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Wilo Para 25/6 A-Rated Pump

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High-efficiency circulator for heating systems with integrated differential pressure control.  Control mode and delivery head (differential pressure) are adjustable.  The differential pressure is controlled via the pump speed.

  • Self-controlled pump (Green Button technology)
  • Unique LED user interface
  • Self-protecting modes
  • 130mm
  • 1.5" Threads

Para 25/6-43/SCU

Wilo Gold,
Gold Star,
Yonos Pico 25/1-6-130,
Yonos Pico 25/1-5-130,

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Is this a PWM pump and thus able to take pwm cable ?
I'm afraid not.
Hi, Will this pump replace a WILO SMART 25/6. Thankyou.
Hi. Yes it will.
Hi - I am installing underfloor heating. We have this pump as part of the UFH manifold. The manifold and pump are 10m or more away from the boiler although we have tapped into flow and return to supply it within 1m of the boiler. We cannot get water to flow from central heating to the underfloor heating. Advice is to place another pump very near to where we have broken into the flow and return at the boiler to pull water from the house and push it toward UFH in new extension. Will this pump be suitable to do that job please. Thank you Al
Hi. Yes it will.
Will this pump directly replace a Wilo Yonos PARA RS25/6- RKA M 4525324 fitted 6 years ago? Many thanks
Yes it will.
Would this replace a Wilo Star 25/6 Nu 4032956 0506? And is it possible to put the heat of this pump onto the body of the one above? Regards Bernard
You will need the pump extension (see "Related" tab) as well. You will not be able to fit the new head onto the old body.
Do you have a wilo 15/7 - 3 ku c pump or equivalent, if so what is the cost? This is for underfloor heating used to pump from the manifold.
Please email us a photo of the front of the pump to

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