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Sunvic Sunstat RF Wireless Programmable Thermostat

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The SunStatRF is a wireless, battery powered  easy to programme and simple to use programmable room thermostat. The 4 daily, independent time and temperature pairs together with TPI controls electronics allows the user to experience a comfortable environment and maximise energy savings.

The SunStatRF is an ideal alternative to the TLX RFPv. The unit  is supplied complete with receiver, back-box, batteries & cradle (enabling the thermostat unit to be wall mounted or if preferred desk top mounted)

• Easy to programme – fewer installer call-backs
• Large clear display – ideal for visually impaired
• Intuitive screen icons – easy for users to understand
• 4 daily, independent time & temperature pairs – simple to use copy function
• TPI control electronics – saves up to 10% of energy costs
• Screen lock facility – protects against unauthorised changes
• Frost protection facility – protects building
• Volt free switching – ideal for combination boilers

Power Source (thermostat): 2 x 1.5V AA batteries(enclosed in pack)
Power Source (Receiver): 230v 50Hz Mains
Contact rating: 16(3)A / 230Vac~50Hz
Volt free: Yes
Size (Thermostat): 138 x 86 x 32mm
Size (Receiver): 88 x 88 x 49mm
Display temperature range 5°C - 45°C
Control temperature range 5°C - 45°C

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  • It is 30m in open air. Walls and ceilings will reduce this depending on construction.
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