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Thermowatt RTS 3 Thermostat

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Thermowatt R-T-S 3 (RTS3) 11" Thermostat Commonly used in unvented cylinders.


16A @ 230v



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Hi is this available in 20 amp
I'm afraid not.  Domestic immersions are only 3kw (13 amp).
Hi is that a suitable replacement for Thermowatt RTS-3 181316 (red dial) Dual Function Rod / Stem Thermostat
Hi. Yes it is.
My Thermowatt TMEC2 has failed and can't seem to source a replacement - will this RTS3 do the job. The element is a Thermowatt Alloy 800 (IN1-14/TMEC A) On Economy-7 timer - around 30-60 minutes per day (Unvented Tempest Stainless cylinder) Many thanks
Yes it will be a direct swap.
How is the temperature adjusted on the red dial thermostat?
You simply turn the dial to adjust the set temperature.

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