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Siemens (Landis & Staefa) RWB29Si Programmer

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HCO Code: 02B03
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* Complete with new backplate * Daily 5/2 Day or 7 Day Programming
* Two or three ON/OFFs per day
* Independent timing for HW and CH
* Gravity or Fully Pumped systems
* Advance and +3 hour (boost) facilities
* LED 'ON' lamps and user friendly backlitdisplay
* Dimensions (on wall): 80x135 HxW
* Dimensions (overall): 90x145x34mm HxWxD
* Large Screen
* Holiday Programming
* Menu Driven Programming


Replaces (same backplate and wiring for easy swapover):
Landis & Gyr (Landis & Staefa) RWB1, RWB102, RWB2, RWB2.9, RWB40, RWB200, RWB200cw, RWB252, RWB252cw, RWB270, RWB9, RWB-XP, RWB29.
Microgyr 1, 102, 2, 40, 200, 200cw, 252, 252cw, 270, 9, XP.
Gloworm (Glowworm) MasterMind
Potterton Miniminder Miniminder E
Sankey Sunline
Crossling Controller
Wickes RWB2/6832,,,,
Boss Therm RPF7, RP24, BUP.
British Gas EMP1, EMP2, UP1L
Danfoss Randall MP15, MP75, FP15, FP50C, FP75, FP715, FP7801, CP15, CP75, CP715, CP715Si


Replaces RWB20 / Microgyr 20 (same backplate) but may require the addition of a neutral connection


Compatible alternatives with same backplate & wiring:
Siemens RWB2E - 24 hour mechanical programmer


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Hi will a RWB29SI replace a RWB9 and is it easy to fit .
Hi. Yes, it will clip onto the existing backplate for a simple swap.
I have a Wickes RWB200.CW. heating and water programmer that I need to replace.
Would the Siemens (Landis & Staefa) RWB29Si Programmer be a direct replacement
and could it slot into the existing back plate?

Yes it will.  A simple swap.

I current have a Siemans RWB9 programmer although it hasn't broken it has discoloured so would like to replace it. Please could you advise if the Siemens (Landis & Staefa) RWB29Si Programmer would be suitable.
Many thanks
Yes it will.  It is a plug-on replacement for an easy swap.

Will the Landis Gyr RWB29Si be a straight change for my existing Landis Gyr RWB200. Will it need any mods to electrical wiring..
Yes, it will plug onto the existing backplate, so no wiring will need to be done at all.

Does the new rwb29Si programmer come with new battery?
It has a built-in backup battery.
we have a landis and gyr rwb2 programmer ... running a gravity fed heating there a direct replacement for this programmer using the existing backplate?at present the water and heating can be switched off and on independtly...would like to keep this feature thanx
This RWB29Si would be suitable.
bought this unit to replace rwb2 but it only turns on heating and hot water together. cant get it to turn on hot water only which rwb2 would do can this ? is the rwb29e different ? can it turn on each independently ?
Yes. Make sure you have it in Gravity mode. Reset the unit after making changes to the DIP switches.
How do you add a neutral when replacing my RWB20 Microgyr with your RWB29 programmer? Thanks
It is a job for an electrician. Usually it is there, so check first.
Hi, I have an old boiler (1985)with a Landis Gyr RWB2 mechanical programmer, the controls have stopped working, will this unit replace my original and is it a straight/easy swap. Many Thanks Cliff
Hi. Yes you can. It is a simple 5 minute swap.
I have a Landis & Gyr RWB102 unit, your description says this product is a replacement using same backplate and wiring but the manual downloaded from your site does not list the RWB102 as being a unit that this product will replace with no wiring changes. Please can you clarify if this product is a direct "no wiring changes" replacement. Thanks
Yes it is. It's just too old be be listed.
I have an RWB4 which has blown the capacitor and motor for the timer. I bought a second hand RWB2 but it also had the failed capacitor. IN trying to replace the 2 channel programmer and avoid the ageing capacitors will the RWB29Si be OK for replacement as I believe it has the same backplate. I suppose the mountings will be different to the RWB4 which has 2 screws for mounting to a swivel panel on the Glow Worm boiler.
