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Tour Andersson TRV Adaptor

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HCO Code: 15A81
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Adaptors for fitting a head with a M30x1.5 thread onto TRV bodies with a Tour Andersson head connection.

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Honeywell HR80/HR80UK
Honeywell Evohome HR92/HR92UK

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Good afternoon, my radiator valve has a 28mm thread and the new TRV replacement head is 30mm, is this adapter the correct way round converter to allow me to screw a TRV 30mm onto a radiator valve at 28mm? Also do you ship overseas? Thanks
Hi It depends on the pin height as well as the thread. This one is for Tour Andersson manufactured valves. Please email us you need help identifying your valve. We ship to many countries.
Good morning I work in a school which has Tour and Anderson RVT57 and 58 TRVs fitted which over the years have snapped off, would this adaptor enable me to fit modern TRVs? Thanks
Yes it will.
Do you have a TRV adaptor for a TA Hydronics R-ETT valve from around 1993 - it appears to have a M28 x 1.5mm connection for the TVR head. Thanks
Yes, you need the Tour Andersson adaptor. HCO code 15A81.

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