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Honeywell VT117-15S Straight TRV

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The Honeywell ‘Traditional’ TRV is fitted in thousands of homes and is renowned for its performance and reliability. Used by many installers looking for a proven design, it also adds value for the home owner by providing a energy saving feature.  An Integrated radiator balancing insert retains the radiator balancing setting when the TRV and lockshield valves are closed for cleaning, decorating etc.

• TELL, EN215 & Keymark certified for ‘A’ rated efficiency
• Can be mounted vertically or horizontally
• Integrated radiator balancing insert
• Easy grip TRV head with energy saving button that alerts user to economical setting for comfort
• Liquid sensor provides consistent and long-lasting performance
• Frost setting
• 6mm play on radiator tailpiece to allow for variation in radiator distance from the valve

Recommended Lockshield:
Myson Matchmate Lockshield - Straight

Optional Accessories:
10mm Pushfit Elbow For fitting to 10mm Push-Fit pipe.
15mm-10mm Reducer For fitting to 10mm pipe.
15mm-8mm Reducer For fitting to 8mm pipe.
Drain-Off Tailpiece For adding a drain-off

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