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Multi-Fit Thermal Actuator 230v


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Normally Closed thermoelectric actuator.

Suitable for a large range of underfloor heating manifolds including:
John Guest Speedfit
Emmeti Topway
Uponor TM, FM, FR, MF & RA

Can also be used on many TRV bodies, for example Honeywell

Replaces many existing actuators, including:
John Guest Speedfit JGUFHA240V (2-Wire)
Polyplumb PB00401 (2-Wire)
Polyplumb PB00402, M100-BGEP (4-Wire)
Osma 52UH802, 52UH002 (2-Wire)
Uponor 582015 (2-Wire)
Uponor 1013006 (2-Wire)
Watts Telestat 10C:
    10C230NC2 (2-Wire)
    10C230NC4 (4-Wire)
    10C220NC2 (2-Wire)
    10C220NC4 (4-Wire)
Watts Telestat 20C:
    20C220V (2-Wire)
Watts Telestat 20CI:
    20CI-220V (2-Wire)
Watts 22C
    22C230NC2 (2-Wire)
    22C230NC2-5 (2-Wire)
    22C230NC4 (4-Wire)
    M100-BG (2-Wire)
    M100-BG-K (2-Wire)
    M100-BGE (4-Wire) (WF versions require this actuator instead)
    Z100-BG (2-Wire)
    Z100-BGE (4-Wire) (WF or IH versions require this actuator instead)
    M8001V230 (2-Wire)
    209013 (2-Wire)
    OMDA-C (2-Wire)
    IZV22H4-C (4-Wire)
    656102 (2-Wire)
    656112 (4-Wire)
    Novadrive 257.2855.000 (2-Wire)
    Novadrive 257.2862.000 (2-Wire)
    Novadrive 257.2255.500 (4-Wire)
    TWA-K 088H3142 (2-Wire)
    1807-00.500 (2-Wire)
Behr Thermaqua / Antares / RBM
    X7 565 02 1A (2-Wire)
    X7 590 30 1A (2-Wire)
    X7 590 18 10 (2-Wire)
    X7 590 02 1W (2-Wire)
    X7 592 90 10 (4-Wire)
    X7 590 10 1A (2-Wire)
    X7 590 64 1A (2-Wire)
    X7 592 18 10 (4-Wire)
    X7 592 02 1W (4-Wire)
    X7 592 13 10 (4-Wire)
    X7 550 10 10 (2-Wire)
    X7 550 47 (2-Wire)
    82980NC53 (2-Wire)
    82979NC53 (4-Wire)
    1135000281 (2-Wire)
    146905 (2-Wire)
    SEH30.23 (2-Wire)

And many more.

Please e-mail us if your model isnt listed. We can obtain replacements for nearly all types of underfloor thermal actuator

These are high quality electrothermic actuators. Beware of cheap, unreliable, brands being offered elsewhere.

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Hello.will the 4 wire fit a reliance manifold.There’s just 2 zones and hoped the micro switch would control the ufh pump when they energise open with zone stats to save a 8 zone wiring centre.Thanks
Hi.  Yes it will.  It's ideal for that situation.

I want to change out an obsolete Uponor controller which has 24 volt actuators. Will these actuators fit on a Uponor manifold
It depends on the model of the manifold.  Please email us with a photo and we will confirm.