The RWB29Si is designed for wall mounting, not boiler mounting like the RWB4. So you will need to install it on the wall next to the boiler, and run some flex into the boiler to link it to the existing connections for the RWB4.
I have an RWB9 Landis & Staefa- which I think Siemens bought out. The central heating will not come on-the light comes on ,but the motote and boiler does not fire(the hot water will) will the Siemens Rwb29 replace it correctly? Any thoughts on the isue? Thanks.
The RWB29Si is the correct replacement. It's hard to tell if it is the programmer, room thermostat or motorised valve that have gone without the use of a multimeter. Listen for the click of the relay when it switches on/off.
Hi, Wife has melted the front with an air fryer. Think just the programmer assuming wiring not faulty is replacing straight forward?
Hi. Yes, it is a simple swap.
On my current programmer (same model Rwb29Si), the screen has gone black and is showing no signs of life ! Any suggestions only 1 year old. Regards GCB.
Check the unit is receiving power and that the fuse in the fused spur has not gone. Press the reset button.
Will the rwb29si replace a rwb2e without changing back plate Thanks Stuart
Yes it will.
I have a Siemens RWB29Si programmer. How do I turn the temp down on my hot water coming out of the taps? Thank you.
You will have a thermostat on your hot water cylinder.
I have bought from yourselves to replace a microgyr rwb 20 - i followed the instructions but am having problems - the central heating does not come on at all & when the hot water is turned on the display goes off completeley , it also says an extra neutral may be reqd - where does this connect to on the backplane onnections - thanks
If you are getting a display then it has the neutral connection. Give technical a call on 08708 500184.
does this replace my RWB2 mechanical programmer and is it straightforward please?
Yes it will plug onto the existing backplate for a simple swap.
I need to replace my RWB9 programmer. Is this model still on sale or do I need to chose another model. If so, will the wiring be the same? Do I need an electrician to do the swap/fit or is it easy to do myself please.
The RWB9 is obsolete. This RWB29Si is the replacement. It will plug onto the existing backplate for a simple DIY swap.
Hi, I already have an RWB29 installed but wondered if there is a direct replacement available which has WiFi connectivity so would allow me to remotely control it (I am away from the house but need to control the heating). Many Thanks, Mike
Hi. You can replace it with the EPH R27-RF and Ember Gateway kit to control it online. HCO codes 07A04 and 20C02 (both required).
Hi, could you please tell me the difference between the RWB29 and the RWB29Si? I'm looking to replace an old Landis and Gyr, I've done it once before but I did it with the RWB29 model. I just wanted to know if it's still ok to buy for a replacement for the L and G unit. Many thanks for your assistance. Peter Robinson
They have added a boiler service interval timer feature to the programmer. Just a software upgrade, it is still a simple swap for older units.
I am considering replacing my RWB9 with RWB29 as a direct swap. However I note that it is slightly larger. As I have very limited space either side,have you a diagram giving very detailed overall dimensions?
I'm afraid not. However the design is tapered. The actual footprint on the wall is exactly the same as the all the previous RWB models.
Hi, I want to buy and upgrade to this RWB29Si from a landis & gyr RWB2, it all seems to be a simple swap, correct? But can I keep the old thermostat that is already wired in and functioning fine? I’d like to. Thanks V much
Yes, a very simple swap. You will not need to change the thermostat or anything else on the system.
I need a replacement for a Siemens RWB9 programmer. Whats the closes model I can get
This RWB29Si is the replacement model.
Can a faulty RWB29 cause a fuse to trip
It is possible.
I have a BG UP1L controller which has worked well for 18+ years. Last few days it has started to not fire up the CH - even though the CH light is on. I can get it to work if I tap it (moderate whack) or if I put the HW on (advance) or if I do a CH advancex2. Funny thing is it only does it in the morning; after I intervene with a whack it then brings the CH on fine in the evening; then back to not working overnight. Do you think it has given up the ghost in which case I should replace with a RWB29Si ? Any suggestions or advice will be most welcome and thoroughly appreciated.
