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Express delivery for Friday Available Until 3pm Today

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Siemens (Landis & Staefa) RWB29 Programmer

Brand: Siemens (Landis & Staefa/Gyr)
HCO Code: 02B03
Price: £46.80
Ex VAT: £39.00
Stock: In Stock
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Q: I have a Landis & Steafa RWB9 that will not switch onto auto. The boost still works but not auto. Is this a Direct replacement or will I need to rewire it?

A: It is a direct replacement. It will simply clip onto the existing backplate for a very easy swap.
Q: I have a Landis & Staefa RWB2E Mechanical Clock that now sticks whenever it feels like it. Normally in the morning before it is supposed to switch on! Is the RWB29 a suitable replacement and easy to wire up again.

A: Yes, you will not need to do any wiring, the RWB29 will clip on the existing backplate for an easy 5-minute swap.
Q: Could you please confirm that this unit RWB29 is the one with a "battery backup" and comes with a replaceable battery, with an accessible battery compartment in the back of the unit? Many thanks

A: It has a battery backup. However, due to EU laws, changing the battery is now a "specialist" procedure that should only should be carried out by a professional. Siemens instructions reflect this and they have placed a sticker over the battery drawer to stop the user changing it.
Q: I have a L&G RWB2. When the CH is 'on' the room thermostat switches the boiler on and off as needed according to the set program. However the HW can either be on or off and the on twice or once does not function as the clock does not rotate. Assuming that the clock is faulty and I replace it with you programmer, will this resolve the problem? Will my thermostat continue to work for the CH?

A: If the clock is not rotating, then it is faulty and needs to be replaced. This is the suitable replacement. It will work with your existing room thermostat.
Q: Hi, my central heating has started to run constantly even when the thermostat in set to low, and the RWB29 timer is showing both hot water and heating off. I am manually turning the boiler off to stop this, but my plumber thinks it might be a fault with the timer. Is it worth replacing the timer, or is my plumber barking up the wrong tree! Many thanks for any ideas.

A: If it is doing it when the thermostat is low, then it sounds more like a motorised valve fault.

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Siemens RWB29 Full Programmer

* Complete with new backplate
* Daily 5/2 Day or 7 Day Programming
* Two or three ON/OFFs per day
* Independent timing for HW and CH
* Gravity or Fully Pumped systems
* Advance and +3 hour (boost) facilities
* LED 'ON' lamps and user friendly backlitdisplay
* Dimensions (on wall): 80x135 HxW
* Dimensions (overall): 90x145x34mm HxWxD
* Large Screen
* Holiday Programming
* Menu Driven Programming


Replaces (same backplate and wiring for easy swapover):
Landis & Gyr (Landis & Staefa) RWB1 RWB102 RWB2 RWB2.9 RWB40 RWB200 RWB200cw RWB252 RWB252cw RWB270 RWB9 RWB-XP.
Microgyr 1 102 2 40 200 200cw 252 252cw 270 9 XP.
Gloworm (Glowworm) MasterMind
Potterton Miniminder Miniminder E
Sankey Sunline
Crossling Controller
Wickes RWB2/6832 RWB200.cw RWB252.cw RWB2E.cw RWB9.cw.
Boss Therm RPF7 RP24 BUP.
British Gas EMP1 EMP2 UP1L


Replaces RWB20 / Microgyr 20 (same backplate) but may require the addition of a neutral connection


Compatible alternatives with same backplate & wiring:
Siemens RWB2E - 24 hour mechanical programmer




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