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Express delivery for Tuesday Available Until 4pm Monday
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ACL Drayton (Invensys) Lifestyle LP522 5/2day Programmer (Mk4)

Brand: ACL Drayton (Invensys)
HCO Code: 06B03P
Price: £37.43
Ex VAT: £31.19
Stock: In Stock
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Q: Hi, Is this a direct replacement for the British Gas Model UP1. Is the backplate / wiring the same?

A: Yes it is.
Q: Will the lp522 be suitable replacement for an old switchmaster 805? There appears to be a connection without a wire attached to it with the switchmaster. Will that be a problem?

A: Yes, it would be suitable. The LP522 comes with a wiring conversion guide for the Switchmaster 805. It's not a problem, just leave the equivalent terminal on the LP522 empty as well.
Q: we have acl lifestyle lp522 heater and water programer its a bit worn and we were thinking of replacing it do we need to rewire if we were to replace it please

A: No, you wont need to do any wiring. This will simply plug onto the existing backplate for a very simple 5-minute swap.
Q: My existing Drayton Tempus Three does not function any more. Can the LP522 5/2 day be fitted to the backplate of the Tempus 3 without a rewire?

A: Yes it will.
Q: I currently have a Honeywell SP7100 controller.Will a Drayton LP522 require a new backplate and re-wiring?

A: Yes, it would. The LP522 comes with a new backplate.
Q: Will this work on a vokera compact 29 ? Thanks

A: No, as the compact is a combi, you will need the LP711.
Q: Hi, I am having a new 'heat only' boiler, with an indirect unvented cylinder being installed. I am looking to use the Drayton LP522 programmer, but would also like a wired room thermostat (such as a Honeywell CMT907A1041)to have greater flexibility of heating control. Will this combination work efficiently, or do i have to have a manual thermostat? (Already have thermostatic valves on radiators also). Thanks

A: Yes, it will work fine. You should not have a TRV installed in the room the thermostat is located.
Q: Is there a plug in replacement for my existing Tempus Three or will it require re-wiring to the back plate?

A: It will plug onto the exiting backplate for a simple swap.
Q: Will this replace an EMP2 British Gas programmer? Is it easy to do?

A: Yes it will. It will plug on the existing backplate for an easy swap.
Q: Hi,how do I find out what size of 2-way motorised valve I need to get for this programmer please? Thanks.

A: The size of motorised valve depends on the size of the pipe work not the programmer.
Q: If I purchase this model will it replace a lifestyle model LP522 from 1998 without proessional help.Can it be removed and replaced easily,as I do when replacing batteries in the digistat 1 thermostat.

A: It's a very simple plug-on replacement. Just switch the power off, loosen the two screws at the bottom, and unhinge the programmer off the backplate. Do the reverse to fit the new one.
Q: Hi, I have a Drayton LP522 Lifestyle fitted. There is no room thermostat for the house, however all radiators excluding the bathroom have thermostatic radiator valves. Is this normal? Will the boiler burn for the total time then and not kick off as no thermostat in place? Sounds expensive

A: It's not an unusual system, but it is not an efficient one. The boiler will switch off when all the TRVs are closed, but it will continue to regularly "cycle" checking that they are all still closed. Adding a room thermostat will save you fuel/money as it no longer will cycle. You will need to remove the head from the TRV in the room with the thermostat. See http://www.controlyourhome.org.uk/ for more details.
Q: Can I use a Drayton LP522 as a replacement for a horstman 425 diadem? Had the 522 in my previous house and would like it again

A: Yes, but you will need to replace the backplate.
Q: I can only get heat through the radiators when the boiler is burning gas to heat the water.Everything else works as is should.I am hoping it is just the 17 year old LP522 Lifestyle programmer that is to blame.Please commentThank you Jane Hodgkinson

A: It sounds more likely the motorised valve needs a new actuator.
Q: I have a LP522 Lifestyle controller (2006 model)my radiators still heat when only the hot water should be on. Would this be a problem with the controller or the system?