Hi I have 4 actuators on an underfloor system They are Telestat 10C 230 N.C. and appear to have 4 wires as it marked on the front with Brown & blue both going to a motor red & red both going to a switch Im assuming I need a multifit thermal actuator 240v 4 wire
Hi. Yes you do.
Looking for replacement actuators for my continental underfloor system. It's a 22C. 230v 50-60 hz 2.5 w. Normally closed. 2 wire
This will be suitable.
Is it the same as a NU Heat head 230 v 24v nc
It will replace a 230v, but not a 24v.
My system is unpipe with blue coloured tops labelled TSA01. Is yours compatible? Also do you ship to Northern Ireland? Thank you.
Please email us a photo and we will confirm. Yes, we ship to Northern Ireland.
My underfloor system is 20 years old & the actuators are Telestat 230v - 50/60Hz 5W 10C 230 N.C. I have tried for suitable replacement actuators but those that I located does not fit. Are your multi fit suitable ?
Yes they are.
Hi, is this suitable for M30x1.5 thread please?
Hi. Yes it is.
Will it replace an emmeti actuator on evenheat system? Thanks
As long as it is on a manifold, then yes it will.
Would these fit a Tiemme manifold?
They have done a few different ones over the years. Please email us a photo and we will confirm.
Hi, I have a begetube manifold and the BEHR actuator with a part number X7 590 02 1W, is see from one of the other Q&As that the multi-fit thermal actuator is compatable but should it be the 2 or 4 wire?. Cheers Lisa.
Hi. It is the 2-wire.
hi, for a typical domestic trv, does a N/O or N/C actuator turn a rad ON when powered? thank you
Hi. N/C is closed when there is no power. So you apply power to open the valve.
hi, what is the advantage to the 4-wire version? thanks, paul
Hi The 2 extra wires connect together when the actuator is fully open. This is usually used to switch on a pump/boiler/motorised valve.
hi, i am looking to replace all locksheilds on radiators in my house with trv's & these 230v actuators. all lockshields are currently set to fully open so no balancing has been done as far as i can see and systems works fine, would this be ok? so, just to clarify, each radiator in house would have a trv with thermostatic valve on one side and trv with on/off function on the other (trv with 230v actuator). also, do you ship to ireland? Thank you for your help
Hi. I would recommend using presettable TRVs, or TRV bodies for the actuators, so the system can still be balanced if needed.
I have what appears to be an elderly underfloor wet system with "Pexed" actuators type 10-00K on an RBM manifold. 230V, 2 wire and quite chunky. I need to replace one and am hoping the multi-fit will do the business. What do you think?
Yes. They will be fine for a RBM manifold.
Afternoon, are these a suitable replacement for an ICMA 82001 NC 53 actuator? Current manifold model requires M28 1.5 cheers Mike
Hi. I'm afraid not.
The under floor heating in my house is fitted with John guest thermal actuators,JGUFHA(240V)/2. A couple need replacing and I probably need some to keep as spares. Would your 2 wire (£14) version be a suitable replacement, be as reliable and be suitable if mixed with my remaining JG actuators.
Yes, yes and yes.
Hello. I have a wet underfloor htg system, manifold. I need to replace the thermal actuator valve for a client. BUT I forgot to check how many wires it is, 2 or 4 wires? The system is Unipipe and the valve has a blue top (I think made in Germany)? The only code i could see on it is: TS 01. Does anyone know which type this is and which i need. I also think this exact type is now hard to come by. Many thanks
It will be 2-wire.
Hi, I have just bought a house which has a 5 loop manifold with Uponor thermal actuators on each loop. 3 of them are seized up and not working - would this be a suitable replacement?
Hi As long as it is a brass Uponor manifold (not plastic) and they are 230v, then these will be suitable.
Hi there I have a underfloor heating system which is a water type and the manifold is red. The make is invisible heating and it has 2 Honeywell actuators Z100 BGE The part I am after is the pin valve insert which is brass that the actuator pushes It has a small leak coming from the pin. do you keep the inserts The number 15 is on the housing that holds the valve Kind Regards George Gray