It does sound like it needs replacing. The RWB29Si would be the recommend replacement. It will just clip on the backplate for a simple swap.
I have an RWB29 installed and the heating comes on briefly when the hot water turns on even though the heating is set to Manual Off. Have tried resetting it to no avail. Time for a new programmer?
If turning the thermostat right down solves the problem, then it is likely to be the programmer. If not, then I would suggest the motorised valve.
Is the RWB29si a direct replacement for the RWB252 please.
Yes it is.
I have just ordered from you the rwb29si to replace my old rw29 programmer as it has seen better days but my heating/water system has a problem .The pump does not switch off . This is random and can sometimes be cured by switching heating or water on then off This doesnt work everytime .Do you think the new programmer will cure this problem.
If turning down the thermostat doesn't switch it off, then it is more likely to be a motorised valve problem.
My current Landis & Gyr GWB2 programmer was wired to a Honeywell T6060 room thermostat. I have had to replace the thermostat with a Horstmann HRT2 thermostat and, whilst fitting the new thermostat, the programmer has stopped switching from terminal 2 to terminal 4 for the Central Heating. Is this repairable? or does it need to be replaced. Also, could you please could you please advise on the changes needed in the wiring from the programmer to the new thermostat, the thermostat is linked to a Honeywell V6057A Zone Valve. Thank you in anticipation of your advice.
It sounds like it needs to be replaced. The HRT2 is not suitable for use with the V6057A as the HRT2 doesn not have a satisfied terminal. I would recommend the Honeywell T6360B as a suitable one (same terminal numbers as the T6060)
I have purchased an RWB29Si to replace a very old RWB2 mechanical clock/programmer. The system has pumped heating and gravity HW. I expected to see a switch(on the back) to select for this option, but there does not appear to be one. Will it plug straight in to the backplate and automatically be suitable? - or is there a difference in wiring to the backplate needed? regards
You need to change the 5th DIP switch on the back of the unit to the "10" position (then reset the unit). No wiring changes are needed.
Is the RWB29SI a direct replacement using existing backplate and wiring for the RWB2E mechanical programmer
Yes it is.
Which is the newer model the Siemens RWB29Si or the RWB2007? Are they both a direct swap for a RWB200 ?
They are both current models. Either one will replace the RWB200. The RWB2007 is the simpler model, and the RWB29Si is the one with more features.
Hello we ve got a pilot lit gas Glow worm boiler with a glow worm mechanical rotary timer dial two on and two off positions and slide switch over rides for central heating and hot water central heating and hot water control timer switch control the rotary dial off on one of the control does not work the glow worm dial control is 135 mm long x 80 mm x 35 mm deep . Could you please advise me as to which digital control may fit this products backing plate without to much fuss Thank You Yours Trevor Ford
The RWB29Si would be suitable.
What unit is a replacement for a RWB9?
This is suitable to replace the RWB9.
how many on/off can you set on this control
You can have up to 3 on/offs per day.
Can you programme the on/off times on the RWB29 for both central heating and hot water at the same time?
They need to be programmed separately.
Hi, I have an ancient microgyr 40 control panel on my ancient beta boiler which needs replacing, can you tell me please if the Siemens RWB29SI would be comparable. Thank you Regards Tina Pascoe.
Hi. Yes it will plug onto the existing backplate for a simple swap.
I have an old Landis and Gyr timer RWB252 is this the correct replacement please
Yes it is.
What is the difference in settings ch, hw and ch+hw.
CH is for Central Heating HW is for Hot Water CH+HW is for both.
Hi can you confirm the RWB29si does not come with the service indicator enabled and it can not be accidentally set?
Hi. Yes that's correct.
Hi I have the RWB29 is this RWB29si programer the same one? Thanks.
The RWB29Si has replaced the RWB29. It's a straight swap.
Is this (RWB29) a direct replacement for RWB9 programmer. using existing backplate and wiring
Yes it is.
I have a RWB2E which needs replacing can I have a RWB29 fitted? Is the wiring compatible?
Yes, the RWB29 will plug onto the RWB2E backplate with no wiring changes needed. A simple 5 minute swap.
