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Thermowatt (MTS) TBS 11" Thermostat

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Thermowatt TBS 11" Thermostat
Also known as MTS TBS thermostat.Commonly used in Ariston unvented cylinders.


16A @ 230v



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I have a thermowatt thermostat that is fitted to a direct unvented cylinder (Telford brand). It keeps tripping out the mains breaker. Markings on the thermostat casings are: T70 15A 127~240v 50-60hz type t-mec 2. Can you supply this?
The TMEC2 is obsolete. This one will be a direct replacement.
How easy is it to replace the thermostat?
Yes, it is a simple job.
Existing thermostat has a red dial,can i use thermostat with green dial?
Yes you can.
Hi, I have a ariston contract std 125 direct unvented cylinder wth an ariston model 143 immersion , does this thermostat replace the one i have?
If it is a Type TBS and is 11" long, then it is the one you need.
Does this come with a cover to go over the electrical connections?
No, the cover is part of the immersion heater.
What is the temperature setting range of this thermostat?
The control goes up to 65C

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