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Honeywell VT117-15A TRV

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The Honeywell ‘Traditional’ TRV is fitted in thousands of homes and is renowned for its performance and reliability. Used by many installers looking for a proven design, it also adds value for the home owner by providing a energy saving feature. The Bi directional flow design makes it suitable for any heating installation. An Integrated radiator balancing insert retains the radiator balancing setting when the TRV and lockshield valves are closed for cleaning, decorating etc.

• Bi-directional flow design
• TELL, EN215 & Keymark certified for ‘A’ rated efficiency
• Can be mounted vertically or horizontally
• Integrated radiator balancing insert
• Easy grip TRV head with energy saving button that alerts user to economical setting for comfort
• Liquid sensor provides consistent and long-lasting performance
• Frost setting
• 6mm play on radiator tailpiece to allow for variation in radiator distance from the valve

Optional Accessories:
10mm Pushfit Elbow For fitting to 10mm Push-Fit pipe.
15mm-10mm Reducer For fitting to 10mm pipe.
15mm-8mm Reducer For fitting to 8mm pipe.
Drain-Off Tailpiece For adding a drain-off

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