This protects your property from frost. During summer, just use the round button to place it into "Frost Protection" mode.
Can this replace my Siemens RDJ10RF controller? It's operating an Worcester Bosch 532/i Combi, nothing wrong with existing controller but i want 7 day programmable
Yes it can. The new receiver will connect to the same 4 wires as the RDJ10-RF receiver.
I have an rev23.03rf controller/transmitter for my underfloor heating which appears to have broken down - are you able to offer me some advice on whether buying a new controller/transmitter will work ok for my heating please? Am I correct in understanding that the rev23 is no longer available and the rev24-rf will work ok on my system? Thank you for your help.
Yes, the REV24-RF will work. The new receiver will connect to the same 4 wires as your REV23-RF receiver.
I have the Siemens RWB 29 with no room thermostat and TRV on all radiators. Will the REV24 RF be a straight swop for my wall mounted timer and then provide me with a portable thermostat to place where I choose?
You will need to keep your RWB29 to control your hot water. You can install the receiver next to the timer, and have the REV24-RF take control of your heating.
We are thinking of replacing the old mechanical timer on our church oil fired boiler with a REV24-RF controller, but would like clarification, in layman's terms, on the electrical connections, and functions they cover. i.e. boiler, pump, etc. Obviously this is not a case of "brown to this, blue to that". We are concerned that we get the full potential advantage of the new control. Regards David Porter
How it is wired does depend on the system you are wiring it to, if you can let us know more information. e.g. Is is a combi boiler? Is the mechanical timer on the boiler itself, or on the wall next to it? What are their make and model numbers? We will help you as much as we can.
Hi The instructions say can fit up to fifteen receivers. Where do I order them? Is the max switching load 2.5amp? Thanks for your help. Colin
Unfortunately Siemens do not offer the receivers separately.
I currently have a one day wireless thermostat, RDJ1ORF, and I want to replace it with this 7 day thermostat. Will I need to replace the recreiver as well?
Yes you will.
Hi. Is this device compatible with our Alpha CB28 gas combi boiler installed circa 2004 which has an optional built in clock and currently utilises a basic Honeywell room stat. Thank you.
Yes it is.
Hi is this thermostat compatible with Potterton EP2002, and is any wire diagram is avaible for rewiring. Thanks
As long as you have a S-Plan or Y-Plan system. It comes with a wiring diagram.
How long it the warranty on the rev24 7day set? Bob Frost
It is 1 year from purchase.
Is this suitable to operate an Ideal icos system boiler and if so what would be the best way to link the receiver to the boiler?
Yes, but it will only control your heating. You would wire it up in place of your room thermostat.
I have an Ariston evo combo unit. Will this thermostat work with my unit and will the domestic hot water supply not be affected?
Yes it will work with your boiler. The hot water supply will not be effected.
I would like to replace a Honeywell CM927 with this Siemens thermostat. Will the receivers be a straight swap - I've no idea how many wires the Honeywell has (I didn't fit it). Thank you.
Yes, it will connect to the same 4 wires.
Can this replace a Salus Rt500-RF easily and does the seimens gear prevent others neighbours interfering with the operation.
Yes the receiver will connect to the same 4 wires. There will not be any inference with any wireless controls your neighbours have.
Is this unit suitable for a glowworm 30CXi combi-boiler?
Yes it is.
I dropped the thermostat and is not working do I need to change the receiver as well? I have a REV24RF. we recently bought this house and I have no idea where the receiver is
You can bind the new thermostat into the old receiver, but you will still need to locate the receiver to do that. If you have a combi boiler then it will be installed next to that. If you have a regular boiler, then it is likely to be in your airing cupboard.
Is this unit suitable for an Alpha CD25C Combi boiler and if so will the receiver fit onto the boiler itself or if it needs to be located separately how would it be connected to the boiler itself.
Yes, it is suitable for that boiler. The receiver goes on the wall next to the boiler, there are 4 wires to connect between receiver and the thermostat terminals on the boiler.
Is it possible to override the pre-set temperature setting to provide a temporary increase/reduction in heating conditions. If so, when will the override expire i.e. will it be at the end of the current time period.
Yes, you can just use the + and - buttons. The temperature will revert back at the next programmed timed/temperature change. There is also a feature (party mode) for a fixed amount of time.
Can the receiving unit be connected where the old wired thermostat was located. Is this an easy option for wiring
Sometimes but not always. It depends on the type of wired thermostat you have. If your wired thermostat has the connections (live, neutral and return live) then it will be fine. Please email us with details of the make/model of your wired thermostat for more information.
Has it to be mounted on a wall or can it be placed on a table or side board
It comes with a table stand for placing on a table or side.
hi all, will this work with a Potterton Gold 33HE combi boiler?
Yes it will.
Hi, I have 2 hardwired Rev23 thermostats, one upstairs, one downstairs. Can I swap them for rev24rh wireless thermostats? Thanks.
To swap them for wireless ones you need to add a mains connection.
I have had a Siemens REV23.03RF wireless thermostat and REV-R.03/1 receiver for several years and they've been fine. However, the REV23.03RF now appears to have failed. Can I replace it with a REV24-RF 7 thermostat and keep the same receiver? If I need to replace the receiver too is the wiring identical?
You will need to change the receiver, but the wiring is identical on the new receiver.
My current (manual thermostat is only two wires (+earth). Will it work without the 4 wire installation mentioned in other replies? Thanks
No it won't you will need to add a mains power connection.
Is this compatible with a Ferroli domicondens he26c?
Yes it is.
we have a towerstat rf t50 is this model compatiable with our boiler
Yes it is.
Hi, i have just had a worcester-bosch greenstar 24i Junior/28i Junior installed and want to fit a wireless thermostat. is this product compatible with my boiler, and can it be DIY fitted, or will an electrician be required?