Please send us a photo of the valve to
i have a ivar manifold will your muti fit actuator fit the manifold
Yes it will.
hi i need to replace existing salus actuators model no TA20-422.221 with 230v versions they are 2 wire what replacement would fit ?
Hi. Yes these would be suitable.
My Velta manifold is missing 2 actuators. The present actuators are marked Velta, 230v, 50Hz, TA230 Auto. The are 2 wire and have a 30mm male thread. Could you supply an appropriate model?
The correct one depends on the model of the Velta manifold. Please email us a photo to
Hi My manifold is currently running with Honeywell Z 100 BGE thermal actuators - 3 are now faulty. What is the recommended replacement for this actuator for me to buy - 230V 4 wire Thanks
Hi As long as it is the Z100-BGE and not the Z100-ZBGE or Z100-BGE-WF then the Multi-Fit thermal actuator will be the one you need.
I haves Honeywell actuator 4 wire Z100-BGE Will this replace it.
Yes it will.
Hi, I have a begetube manifold and the thermoagua actuator with a part number X7 590 02 1W, will this multi fit one replace it?
Hi. Yes it will.
Hi- I have 9 BEHR (Type X7 531 26 ; 220V ) 2 wire actuator mounted on a Giacomini manifold.Can these replace the BEHR actuators ? Thanks. If not what is the best solution to replace them ?
I don't have tace of that number, but if they are on a Giacomini Manifold, then you will need the Giacomini / HEP2O Thermal Actuator.
looking to replace novadrive NC 230V control marked on side NC 3W 06-04 230V 55.000 Is this compatiable and how do I check 2 or 4 wire?
Yes it will replace it. It is 2-wire.
Hi, Can I fit this on a a radiator TRV? If so do i need an adaptor for it and do you sell those adaptors?
It depends on the make/model of the TRV. We sell a suitable one under the related items tab (no adaptor needed).
Hi , Normally closed, does that mean when energised by 230v it will open? thanks, sorry if this is obvious questionco.
Hi. Yes it does.
Hi - I have a few of these on my manifold, how do I find out if they are 2 wide or 4 wire without disconnecting them? Thanks!
What are they connected to? Please email us a photo.
Does the 230V 4 wire version have a manual indicator to show it's open/closed state. If so where is it located, the photograph does not make it clear. Bst rgds, Simon.
Yes it has a window on the side to show the current position.
Would I need an adaptor to fit one of the actuators on a Drayton trv4? Thanks
No, It will fit directly.
Iv got Antares thermal actuator X7 590 30 1A 230v 50/60hz 3w would this the correct replacement? Best regards Jonathon
Yes it would.
I have a damaged underfloor heating actuator, it has a label "ANTARES" and the code DR10, other than that is says "230V 50~60Hz 3W". I see some of these valves say "normally open" and some "normally closed", but don't know which type I have. It is a 4 wire type and the heating is oil fired. Would this be a suitable replacement, if not, do yousell one that would? Thanks
Yes, this would be a suitable replacement.
I want my boiler/pump to come on when ANY of the radiators come on. Do your actuators have a "slave" switch which I can wire together to do this? Is this what the 4-wire version does? The switch needs to close when the radiator valve is open.
Yes, the 4-wire ones have switch wires that you can wire in parallel to achieve that.
Will this actuator replace my Honeywell Z100-BGE 4 wire.
Yes, as long as it is not the WF or ZBGE model.
Hi I have a Begetube underfloor heating system self installed some 14 years ago. I have replaced one of the original actuators with a Behr X7 590 02 1 W. Some more of the original now need replacing as they no longer seem to stay attached/fit the spindle/clip (?) that came with the original actuator...CE AA 2001 bar code number 2 012321 583115. Will this actuator replace the original successfully? Thanking you in advance. Paul Roberts
Yes it will.
Hi is this the exact replacement for a WARMAFLOOR CAH23001 IP44 230VOLT 50/60HZ, 2,5W E0749 please?
Yes it is. You will need to use the adaptor that is used with the Warmafloor actuator.
