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Watts Vision BT-CT02 RF Wifi Central Touchscreen Control

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Watts Vision Smart Control system.

• Free Apps (iOS, Android)
• WIFI connection by one click
• Local and remote access via web browser
• Intuitive, Plug and Play
• Multi-device controls for a wide range of applications
• Daily time schedule
• Automatic synchronisation with connected devices
• Multilanguage support
• Upgrades and updates by micro SD card
• Full color Touch Screen 4.3“
• Power Supply 230V/50Hz or USB (cable optional)
• RF Communication 868 MHz with WATTS Protocol
• WIFI communication (2,4 GHz) for Smart phone (iOS, Android) and Web browser control
• Up to 50 Zones (Heating or Lighting)

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I currently have 7 Watts Belux Digital Thermostat with NSB and have just brought the BT-CT02 to upgrade. Can I run my old controllers in conjunction with the BT-CT02 or do I have to upgrade these as well?
You will need to upgrade your thermostats and wiring centre to the new Vision versions.
I have 8 WFHT basic RF thermometers for my 8 room home. I want to upgrade to one unit to control all the floor heating in my house. Will this BT-CT02 allow me to eliminate using WFHT basic RF thermometers and only use the BT-CT02 to regulate the floor heating. WFHT controls the WAT WFHC Master 6ZRF 230v. Also, can I set this up myself
You will need thermostats in each room to sense the temperature in them. This is not compatible with the old WHFT model, so you will need the Vision pack with includes new thermostats and wiring centre: You may need a electrician to wire in the wiring centre. The rest can be done DIY.

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