Is this controllert compatible with a Microgyr RWB20 backplate? You mention the need for a neutral connection - which pin is this connecvted to on the backplate?
It has the same backplate. The neutral should be on the 'N' terminal.
Hi My CH is on MAN OFF, yet all the radiators in my home is turned on. How do I turn them off?
If they are still on when the room thermostat is turned right down, then it sounds like you have a stuck motorised valve.
Can the service interval function be disabled for private private no let use?
Yes, it is disabled by default.
Is this a straight swap for a Potterton Mini minder E? Will there be any wiring alterations to be done? Its a basic oil fired ( old boiler) heating system with a room stat, TRV's and NO zone valves. There is a circulation pump for the radiators
Yes, it is a straight swap. It will clip onto the existing backplate with no wiring needing to be touched. A very simple 5-minute swap.
Hi , I have just ordered the Siemens (Landis & Staefa) RWB29Si is this a staright swap for a Microgyr 40 programmer ?
Yes it is.
Does this device take its time from the mains?, and will it adjust automatically for summer/winter clock changes
The time and date is preset at the factory, so shouldn't need adjusting. However you can easily adjust it if it does. It will adjust automatically for the summer/winter time changes.
RWB29Si Does Holiday mode allow me to set on and off times that are different to the normal on and off times? As I understand it the RWB29Si will fit the same back plate as an existing RWB9 programmer without changing any wiring is that right? Many thanks
The holiday mode switches the heating and hot water off until the day you return. Yes, the RWB29Si will plug onto the RWB9 backplate with no wiring changes.
Hello. Please can you advise whether the rear backplate connections are on the right or left if looking at the programmer front face on as my backplate is mounted in a corner?
It is on the left. This has been kept the same across the RWB models.
Hello, Is this controller a direct replacement for a Landis & Gyr RWB2? Will it fit on the existing backplate without any need to change the wiring? Thank you
Yes it would
I have a from wickes would this be the same wiring and upgraded unit to that one ?
Yes, it would. It will plug onto the existing backplate for a simple swap.
Hello Please can I know if the backlit can be turned on/off? Thank you
I'm afraid not.
What is a direct replacement for the Siemens RWB9. Thanks Brian Heath
Yes this RWB29Si is a direct swap for the RWB9.
I have a very old boiler and a Landis & Gryr Programmer RWB2 will this one be easy to fit instead and be suitable?
Yes it would.
I have a Thorn M44/54 boiler, pumped CH with gravity HW, with integral Randall controls, similar to the Danfoss 3060. Would the RWB290Si be a suitable replacement?
Yes, you will need to install the RWB29Si on the wall next to the boiler and wire it into the boiler terminal block on the boiler.
I have a B.Gas UP1L will it replace it on the same backplate without wiring changes? Thanks
Yes it will.
My glow worm 52 super landis & gyr type RWB2 programmer is broken can this be used as a replacement?
Yes, it will plug onto the existing backplate for a simple DIY swap.
I have a Landis & Steafa RWB9 that will not switch onto auto. The boost still works but not auto. Is this a Direct replacement or will I need to rewire it?
It is a direct replacement. It will simply clip onto the existing backplate for a very easy swap.
I have a Landis & Staefa RWB2E Mechanical Clock that now sticks whenever it feels like it. Normally in the morning before it is supposed to switch on! Is the RWB29 a suitable replacement and easy to wire up again.
Yes, you will not need to do any wiring, the RWB29 will clip on the existing backplate for an easy 5-minute swap.
Could you please confirm that this unit RWB29 is the one with a "battery backup" and comes with a replaceable battery, with an accessible battery compartment in the back of the unit? Many thanks
It has a battery backup. However, due to EU laws, changing the battery is now a "specialist" procedure that should only should be carried out by a professional. Siemens instructions reflect this and they have placed a sticker over the battery drawer to stop the user changing it.
I have a L&G RWB2. When the CH is 'on' the room thermostat switches the boiler on and off as needed according to the set program. However the HW can either be on or off and the on twice or once does not function as the clock does not rotate. Assuming that the clock is faulty and I replace it with you programmer, will this resolve the problem? Will my thermostat continue to work for the CH?