Will 230 V NC Thermal Actuator fit directly on standard UK TRV Actuated Valves which I believe is a M30 X 1.5mm Pitch Male thread on top of the Valve which the Standard TRV screws down onto with a Female threaded ring clamp?
The fitment varies from manufacturer to manufacturer (even across models). If you can let us know the make/model of your radiator valves we will confirm if these will fit.
Do these fit a begetube manefold
Yes they do.
HI, Will this multi fit thermal actuator replace model RBM, BEHR X7 590 18 10, 230V? on my underfloor heating system. Regards Damien
Yes, it will.
Hi, what is the responce time from fully open to fully closed and reverse? Thanks Martyn
Typically 3-6 minutes.
Hi , Would this replace a Tiemme 9567T220 or a Salus TA15MR , both are mains 220VAC powered . They are controlled and connected to a Heatmiser UH1 underfloor heating control system with a two wire connector. The Salus actuator is normally closed so I reckon the Tiemme one is as well. Thanks, Eoin
Yes it will replace either of them.
I have a Kamo underfloor manifold and i am trying to find 5 actuators to replace faulty ones that have been fitted. they are 230 V 2 wire normally closed. Can you help? Thanks Neil Callaway
Yes, these are suitable for Kamo manifolds.
I have a Rehau Underfloor heating Manifold type HKV-D and I am replacing the controls which no longer operate, I need a 240V actuator 2 wire can I consider this as a replacement
I wish to split my manual five port speedfit underfloor heating manifold into a two and three port system each on a separate thermostat. I am not clear on the difference between a two wire and four wire activator. At the moment when the thermostat demands heat it opens the main solenoid that supplies h/w to the manifold and activates the circulating pump. It would therefore need to open the relevant manifold actuators as well. Thanks. CM
4 wire actuators are used on small manifolds as it means you can avoid using a wiring centre. For a 5-port manifold I would recommend 2-wire actuators with the wired (HCO Code 20C18) or wireless (HCO Code 13D09) wiring centre.
Will this replace taconova NC unit model code 55.000
Yes, as long as it is 230v.
Hi , Received new multi-Fit actuator wire colours are brown, blue, grey , black , replaces polyplumb Z100-BGEP with brown, blue red black am I right to assume red= gey. Thanks
Yes that's correct.
I need to replace one of eight Z100-BGEP actuators . Which model do I need and can they be mixed
You need the 4-wire version. Yes they can be mixed, so you only need to change the failed ones.
Will this actuator replace a 4 wire mains Honeywell Z100 BGE ZBGE
No, you will need this one:
Do you need to use an RCD with these ?
The wiring centre they are connected to should be protected by an RCD.
Are these compatible with qpl n/c 230v actuators?
Yes they are.
I need too replace 2 wavin 230V actuator heads ( Blue heads ). Are these compatible? Or do you suggest any other? Thanks, M
It will replace most Wavin ones. If you can email us a photo to we will confirm.
Hi I need to replace an Antares 230v 4 wire thermal actuator would this replace it? Thanks Paul
They have done a few different ones with different threads. Please let us know the model number and we can advise a suitable replacement.
We are looking to replace all actuators on 2 different manifolds (12 way downstairs & 8 way upstairs). Currently all actuators are 230v 2 wire Grasslin Thermo 100 installed onto Rehau manifolds. Would the 2 wire 230v multi fit do as a replacement? Many thanks.
Yes it will.
Will this replace Polyplumb z100-BGEP? Thanks
Yes it will.
My Watts Telestat 10C 230 NC valve needs replacing. How can I tell if it's 2 or 4 wires? It has a diagram of a blue and brown wire going to the motor on the front. CanI assume that it's 2 wire?
The best way is to physically check, but it sounds like it is 2 wire.
Hi I am looking for a replacement for a M100 BGEP which I can't see on your list -is this actuator suitable? Thanks
Yes it is.
Will this fit a Pegler Terrier TRV body?
Yes it will.
Hi, I need to replace actuators 'Telestat 10c 230 NC 230v - 50/60Hz, 5W IP42. These have four wires 2 red, blue and brown. Is this actuator product compatible please. Thank you ever so much H
