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Saturday Delivery Available Until 3pm Tomorrow

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Siemens (Landis & Staefa) RWB2E Programmer

Brand: Siemens (Landis & Staefa/Gyr)
HCO Code: 06D05
Price: £58.68
Ex VAT: £48.90
Stock: In Stock
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Q: Can I do a straight swap of my broken RWB1 with a RWB2E Programmer? Are the connections compatible?

A: Yes it will plug onto the existing backplate for an easy 5-minute swap with no wiring required.
Q: O have moved into a house with this programmer, it seems to work fine but I am unable to move the start and stop orange and blue buttons. Please give me instructions

A: To set tappets to your own programme times hold the dial and slide the relevant tappet and rotate it in either direction to your desired time, then rotate dial through a full 24 hour rotation. NB: This should be carried out with the Programmer connected and power supply switched onto the backplate.
Q: What is the difference between the override button and the boost button on this programmer?

A: The boost will turn its self off after an hour.
Q: I have a RWB2E system which has worked fine for years but for some reason when I now move the switch for the heating to come on twice in the day the system does not now work. Is there a way which the system can be reset or do you have any suggestions on how I can get this fixed??? Thanks

A: If it's working on once and overrides, then it sounds like the system is fine and just the programmer needs to be replaced.
Q: I'm staying in a VRBO unit in London that uses this timer for heat and hot water. While trying to turn on the heat tonight, my daughter turned the timer first clockwise and then counter-counterwise. A ticking sound ensued. I turned the heat and hot water off, and the ticking stopped. Turned the heat back on. Ticking still gone. Turned the hot water on, and the ticking was back. Have we busted the timer??

A: If its got power and not turning, then it sounds bust.

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Traditional Daily Programmer
* Complete with new backplate
* Two ON/OFF periods per day
* 1 hour boost facility
* All day option
* LED 'ON' light
* Dimensions: 145x90x50mm WxHxD
* Override facility
* Gravity or fully pumped

Replaces (same backplate and wiring for easy swapover):
Landis & Gyr (Landis & Staefa) RWB1 RWB102 RWB2 RWB2.9 RWB40 RWB200 RWB200cw RWB252 RWB252cw RWB270 RWBXP.
Landis & Gyr Microgyr 1 Microgyr 102 Microgyr 2 Microgyr 40 Microgyr 200 Microgyr 200cw Microgyr 252 Microgyr 252cw Microgyr 270 Microgyr 9 Microgyr XP.
Gloworm (Glowworm) MasterMind
Potterton Miniminder
Sankey Sunline
Crossling Controller


Replaces RWB20 / Microgyr 20 (same backplate) but may require the addition of a neutral connection


Compatible alternatives with same backplate & wiring:
Siemens RWB29 - Top-of-the-Range 7 day digital programmer



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