Yes it is. It is fairly easy to fit, just 4 wires between receiver and boiler.
Hi. Can I boost the heating on this for a set period like a hour. If I turn the dial up to go to bed it kicks in and holds this temp all night is there any other way to do this?
Yes the "Party Mode" function will do that.
Is the rev24-rf compatible with Worcester bosch MT10rf boiler? We have a failing drayton digistat rf1/digistat scr i need to replace.
Yes, the Siemens receiver will connect to the same 4 wires as the Drayton.
Hi, I currently have a Drayton manual wall thermostat controlling my Potterton Suprima boiler and Boilermate 2 thermal storage system. Can I simply swap the Drayton stat for this device? The Drayton uses 3 wires - being neutral, live and call. Thanks.
Yes, you will need to set the timer on constant so that the live is a permanent live. You will also need to link Live and Lx on the RESV24-RF receiver.
Can I replace my existing RWB7 with the REV24-RF 7-Day Wireless Programmable Thermostat. My current configuration has no Room Thermostat.
Yes you can.
Hi. Is the REV24RF set compatible with a Ferroli Optimax HE Plus 3C boiler?
Yes it is.
Dear Heating Controls Team, Last year I bought REV24 RF kit , it works very well but I would like to add a second receiver RCR10/868 , I wonder if you can provide it and how much it would cost. Thanks in advance for your time Best Regards Mario
I'm afraid the receivers are not available separately.
Hi, Is it compatible with a worcester 28cdi (i have had this since 2002)? Thank you.
Yes it is
Hi, is this compatible with a ferroli modena 80e boiler, and does it require complicated rewiring? Cheers
Yes it is compatible. It wires to the 2 thermostat terminals on the boiler (as well as a live and neutral connection). So it's simple wiring.
1 does it have auto frost protection boiler in garage 2 what happens with power cut does it auto start
The receiver doesn't sense temperature at all (only the transmitter), so if you have the receiver and boiler in the garage you will need to install a frost thermostat as well. It will reconnect to the transmitter automatically in the event of a power cut.
Hello I currently have a Drayton wireless control system with the Drayton SCR Receiver constantly proving problematic. Is the Siemens REV24RF/set a straight forward swap over in terms of connections to the gas boiler and 2 port valve?
Yes, the receiver will connect to the same wires as your existing SCR receiver. So it will be a simple swap.
Hiya,, is this thermostat compatible with british gas RD628 (WORCESTER BRAND)COMBI BOILER
Yes it is.
Have read the Q&A's re compatibility with this and RCR10/433 receiver etc but there is also an analogue timer on my boiler - Ideal Logic Combi 30 - which will become obsolete, will I need to do any additionally wiring etc please?
No, you can simply set the inbuilt timer to constant.
With a combi-boiler can this control both heating and hot water? or do you need a separate timer for the water?
This doesn't control hot water at all, so if you need hot water control then you will need a separate timer.
hi, will this thermostat be compatible with Junkers Ceraclass ZW 14-2DH AE gas boiler?
Yes it would.
Hi, Can I replace a Siemens (Landis and Staefa) RAV11 with this wireless thermostat?
You can but you will need to add a power supply as the receiver is mains powered, not battery powered like the RAV11.
Will the Wi-Fi for this unit interfere with the Wi-Fi from my Broadband modem (Technicolor), or vice-versa? Do I have to take any special precautions to make sure that they do not interfere with each other? If so what?
No, they work on completely different frequencies so shouldn't interfere with each other at all.
Hi, Is this thermostat compatible with any of the current worcester boilers?
It is compatible with all the current Worcester domestic boiler.
is it compatible with the worcester 30CDI BOILER AND IS IT EASILY WIRED IN
Yes it is compatible. There are just 4 wires to connect between the boiler and receiver, so it is a fairly simple fit.
Hi I have a Honeywell CM927 with 2 problems: the display is failing (seems to be a common problem) and it hangs regularly at 04:59 (speaking to Honeywell confirms a software failure). Options replace the programmer unit alone (~£100) or change to something like the Siemens REV24 which is allegedly more reliable. With the Honeywell I really like the Optimal Start function i.e. you set the times you want the temperature achieved rather than boiler on / off times. Does the REV24 have this functionality? Thanks Philip
Yes it does.
Hi, is this compatible with an Ideal 30kw combi boiler?
Yes it is
Hi Can this be upgraded to be controlled from a phone /android app
I'm afraid not.
Can I replace my Siemens RDJ10RF room thermostat by a Siemens REV24RF thermostat without changing the transmitter unit hardwired to the boiler? Thanks
No, they work on different frequencies so you will need change the receiver as well. The new receiver will connect to the same 4 wires.
Can you tell me what 'Party Mode' is please?
Party mode is where it will hold a set temperature for a certain amount of time.
Is the Siemens REV24-RF compatible with the Main Eco Elite 30kw boiler?
Yes it is.
i have vaillant turbomax 828e combi boiler can i use siemens rev24-rf 7 day wireless programmable thermostat. do i need to do any wiring ? PLease advice.
Yes you can. Only 4 wires between receiver and boiler.
Hi, is this programmer compatible with a Bosch Worcester 40 CDI combi. Thanks John
Yes it is.
Hi folks At the moment I have a siemens RDJ10 RF set and i wish to upgrade to the REV24-RF. Can you tell me whether the recievers are a straight like for like wiring swap Cheers Ian Campbell
The new receiver will connect to the same 4 wires, and the terminal numbers are the same. So it would be a simple swap.
Does this replace the need for a stationery programmer? i.e do you need one or the other?
If you have a combi boiler, then you can remove your programmer and replace it with this. If you have a standard boiler, then you will need to keep your programmer for controlling the hot water (this only controls heating).

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