Yes it is.
Hi, does this fit the Pegler Mistral II TRV?
Yes it does.
Has this actuator any type of indicator on the top (ie a red button that rises and falls to indicate as to whether it is open or closed) Matthew
Yes it does. It has exactly that. Colours may vary according to manufacturing batch.
Will this actuator fit a Danfoss RAS-C² TRV? If not do you have one that will? Thanks. John
I'm afraid not. You need HCO Code 04A09.
will the multi-fit actuator fit onto a myson TRV 2 way radator valve.
Yes it will.
customer has 9 Antares bodies and heads(Actuator), model No:x7 592 30 10, some bodies are leaking and some heads(Actuators) are not working, can you recommend a replacement. thankyou.
Can you please email us a photo of the bodies to so we can identify them and recommend a replacement.
I am looking it these actuators to all my rads on the first floor. Will they fit on the body of a standard TRV? can each room be controlled as a zone if each room has it's own temperature sensor? Would i need the 2 or 4 wire?
They will fit on the body of some but not all TRVs. If you let us know the make/model of yours we can advise. Yes, you could wire up a thermostat to control these. If you have the 4-wire version the two extra wires could be used to control the pump and boiler.
will these stand side by side on an emmeti top way system?... i have 12 zones... thx
Yes they will
Hi there,Would the porduct replace the x7 590 18 10 (2 wire) version? thanks anyways!
Yes it will.
I am going to replace four Telstat 10c 220NC 4 wire actuators (1998 vintage) the wires are 2 red and 2 yellow. Are the wires the same on the these replacements and will it be a straightforward change? Thanks
The wire colours have changed to the standard brown/blue and 2 x black. It's a simple job to install.
Hi, I have a Robbens U/F heating system installed in 1999. One of our rooms has 2 loops one of which is not working. I don't know but suspect that there is a faulty actuator valve. The reference of the valve is M100-BG-ROB and it's 230V -56/60Hz-3W, 2 wire. Are your valves compatible with this please? Regards John
Yes they are.
Hi. Could you tell me if I could fit this in place of a Drayton TRV 4 on a domestic central heating wall radiator. I want to change the operation from manually setting a desired temperature with the TRV 4 to a simple full-on/full-off mode via a mains demand signal. Thanks.
Yes you can.
Hi. How long is the wire on the 4 wire version? Paul
It is 1m long
Hi there, Would this product replace Tconova NC 257.2855.000 ? Thanks ! Rob
Yes it will
I am looking for replacement actuators for an Osma underfloor heating system installed in 2002. The current ones I have are marked: AA2000 230V/2W Serial number is 2 022921 583118. Would the 2 wire multi fit actuator be suitable for the system or not? If not, which actuator would you recommend. Thanks
We would recommend the clip on thermal actuator please see the link. on
I have underfloor heating with Uponor wiring system and TM manifold and 5 actuators by upon or, 24volt IP54, TSA01, TYP2.I am fitting 3 HeatmiserNeo thermostats and need an Heatmiser Wiring System which in turn requires the 5 thermal actuators to be 230 volt, 2wire, part no. 1013006. Can you inform me if the actuator offered by you for £16.14 would be comparable with the Heatmiser UH1 wiring system and the Upon or Manifold. I am informed by the suppliers that I need 5 actuators, part no. 1013006. Please advise me if you can agree before I order these from you. Many Thanks, Ken Templeton
Yes this would be suitable.
Hi Could you tell me what the stroke length for the actuator is? Does it matter if the valve body it is fitted to has shorter stroke, or will this put excessive strain on the valve or actuator? Thanks
It is 3.6mm. No it doesn't matter.
Hi, Please could you tell me what the current rating is on the auxiliary switch on the 4 wire model of this actuator. If you have it please could you send though a pdf manual. Thanks Alec
It is 5A. Instructions are available under the "Downloads" tab.

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