Image is for illustration only and should not be relied upon Honeywell 40003916-002 V4044C Replacement Powerhead

Honeywell 40003916-002 V4044C Replacement Powerhead

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HCO Code: 01B02
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Part No. 40003916-002

For V4044C 3 wire priority (3 port) valves. Including:

Honeywell motorised valves made before 1987 will also require a 40003918-007 conversion kit.
Valves made after 1987 can be identified by a bump on the top of the powerhead (see picture).

British gas no. 378453

Same as 40003916-049 but without plug.



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I have a V4044F1125 diverter valve. It has a 5 core cable and plug, an a bump on top of the lid. Please confirm the correct replacement Actuator Head for this valve. [I have just fitted the head off a complete spare 3 port valve, and it is working fine; so I'm just looking to buy another spare actuator head to keep in stock, rather than a whole valve] Thanks
HCO Code 16C03 is for the V4044F.
Hi I have a Honeywell 3 port valve. The number inside the actuator can is 40003279-002 It's over 25 years old and I need to replace it as when on hot water only the rads get hot. Is the replacement head you advertise a direct replacement, and do I need the conversion kit too? Your help would be most appreciated Regards Graham
Hi. If it has a 3-core cable to junction box, the 40003916-002 is correct. If it is 5-wire, then you need 40003916-003. Due to the age and nature of the fault I would recommend fitting the 40003918-007 kit as well.
Would this work on a now unobtainable honeywell V4044C 1684 diverter valve. baxi part no E76185 fitted in a Baxi maxflow combi FS Any suggestions would be most welcome
As long as it has the bump on the top to suggest it is a replaceable head type, then it should be OK.
Does it work with V4044C1783 as well ?
Yes, as long as it has the bump on the powerhead

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