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Honeywell T6360 Replacement Dial

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Replacement Dial for Honeywell T4360B T4360C T4360D T6360A T6360B and T6360C room thermostats

If your dial is prone to cracking it is recommended that the thermostat is replaced with the Danfoss Randall RMT230

Model: R42006961-001 (42006616-001)



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Will this dial fit the Danfoss RX1087N727600 room thermostat?
I'm afraid not.

Will it fit 42006755 - 002 ?

Yes it will.

Hi, will this part fit/replace a Honeywell T40 dial?


Hi.  T40 is not the model number.  If it looks the same, then it will be suitable.

Please would someone let me know how I change the dial. Do I need to unscrew the complete thermostat to swap the dials. The review on here says it takes 2 seconds to swap. Would really appreciate the instructions. Many thanks
Loosen the screw on the bottom and hinge the cover up. Pull the old dial off, push the new one on. Refit the cover.
I have two redundant thermostats which the disc cover has become broken. I don’t know the manufacturer but the diameter is 47mm. I just want them for cosmetic purposes. Can you help please?
Please send us some photos and we will check.
Hi Please can you confirm if this is an OEM Honeywell part or an aftermarket replacement. many thanks Matthew
Hi. It is a Honeywell part.
There is no code on the box except for the name Honeywell, but it looks the same as the advertised picture. Please advise also do installation instructions come with it?
If it looks the same. Then it will be suitable. It doesn't come with instructions. You just push it on.
Hi, the dial I need to replace is stamped 42006616-001 . Is this item compatible?? Thanks!!
Hi. Yes it is.
Hi I have just bought a new dial as my old one was cracked. I have been operating it blindly until the new dial arrived. How do I know what the current temperature setting is to enable me to put the new dial on the underlaying knob? When it clicks does it mean 20c setting?
Hi. It will click at the current room temperature. You will need a thermometer to determine that and press it on at correct setting.
Just wondering if this will replace a dial on a Honeywell 42003879-001 thermostat?
Please email us a photo to
Hello, I need a replacement dial for thermostat Honeywell model T6371A1019. Best regards
Hi. Yes, this would be suitable for that one.
Hi, I'm about to place an order for this product and would like to know if it will fit a T6360B 1028. Thanks for your help and look forward to a swift repl. Best regards Keith
Yes it will.
Will this dial fit on the Honeywell T40 thermostat?
I'm afraid T40 is not the model number of the thermostat.
How do you no where to push new dial on to get the correct reading
Turn the underneath knob until it clicks. Then push on the dial with the current temperature at the very top.
Hi, how do u fit the new dial
Once you remove the front cover. The dial simply pulls off.

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