A: If it still happens with the room thermostat turned right down, then it is likely to be caused by the motorised valve.
Q: I currently have a ACL Lifestyle LS522 that has stopped working, will the LP522 mount to the current back plate or does it have to be rewired/have a different backplate

A: It will fit the existing backplate with no wiring changes needed. An easy 5-minute job.
Q: I have just bought a house with a LP522 fitted to control the hot water and central heating system. How do I identify which version of the controller that I have?

A: It will be on the sticker on the back. However this will replace any version of the LP522.
Q: My LP522 does not override a power cut, it reverts to 00. This is presumably a fault - can it be corrected or does it mean a new control?

A: You will need to replace your LP522.
Q: Where is the battery located in the LP522 please?.Thanks

A: The battery is built in to the LP522 so can not be changed.
Q: I am replacing the wall tiles in my kitchen and need to take the programmer off or away from the wall to get the tiles behind. Can you advise how this can be done. Thanks

A: You loosen the screws at the bottom, and then hinge it up.
Q: Will this directly replace a British Gas UP2? Our current UP2 doesn't always seem to switch but we are extending the house, which will include changing the boiler, so don't want to spend to much now.

A: Yes it will, but for different settings on each day of the week you will need the LP722.
Q: I want to replace my old Sunvic SP50 with a new Drayton LP522. 1) are they compatable with regard wiring? 2) do I need a Drayton simp-L-fit?

A: If you have a link between L and 3 on your SP50, then they are compatible. The SP50 had 2 spare terminals, which the LP522 doesn't, so you will need a connector block if these are used. No you will not need a Simp-L-Fit.
Q: What does the boost feature do?

A: It switches on for an hour and then switches it back off.
Q: what is the part number of the battery in a Lifestyle LP522 controller please

A: It depends on which mark you have. Please call 0845 1307722
Q: Is the programmer a direct replacement for the Lifestyle LP522 backplate connections please

A: Yes it will plug on the existing backplate for a very simple swap.
Q: hello, could you please tell me if this unit has a backup battery inside, incase of power cuts etc

A: Yes it does.
Q: Hi We have a Honeywekk ST799 - will I need to replace the backplate and is the wiring the same? Thanks

A: You will need to change the backplate, but it will connect to the existing wires. A wiring conversion guide is included.
Q: Is this a direct replacement for a ACL Lifestyle LS112? Is any re-wiring required? Thanks

A: As long as L and 1 are linked, then it will plug onto the existing backplate with no wiring changes needed.
Q: can I use the LP522 to replace an old Sangamo 410-f1 without much trouble or will it be difficult?.

A: You will need to replace the backplate but one is included with the LP522 and it is a fairly simple job.
Q: is this compatible with a Worcester greenstar 25si compact please?

A: Worcester greenstar 25si compact is a combi boiler, so you will only need central heating control. You will need something from the "timeswitch" category or a programmable thermostat.
Q: I have a honeywellst6450 .Can I replace this with a LP522 without rewiring the backplate ? thanks

A: You will need to replace the backplate, but the wiring is the same.
Q: Can I put my heating on independent with not having to programme

A: You can set either channel to be permanently on or off. If you have a pumped system with motorised valve, then both channels work independently.
Q: Does this come with fitting instructions as I cant see how to remove the old one off the wall Regards Paul Howard

A: Yes it does. You loosen the two screws at the bottom. The unit then hinges up off the backplate.
Q: Is this unit a direct replacement for the Drayton tempus 3 does it require any modifications?

A: Yes it is a direct replacement for the Drayton Tempus 3 and will not need any modifications.
Q: What will replace a LP711 Thanks.

A: The LP522 is not a suitable replacement, the LP711 is still made, please see link. http://www.heatingcontrolsonline.co.uk/acl-drayton-invensys-lifestyle-lp711-timeswitch-p-186.html
Q: would the Drayton Lifestyle LP522 5/2day programmer directly replace an existing Drayton Tempus Seven programmer

A: If it is the older Mk1 cream/brown Tempus 7, then you may need to change the backplate as the pins are shorter. It will directly replace the later versions.
Q: Hi my Drayton lifestyle lp522 is tuned off ? How do i get it to come back on .? Because i have no hot water .?

