Image is for illustration only and should not be relied upon Delta Dore Tybox 5000 2-Wire Smart Thermostat

Delta Dore Tybox 5000 2-Wire Smart Thermostat

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Ideal for upgrading existing wired thermostat to Internet controlled.

Included TYDOM connects to your router.

Replaces 2 or 3 wire wired thermostat (3-wire requres isolation of neutral).

Simple and fast change of temperature setting using the thermostat

Intuitive remote control and programming with the TYDOM application

Display of room temperature on thermostat

Compatible with Google Assistant and Amazon Echo (Alexa).


Thermostat - 84x80x21 mm
TYDOM - 100x100x30mm


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I need to replace a Sunvic Sunstat with a room stat and wifi internet hub so my heaters can be controlled remotely. Currently the Sunvic stat is wired into a contactor which operates IR panel heaters. Is this Delta Dore stat suitable? What is included. Regards Peter
Yes it will. Included is a 2-wire thermostat that will connect to the same 2 wires as the Sunstat, and a gateway that will plug into your router.

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