If the clock is not rotating, then it is faulty and needs to be replaced. This is the suitable replacement. It will work with your existing room thermostat.
Hi, my central heating has started to run constantly even when the thermostat in set to low, and the RWB29 timer is showing both hot water and heating off. I am manually turning the boiler off to stop this, but my plumber thinks it might be a fault with the timer. Is it worth replacing the timer, or is my plumber barking up the wrong tree! Many thanks for any ideas.
If it is doing it when the thermostat is low, then it sounds more like a motorised valve fault.
Can this be a straight swap for RWB9?
Yes it is.
Does this model have left and right fitting as I have a switch to the left so I can only fit one with left hand fitting
The backplate is on the programmers right. Your left as you look at it.
can you just have the hot water on and not the central heating on the rwb29
Yes you can.
How do I set 3 on/of's per day?
You need to change the DIP switch on the back of the unit to the 3 on/off position. Then press the reset button on the front.
I have a Potterton Mini Minder E, is this contoller a straight forward like for like swapover.
Yes it is.
Hi, i have a L&G RWB20 Microgyr, will this be a straight swap? ive also been told the horstmann centaurplus C27 will work, can you recommend one or the other, what ever is easier to replace? Thanks Jon
The problem with replacing the RWB20 is that all modern programmers are mains powered so need a neutral supply on the 'N' terminal. Check if there if there is neutral connection on the 'N' terminal. If there is, then the RWB29 will simply plug on. If not, you will need to get one added.
I have a very old Potterton Miniminder. Is this programmer compatible and is it just a straightforward swap? Thanks
Yes it will plug onto the existing backplate for an easy swap.
I have a Landis & Gyr RWB200, is the Siemens (Landis & Staefa) RWB29 Programmer a suitable replacement? is it plug and play or do i need a electrician to rewire?
Yes, the RWB29 will plug onto the existing backplate for an easy 5 minute swap.
i have recently bought a siemaens rwb29 programmer from you...all working fine but i want to know ....How do i turn the unit off completely....there are occasions through the year when i dont need hot water or heating.
• Press left hand button MENU • Press left hand button SELECT • Press bottom middle button until correct selection is displayed (CH, HW or CH+HW) • Press left hand button SELECT • Press top middle button until "MANUAL OFF" shows • Press left hand button ENTER • Repeat for other selections (HW, CH etc) • Press right hand button BACK • Press right hand button EXIT
hi does the siemens rwb29 come with a battery to protect program in the event of power failure?
Yes it does.
I want to replace Wickes programmer RWB252 will RWB29. Fit the old backplate therefore no rewireing Many Thanks
Yes it will.
I have an old Landys & Gyr RWB200 timer unit. The RWB 29 is a straight replacement. Will I need to do any different wiring or is it just plug in and go. Please advise. Best regards< jon
The RWB29 is a straight swap just plugs on the existing backplate.
How is the old RWB9 removed from the backplate to allow the fitting of a new RWB29 unit?
The are two screws at the bottom that will need loosening. The unit will then hinge up off the backplate. Remember to switch the electric off first.
Can this be used as a direct replacement for a RWB2 programmer without changing the backplate or wiring?
Yes it can.
I have a Siemens RWB2E controlling a back boiler. I see from a previous answer that the RWB29 is a suitable digital replacement but does it make any difference that it is linked to a back boiler? As you will gather, I'm not an electrician or plumber!!
It doesn't make any difference. It's still a suitable replacement.
How do I add a neutral wire to power the RWB9, I have the RWB20 which does not have a neutral. Is it a wire to add from Neutral to the case
The neutral wire needs to be connected to the 'N' terminal on the backplate. This is usually an electricians job.
I see the RWB29 will replace a Mini Minder E, can I use the existing back plate and swap over without any wiring changes? Thanks.
Yes you can. A simple 5-minute job.
Will it replace a Randal 3060 timer?
Yes, but you will need to change the backplate.
I have an RWB2E timer will the RWB29 be a direct replacement without changing any of the wires in the main control box ?
Yes it will.
I have a RWB9 unit, is there a programmer available which can use the same back plate?