A: If there is no display it maybe it's not receiving any power. Please check the fuse. If it's receiving power and no display the unit may need replacing.
Q: Hi I currently have an ACL Lifestyle Model LP241 programmer fitted will the LP522 5/2day Programmer be a direct replacement to give me greater programming flexibility Thank you

A: Yes it will allow you to have different times at weekends.
Q: Memory Saver --- How does it work ??? Is it a battery backup in event of a power cut ??? If so how long will battery work for. Also, do you have to do anything to activate the Memory Saver / Battery

A: Yes it is a battery that will keep the time and programme during a power cut. It should outlast the life of the programmer with normal use.
Q: I have an old Acl Lifestyle LP522. Will the new LP522 fit the same backplate without need to rewire it?

A: Yes it will.
Q: My timer seems to think its Monday and it's Saturday how do I change it to the correct day?

A: Press the SET? button until you see SET DATE?. Press YES and the year will start to flash. Use the – and + buttons to adjust. Press SET? and the month will start to flash. Use the – and + buttons to adjust. Press SET? and the day will start to flash. Use the – and + buttons to adjust. Press SET? and the current DLS status will start to flash for daylight saving (British Summer Time). Use the – and + buttons to turn on or off. Press SET? to go back to normal operation.
Q: I have a drayton tempus six will Lp522 programmer fit without the need to rewire is it a case of plug new programmer onto existing backplate ?

A: Provided the backpate is the one that come with Tempus 6, then yes it will.
Q: Acl lifestyle ls522 what model can l purchase to replace it

A: The LP522 will replace the LS522.
Q: Hi, can the LP522 be fitted straight onto the British Gas UP1 backplate?

A: Yes it can.
Q: we have a drayton tempus 3 that has two timed on and off settings but they apply to both the hw and ch together. is the lp522 a direct fit to the tempus back plate and will it give independent timed control? it is on a pressurized tank system with two motorized vavles which i'm assuming are for hw an ch as you can manually overide with tempus three programmer to select independently but not on timed. hope that makes sense

A: Yes the LP522 will give you independent control.
Q: My LP522 didn't remember the time when the power went off. It did remember all the setting though ! Is the internal battery replaceable ? thanks.

A: I'm afraid the battery is non replaceable.
Q: Please can you tell me if this unit can be used to replace a Potterton Mini Minder without too much hassle?

A: Yes it can.
Q: I have an old (16 years plus)acl Lifestyle LP522 programmer on my system which needs relacing. Would I be able to fit the Mk4 you market without rewiring i.e. just plug in the new face?

A: Yes you will.
Q: why has this programmer got (invensy)in the name. Is it the same as a drayton LP522 programmer thanks

A: Yes, this is the same product. Invensys is the manufacturer and Drayton is the brand.

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Allowing different programmes for weekdays and weekends and independent timing of each channel. LP522 provides the ability to control central heating even more efficiently. No longer do systems have to switch on as early at weekends as they do on weekdays.

* New Boost Feature!
* Complete with new backplate
* Now even easier to use
* Automatic summer/winter timechange
* Memory saver - programme and clock never need resetting in the event of loss of power
* Easy to read backlit screen
* New contemporary design
* Pre-set clock
* On/once/timed/off switching options
* 3 timing periods per day
* Programme advance buttons
* All programmers suitable for fully pumped or gravity heating systems
* Dimensions: 93x148x31mm HxWxD
* Part L Compliant (Part J in Scotland)
* Proven reliability

Replaces (same backplate and wiring for easy changeover):
LP112 LP241 LS241 LS522 SM2
Drayton Tempus 3 (Three) Tempus 4 (Four) Tempus 6 (Six)
British Gas EMP2

Alternate products with same backplate & wiring:
ACL Drayton (Invensys) Lifestyle LP241 - 24 Hour version of LP522
ACL Drayton (Invensys) Lifestyle LP722 - 7 Day version of LP522







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