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Watts Vision Internet Controlled UFH Control Pack

Manufacturer Watts Electronics

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 2 Rooms
2 Rooms
HCO Code: BU752-2
 Out Of Stock £386.27 Ex VAT: £321.89
 3 Rooms
3 Rooms
HCO Code: BU753-3
 Out Of Stock £411.71 Ex VAT: £343.09
 4 Rooms
4 Rooms
HCO Code: BU753-4
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 5 Rooms
5 Rooms
HCO Code: BU753-5
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 6 Rooms
6 Rooms
HCO Code: BU753-6
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 7 Rooms
7 Rooms
HCO Code: BU753-7
 Out Of Stock £567.07 Ex VAT: £472.56
 8 Rooms
8 Rooms
HCO Code: BU753-8
 Out Of Stock £592.51 Ex VAT: £493.76
 9 Rooms
9 Rooms
HCO Code: BU753-9
 Out Of Stock £617.95 Ex VAT: £514.96
 10 Rooms
10 Rooms
HCO Code: BU753-10
 Out Of Stock £643.39 Ex VAT: £536.16
 11 Rooms
11 Rooms
HCO Code: BU753-11
 Out Of Stock £668.83 Ex VAT: £557.36
 12 Rooms
12 Rooms
HCO Code: BU753-12
 Out Of Stock £694.27 Ex VAT: £578.56

Watts Industries Europe is proud to announce the New WATTS®Vision, a scalable and easy to update smart home system with an expanding range of products.

All Products are designed and manufactured by WATTS ELECTRONICS to offer innovative products and to bring value and comfort to each home.

With WATTS®Vision you can control and monitor your home with one simple click from where ever you are, be it with an App on your smart phone (iOS and Android), a tablet, or web browser.

WATTS®Vision allows a user friendly and intuitive operation and management of multi-zone systems, temperature settings and time schedules. The central unit is equipped with a color touch screen of 4.3” in a choice of languages, and can control up to 50 Zones (heating, lighting, plugs).

The pack contains:
1 x Central Control Panel
1 x Wiring Centre
1 Thermostat for each room.


  • Free Apps (iOS, Android)
  • WIFI connection by one click
  • Local and remote access via web browser
  • Intuitive, Plug and Play
  • Multi-device controls for a wide range of applications
  • Daily time schedule
  • Automatic synchronisation with connected devices
  • Multilanguage support
  • Upgrades and updates by micro SD card
  • Full color Touch Screen 4.3“
  • Power Supply 230V/50Hz or USB (cable optional)
  • RF Communication 868 MHz with WATTS Protocol
  • WIFI communication (2,4 GHz) for Smart phone (iOS, Android) and Web browser control
  • Expandable up to 50 Zones (Heating or Lighting)

1 central manifold for all rooms that need to be controlled
230v Thermal Actuators on your manifold (Please contact us if you are unsure)
WiFi access to the internet

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  • Hi. Yes, you will need to purchase a BT-WR02 receiver and set it up as an on/off device for the hot water. The existing cylinder thermostat will be retained.
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