Image is for illustration only and should not be relied upon Sunvic (Satchwell) EDT2702 22mm 3-Port Valve Body

Sunvic (Satchwell) EDT2702 22mm 3-Port Valve Body

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3 Port 22mm Valve
For use with SD Actuator

Direct replacement for:
Landis & Gyr LT8322
Sunvic (Satchwell) EDT1702

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I have a sunvic DM5601 3 port actuator and the valve has started to leak,can you tell me the replacement that will fit please, I can see from questions above you say the valve is now obsolete.Will the wiring be the same on a replacement?
The wiring is different, so I would recommend the 08D05 Wiring centre to make it easier.
For actuator DM5601, what three position 22 mm mid position valve would you recommend please? do you have them in stock? Thank you
Unfortunately the valve MK1453 that is used with the DM5601 is obsolete. You will need to change the actuator as well.
Due to misinformation from Sunvic I have installed an EDT2702, with a DM5601, which does not work properly. I wish to keep the EDT2702 and fit another Sunvic actuator. Could you tell me which one to use and recommend a new wiring junction box.
You will need the SD2701. I would recommend the Honeywell Wiring Centre (08D05) for ease of wiring.

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