Yes, this RWB29 will clip onto the existing backplate.
Can I use the Central heating when the Hot water is off?
Only if you have one or more motorised valves. If you don't have any motorised valves it will bring on the hot water when you heating comes on as this is a limitation of the system.
I have an HCC oil boiler with Landis & Gyr RVP75.230/151 control unit will the seimens RWB29 programmer be a suitable replacement? Boiler supplier two zones of wet underfloor heating, hot water and towel rails
I'm afraid not, the RVP75.230/151 is a much more complicated unit with compensating sensors. If you email they will give you a price for a suitable replacement.
Hi we currently have a Potterton min minder RWB2 programmer (well over 30 years old) the boiler is a Rayburn gas ranger and the system is gravity fed, I see that the RWB29 will replace this? What is 'Holiday' programming and also what is the minimum period per day the heating could be on with the RWB29?, with the potterton is about 4 hours. regards K.W.Stevens
Yes, the RWB29 will be suitable. The holiday program keeps the heating and hot water off, until the day you return when it will automatically return to its programmed settings. You can have a on time as short as 10 minutes.
I am replacing a RWB20 which has a Neutral (blue) wire connnection at Terminal N (as back plate diagram: N L 1 2 3 4). There is also a black wire connected to terminal N and another black wire connected to terminal 3. Is this the neutral connection required for the Siemens RWB29.
Yes it is.
I have a Landis & Gyr RWB2 with an old gravity fed boiler. I understand the RWB29 is a direct replacement but is it necessary to alter its settings to ensure that the hot water is prevented from being switched off when the CH is on? If so please can you tell me how this is done?
You will need to flick a switch on the back of the unit to the gravity position, the RWB29 will then automatically bring on the hot water when the heating comes one.
Does the RWB29 have a manual overide for hot water and an overide heating.
Yes it does.
I have a siemens RWB2E fitted at present. Will the back plate be compatible with the RWB29 and will the wiring be the same.
Yes it will. It will plug on with no wiring changes for an easy swap.
I have an old RWB9. This can be replaced by the RWB29 according to the details on this page but not in the download instructions. Which is correct ?
Yes the RWB29 will replace the RWB9.
I have a 20 yr old Landis RWB200. Is this a straight replacement
Yes it is. It will plug onto the existing backplate for an easy swap.
I have a RWB9 controler is the RWB29 the replacement for it ??. And is the wiring to it the same.
Yes this is the replacement for the RWB9, it will plug straight on to your old backplate.
I have a RWB2E Will this replace it? Or should I buy another RWB2E?
The RWB29 will replace the RWB2E.
I have a Siemens RWB9 and the CH & HW system are both pumped. However recently when the "water" is "on" so is the CH. Is this likely to be a malfunctioning controller which needs replacing?
If the problem still occurs when the room thermostat is turned right down, then the fault is most likely to be the motorised valve not the programmer.
I need to rewplace a landis gyr RWB2 Programmer. Is this one suitable
Yes it is. It will simply plug onto the existing backplate for an easy swap.
I have a mini minder E dual programmer will the RWB29 fit onto existing back plate and wiring ?
Yes it will.
I have a Landis and Gyr microgyr RWB20. Will a RWB29 fit onto the existing backplate? Also, are any wiring modifications required?
The problem with replacing the RWB20 is that all modern programmers are mains powered so need a neutral supply on the 'N' terminal. Check if there if there is neutral connection on the 'N' terminal. If there is, then the RWB29 will simply plug on. If not, you will need to get one added.
I need to replace a Siemens rwb9 programmer, which model would fit directly on the back plate?
The RWB29 will fit directly on to the back plate of the RWB9
I have a Wickes RWB200CW which needs replacing. Will this RWB29 programmer fit the existing backplate?
Yes it will
Siemens RWB2E old clock type inplace... will the RWB29 replace it please. I have a Y plan system fully pumped. Thanks Bob.
Yes, the RWB29 will plug onto the existing RWB2E backplate for a very simple 5-minute swap.
