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Drayton (ACL) Lifestyle LP241 24hr Programmer (Mk4)

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If independent timing of each channel is required linked to easy setting LP241 meets this criteria. For fully pumped systems heating and hot water it can operate at different times giving greater scope for efficient use of energy.

* New Boost Feature!
* Complete with new backplate
* Now even easier to use
* Automatic summer/winter timechange
* Memory saver - programme and clock never need resetting in the event of loss of power
* Easy to read backlit screen
* New contemporary design
* Pre-set clock
* On/once/timed/off switching options
* 3 timing periods per day
* Programme advance buttons
* All programmers suitable for fully pumped or gravity heating systems
* Dimensions: 93x148x31mm HxWxD
* Part L Compliant (Part J in Scotland)
* Proven reliability

Replaces (same backplate and wiring for easy changeover):
ACL Drayton LP112 LS241 SM2
British Gas EMP2


Alternate products with same backplate & wiring:
ACL Drayton (Invensys) Lifestyle LP522 - 5/2 Day version of LP241
ACL Drayton (Invensys) Lifestyle LP722 - 7 Day version of LP241





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I currently have a British Gas UP2 programmer connected to a Baxi back burner which only allows me to set timings for both the Hot Water and Central Heating combined. Does the LP241 allow me to set seperate times for Hot Water and Central Heating? Also is it a simple swapover? Thank you
Like with the UP2, you can program them separately, but your system will need to support it. As your was set up without, I would suspect that yours system does not support it so needs to be upgraded to a fully pumped system.
Hi, I have a Drayton Lifestyle LP241 Programmer connected to a Baxi back boiler. In recent weeks the only way to ignite the flame for the hot water is to (manually or programme) turn on the water (no response), turn on the heating (no response) then TURN OFF the heating, this will then ignite the flame in the boiler and I eventually get hot water. The only way to turn on the fan for the central heating is effectively in reverse to the above, so turn on the heating (no response), turn on the water (no response) then TURN OFF the water. You then hear the fan start operating. The problem with this side of things is that without the hot water on I'm not getting any heat through to the basically the two won't work together. Will the problem simply be fixed by buying a new LP241 programmer or is it something deeper than this?
Hi. The fault could be elsewhere. It really needs an electrician to trace where power is getting to when the fault happens.
Do Drayton make this model with a right hand side mounting backplate as oppposed to left hand?
I'm afraid not
I have a lifestyle LP241 (original I would think). Does it have a battery to retain its memory during a power cut, if so what type is it and how do you replac
The battery is inbuilt and not user replaceable.
Can I make a straight replacement of an existing ACL LS241 with a Drayton LP241? If so, is the procedure relatively simple?
Yes, it is a straight simple swap.
Hi, I'd like to replace a emp2 with this. I also have an old temperature controller in a separate room (switch master). If I keep the wiring the same will this continue to work with the new timer?
Hi Yes it will.
I currently have a Danfoss Set3M programmer. Will this programmer fit straight onto the backplate with no additional wiring?
No. A backplate change is needed to fit the LP241.
Hi there, I have a British Gas UP1 controller - is the LP241 a direct plug-in replacement ? The issue I have is an intermittent fault. When central heating and hot water heating are timed to come on together, occasionally hot water heating does not come on. If central heating switched off, then water heating switched on manually, no problem. Have recently had boiler/pump/valve/thermostat all replaced, but issue persists. Think it must be electrical ? Thanks Paul
Yes the LP241 will plug onto the UP1 backplate. You would really need to test the output of the programmer to be certain it was it at fault.
Hi - We have an acl lifestyle lp241 (original model I believe - expiry 1997!) - Will this mkIV version be a direct swap onto the backplate (our current one uses 6 wires / pin holes) - if not it there a programmer that will fit?
Hi. Yes it will. A simple swap.
After 20 years !! the LP241 no longer remembers the proramme settings and defaults to 12.01 after an electrical interruption. Can I replace the battery responsible for the memory ?
Unfortunately it is not replaceable.
Hi, how do I get the programmer to pair/commision with my thermostat (danfuss) ? Many thanks
This doesn't have wireless capability. You will have/need a separate RX receiver for the Danfoss thermostat.
Hi, Does this controller have a battery backup so that in the event of a power cut it will not lose its settings? Many Thanks.
Hi Yes it does.
Is there a wiring Diagram included with this programmer
Yes it is.
My Myson Apollo mechanical timer has broken. Can this unit replace it and will it be easy? Thanks
Yes, you will need to install it on the wall next to it and wire it into the external controls terminals on the boiler.
Will this timer actually replace the British Gas EMP2 MECHANICAL timer?
Yes it will.
Hi, I have the ACL Lifestyle LS241 controller fitted at the moment but its resetting itself. Is this controller a like for like replacement and can I use the original backplane and fit myself. Thanks Mark
Yes it will plug on the existing backplate for a simple 5-minute swap.
The lp241 has a 3 set period per day .I only need 2 . Can I set it to just twice a day and not 3 . Thank you Brian .
Yes you can.
I have a British Gas UP2 programmer, can I replace it with Drayton LP241 as I would like to have the "holiday" and boost features. If I can switch these programmers, is the change easy as regards the wiring etc? Many thanks
Yes you can. However you would lose the ability to programme each day of the week different. You will need the LP722 if you want to keep this. It will plug onto the existing backplate for an easy swap (no wiring).
My existing timer is a Drayton Tempus Three. Will a LP241 timer plug into the existing back plate.
Yes it will.
I have a British Gas EMP2 central heating timer that is faulty. Will the ACL Drayton (Invensys) Lifestyle LP241 Programmer (Mk 4) replace this simply on a plug-in basis. Can I fir it myself without hiring an electrician?
Yes it will. It's a simple 5-minute DIY job.
Are there any wireless room thermostats that can be used with this controller?
You can wire in a receiver for most of the wireless thermostats we sell.
Hi, I have a problem with my central heating. The system is controlled by an LP241 Programmer and has a Drayton Mid Position Actuator. The actuator moves to the correct position when operated by the controller. The central heating only works when the hot water is switched on. The boiler does not fire up when only the heating is called for. The thermostat has a healthy click and can be used to control the central heating when the hot water is turned on. I think that the programmer is the most likely component to be faulty, it is quite old. Would you agree with this? My LP241 Contoller looks slightly different to the MK4 controller. It has a set of buttons under the display : Select - set - Yes- + Select. Would the MK4 be a suitable replacement and would the existing back plate be usable? Many thanks for your advice. .
No, it sounds more like the mircoswitch in the motorised valve has failed. The fact the motorised valve always moves to the correct position shows that the programmer and room stat are working OK.
Hi,it looks like our existing timer which British Gas provided a number of years ago has gone faulty.It's an EMP2 timer made by a company called Invensys.I'm not sure when it was fitted, however the warranty ran out in 2009.It consists of 2 main parts a back plate which has the electrical wiring onto which the main units sort of slides/hooks via 6 brass pins on the back of the unit.Does this replacement simply slide into the position of the existing unit?...I wish I could send you a pic so that you could relate to which one the existing unit looks like before spending £40+..awaiting your reply, many thanks
Yes, this will plug onto your existing backplate for an easy swap.
Hi can this replace a switch master 905 programmer ?
Yes it can.
Hi Is it suitable for the GLOWWORM ultimate boiler.
Yes it is.
Is this a direct replacement for the British Gas EMP2 and is it suitable for a Worcester Greenstar 24i boiler
Yes and yes!
I noticed when the clocks changed that the actual time was 10 minutes slow. How do I change this to the correct time?
Please see downloads tab for instructions.

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