Image is for illustration only and should not be relied upon Honeywell 40003916-001 V4043H Replacement Powerhead

Honeywell 40003916-001 V4043H Replacement Powerhead

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HCO Code: 02D01
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Part No. 40003916-001
For V4043C and V4043H zone valves including:

Honeywell motorised valves made before 1987 will also require a 40003918-006 conversion kit.
Valves made after 1987 can be identified by a bump on the top of the powerhead (see picture).

British gas no. 378452

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Hi I have an 22mm 2 port motorised valve fitted on the central heating system the manufacturer of the valve is ESI ESZV 222L which is now not working, can I fit a Honeywell Valve in placement of the ESI? And would the wiring been the same? Thanks Mark Lyons
If the body is an ESI one, you cannot fit a Honeywell powerhead. You would need to change the complete valve for HCO code 09A05P. The wiring will be the same.
Is this powerhead interchangeable with 40003916-003 V4073A? Will the 003 actuator work with the V4043H valve?
I'm afraid not.
The hot water will not switch off at the controls and continues running until the main power supply is turned off. How can you determine if its the valve or the programmer?
Turn the cylinder thermostat right down, if it switches off when you do, it is the programmer at fault.
Is it the 5 or 6 wire version?
It is 6 wire. When replacing a 5 wire actuator you simply isolate the extra white wire.
1. Is this the closed or open variety? 2. Does it include any instructions 3. Whats the warranty period?
The Honeywell 40003916-001 replacement powerhead is normally closed power to open. Yes it does include instructions. The warranty is 1 year from purchase.

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