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Sunvic (Satchwell) SA2452 Cylinder Thermostat

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* New Version
* Simple to install
* Attractive appearance
* 5(1)A SPDT contacts
* 40-90C

The SA Surface Mount Thermostat is designed for surface mounting to control the temperature of Domestic Hot Water cylinders pre-insulated cylinders industrial baths or pipes.

The unit is attractively styled and the large control knob makes adjustment simple resulting in more accurate temperature setting and better energy control.

The SA Thermostat comprises of a single pole double throw micro gap switch suitable for loads up to 5 amps 240 volts AC.

The unit is supplied complete with an expanding galvanised wire which enables the thermostat to be mounted to cylinders up to 450mm (18in) diameter.












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Can I use this to replace a Satchwell Clamp-On Thermostat dating from about 1985? Size is about 1 3/4 inches by 3 1/2 inches. There is no model or serial number.
Yes you can. the wiring same as SA1452...same colour code for terminal connections allowing a straight swap? Thanks
Hi. Yes it is.
I am looking to replace a long serving Telecon 140LE. Is the SA2452 a suitable choice and what are its dimensions (height and width?
I'm afraid I have no information on that one. Can you email us a photo?
I currently have SA1452 clamp-on thermostat fitted - what are the options, would this one work for me?
Yes. This will be a suitable replacement.
Is the SA2452 the same phsical size as the SA1452? I have a cut out in my tamk insulation that i would like to keep the same. Many thanks
It is slightly smaller so you will not need to cut any extra insulation.
Can I use this SA2452 to replaced an SA2401 and is the wiring the same?
Yes. The terminal numbers are the same.
We have a back boiler with hot water tank Please can you tell me do you sell a satchwell thermostat types sa& pa or is there something that has replaced
If it is an ordinary copper cylinder, then this would be suitable.
Can the temperature be adjusted to start at 45 degs or more? I want to use this on the radiator system only.
It has a SPDT contact so could be wired so it starts what you want when the temperature is above the set-point.
Is this a suitable replacement for the SA1452?
Yes it is.
Does anyone have the wiring diagram for an SA2451 so i can identify each wire and correctly wire my SA2452, because i dont know what each wire is currently in my ssa2451 there are no markings only the earth!
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can i use this model to replace sunvic 1452
Yes, you can.
I am considering replacing the existing SA2501 thermostat which pre-wired to a connector plug for direct assembly to the Duo valve control box. Is this still the case for the SA2452?
It is not pre-wired. So you will have to connect the old wire to the new thermostat.
Hello is this a replacement for the Satchwell SA 2451 Cylinder stat? thanks for any help you cabn give Eddy
Yes it is.
Hi, Could you confirm that this is the correct replacement for a very old silver cased Satchwell Boiler Thermostat? The one I have sits on the outside of the boiler and fixed via a metal strap. Many thanks
Please let us know the model number (or a photo) of the one you are replacing to and we will check for the correct replacement.

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