Image is for illustration only and should not be relied upon Tower A3MID (VAL322MP VAL328MP) Powerhead

Tower A3MID (VAL322MP VAL328MP) Powerhead

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Replacement Actuator for Tower VAL322MP VAL328MP and A3MID Mid-Position Motorised Valves.

Also suitable for Grasslin GRA3MV.

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Hi there, can you please tell me if this is a good direct replacement head for a Honeywell V4073A1039 valve for “Y-plan” operation. Thanks
Hi. Yes as long as the existing Honeywell powerhead has a "bump" on the top
I have a Tower A3MID Powerhead (2 months old) and the Ball in the Valve has broke. Can I get just a Valve? If not, what are my options?
Unfortunately not. You can fit the Honeywell V4073 or Horstmann 3-port motorised valve instead. The A3MID can be kept as a spare actuator for either of those two.
I have a Grasslin 3 port GRA3MV valve fitted on my system, the actuator is faulty. Try as I might I cannot obtain a Grasstin replacement. I would like to purchase this Tower A3MID VAL322MP or 328 MP as a replacement. Would this actuator fit on the face plate on the valve and would the securing screw holes match the actuator on to the Grasslin Valve face plate. Or would I have to drain the system to fit the new valve and actuator. To get by I have fitted a new universal motor on to the old Grasslin actuator, this works but I don't hold much faith. Your help would be appreciated
Yes it will be a direct swap. No drain down required.
I have been told that the spring is sticking on my motorised central heating valve, Tower MP3 -22C and I just need to replace the head and don't need to drain down the system. Is this powerhead the part that I need.
No. I'm afraid yours is too old. You will need to replace the whole valve, which is a drain-down job.
Hi, is this a direct replacement for a tower mp3-28c Thanks
No, I'm afraid not. You will need to replace the whole valve.
Is the Tower A3MID power head a direct replacement for the actuator on the Tower MP322C 3 port mid-position valve?
I'm afraid not. You will need to change the whole valve. I would recommend the Siemens CMV322 as a replacement.

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