I am exchanging a RWB2 with a RWB29 which I know is a direct replacement - however how do I know which position to put Dipswitch 5 in? I am not sure how to identify a gravity fed system or a fully pumped system - help please! Rhanking you in anticipation Keith (Friday)
If you have 1 or more motorised valves (so you can have heating only), then put it in the fully pumped position
I have a Landis & Gyr Crossling Controller dated 1985 , don't have the model no though. Do you think this will fit existing back plate?
Yes it will.
we have inherited a trianco Eurostar boiler commisoned in 1998 the controls have Landis & Staefa and RWB9 written on them. Can you tell me where I can get an instruction book so as I can alter the settings? the download here looks too modern and is no help many thanks
Please see link
Will it replace a Danfoss fp715
Yes it will.
I have a Landis and gyr RWB252 which controls the heating and water independantly.Is this a direct swop for it
Yes it is.
I have a Landis & Gyr RWB XP which is faulty, will this be a suitable replacement
Yes it will. It will simply clip onto the existing backplate for a simple swap.
i have the siemens rwb9 controller, does this one replace that? do i have to rewire anything? the backplate of the previous controller is still connected, can this new one conect straight to that?
Yes this will replace the RWB9 without rewiring and will connect straight to the back plate.
I reviewed the RWB29 manual and was unable to find the info I was looking for so hopefully you can answer my question. The controller has adv and + hrs buttons for hot water and central heating control. Do these buttons function COMPLETELY independently? For example, if I want to advance the central heating to the 'on' state, can this be done if the hot water is not advanced?
Only if you have a fully pumped system. On a gravity system it will bring on the hot water as well as this is a limitation of gravity systems.
Will it replace Honeywell ST699 programmer or will I need to rewire. Thanks
It will connect to the same wires, but you will need to change the backplate.
Does the Siemens RWB29 replace the Landis & Stafea RWB2E programmer
Yes it does.
Can it be used with an under floor heating system?
Only wet under floor heating systems.
I have a Microgyr 40, can i replace it with a RWB29 and is it a pretty straight forward task?
Yes it will simply plug onto the existing backplate for an easy swap.
i have a wickes rwb9 cw programer will a rwb29 replace it without any changes many thanks l mackman
Yes, it will plug straight on to the backplate.
Can I replace a landis & gyr rwb2 with rwb29? Thanks.
Yes you can, it will plug on the existing back plate.
Would this be a suitable replacement for a Drayton SM2 ?
Yes, but you may need to change the backplate. The LP722 will plug onto the same backplate. Please see the link below.
will it replace a wickes rwb252 ?
Yes it will. It will clip onto the existing backplate with no wiring changes for an easy swap.
Can I use it to replace a honeywell st6400
Yes, but you will need to change the back plate.
Can I replace a RWB9 with this front unit, 1for1 swap?
Yes you can.
can I replace siemens RWB2E WITH RWB29
Yes, it will simply plug onto the existing backplate for an easy swap.
In the summer we replaced Landis& Staefa RWB29 programmer with a siemens one. We are unable to operate the central heating function without the hot water function is on at the same time. Any advice? Regards
There is a switch on the back of the unit, for switching between a Gravity and Pumped system. If you have a gravity system then you are unable to have heating only, it is a limitation of your system. If you have a pumped system, then you will need to change the switch to pumped mode and reset the unit by pressing the reset button.
Will this replace a Potterton EP 2002? Thanks
To replace a EP2002 you will need to change the backplate. The Potterton EP2 will clip onto your existing EP2002 backplate. Please see the link below.
Q: I have a Boss Therm BUP CH/HW controller, can I use the existing backplate and wiring and simply plug in the Siemens RWB29 front controller? Thanks. . .
Yes, you can. It is a simple 5-minute job.
Q: I currently use L&G RWB270 Programmer. Can I replace this with a RWB29. I have pumped CH and HW. Thanks. Any wiring changes?
The RWB29 will plug on to the existing RWB270 backplate with no wiring changes needed. A very simple 5-minute job.
I currently use L&G RWB9 Programmer. Can I replace this with a RWB29. I have pumped CH and HW. tHANKS
Yes you can. It will simply plug onto the RWB9 backplate with no wiring changes needed. You will need to switch off the electric.

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