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Siemens (Landis & Staefa) RWB2E Programmer

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Traditional Daily Programmer
* Complete with new backplate
* Two ON/OFF periods per day
* 1 hour boost facility
* All day option
* LED 'ON' light
* Dimensions: 145x90x50mm WxHxD
* Override facility
* Gravity or fully pumped

Replaces (same backplate and wiring for easy swapover):
Landis & Gyr (Landis & Staefa) RWB1 RWB102 RWB2 RWB2.9 RWB40 RWB200 RWB200cw RWB252 RWB252cw RWB270 RWBXP.
Landis & Gyr Microgyr 1 Microgyr 102 Microgyr 2 Microgyr 40 Microgyr 200 Microgyr 200cw Microgyr 252 Microgyr 252cw Microgyr 270 Microgyr 9 Microgyr XP.
Gloworm (Glowworm) MasterMind
Potterton Miniminder
Sankey Sunline
Crossling Controller


Replaces RWB20 / Microgyr 20 (same backplate) but may require the addition of a neutral connection


Compatible alternatives with same backplate & wiring:
Siemens RWB29 - Top-of-the-Range 7 day digital programmer




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I have a RWB29 controller controlling an oil fired range cooker on a Narrowboats. The controller screen is no longer readable, the characters are more than half missing. The controller spends long periods without a mains supply. I am thinking of changing to an RWB2E. Will this controller fit into the same backplate?
Any idea why the RWB 29 is misbehaving?

Yes, it will fit on to the  existing backplate for a simple swap.  It does not have a battery backup, so will need the time setting when power is restored.

Neither unit is designed to have long periods without power.

Hi! Could you confirm this programmer is the same as the image on your website as we are replacing it for a 90 year old who would like it to be exactly the same as he currently has for ease of use! Many thanks Denise
Hi Yes it is.
Hi would this replace a old crossling controls
Hi. It is a direct replacement for the Crossling Controller programmer.
Hello, I have a single pipe heating system with a Glow Worm back boiler and a Landis & Gyr RWB2 Timer and need to replace the timer. I know the RWB2E will fit as a direct replacement but has it got the facility to operate a single pipe system? My current timer has a switch on the back which physically stops the central heating slider from being turned on if the hot water is not on so the hot water has to be turned on first then the central heating, a requirement for my style of heating system. Before I order this timer unit please can you tell me if it is suitable for my needs? Thank you.
Yes, it can be set to work suitably for your system.
Will this replace a Potterton Mini minder e
Yes it will.
is this a direct replacement for the old landis & gyr rwb2 ? Will it fit onto the existing back plate ? and what does the "E" denote. many thanks.
Yes it is. It will fit on to the existing backplate for a simple swap. The E simply signifies it works internally using electronics rather than moving parts.
Good morning,I need to replace a Randall 3060 (almost 40 years faithful service!!).Is the RWB2E or any other programmer you sell suitable.Not a digital one though. Thank you.
Hi Yes, it will be suitable. The RWB2E comes with a wiring conversion guide for the 3060 to help you with the swap.
Does this timer easily replace the Potterton Miniminder or do we need extra wiring on the backplate or to change anything on the heater?
It's a very simple DIY swap. No wiring changes needed.
Hi, I have a Microgyr 40 heating control that’s not working, will this product be a easy replacement. Other product that you recommend. Rgds R Wells
Yes it will. It will plug onto the existing backplate for an easy swap. Also see the Siemens RWB29Si as an alternative.
Is the RWB2E programmer a direct replacement for the RWB9 programmer. Is any re-wiring of the backplate required?
Yes it is. No wiring changes needed.
We’ve moved house and inherited this programmer. I want the hot water and heating on all day so it it is controlled by the thermostat. It doesn’t seem to be working. I changed it from on to all day and it still doesn’t trigger when it’s cold! We wake up freezing. Can you advise? What’s the difference between on and all day?
All day is from the first on time to the last off time (e.g. daytime). ON is on 24 hours. If you want it on over night, then choose the ON setting.
I have an old Landis & gyr central heating & hot water controller will this model replace it on it's original back plate
If there is not model number, please email us a photo to and we will confirm.
can i fit the RAA21 Room Stat with this controller
Yes you can.
Is this programmer suitable to replace a Glow Worm Mastermind connected to a Baxi Burmuda S back boiler?
Yes it is.
we had 3 power cuts in one day . switched the boiler back on but the programmer isn't working now . What will be the problem
Check the fuse in the fused spur. See if it works if you manually rotate the dial.
Hello I have a problem with the blue off control marker on the programmer It is a earlier model than RWB2E but very similar the programmer is picking up on the red to go on, the blue just goes passed. Can you advise me please?
Hi. It sounds like the cog that engages with the blue marker has broke. The programmer will need to be replaced.
I have a Siemens RWB9 programmer.The buttons are now very worn. Is the Siemens RWB2E a replacement for the above programmer and is the back plate compatable with the RWB9. thanks Mike Cole
Yes, you can use either the RWB2E or RWB29Si. Either one will clip onto the existing backplate for a simple swap.
I have a RWB2E and had for some time but now it's not turning off or on the clock doesn't seem to work, just spins round, could you help me please. Thanking you Colin.
If clock is rotating, but the lights aren't coming on and off, then it sounds like a problem with the timer and it needs to be changed.
Hello, my question is can I replace RWBE2E with new RWB30 model? The backplates and pins on both programmers are the same, except wiring. When I plug RWB30 to old backplate only pump doesn't starts. Everything else is working. Can I re-wiring? If yes, what is the order?
No, the RWB30 is not suitable to replace the RWB2E.
hello. my mum has just had a new programmer fitted rwb2e. could you tell me please what the override button does. regards Bev Traynor
If pressed during an 'on' period, then it will switch it off until the next 'on'. If pressed during an 'off' period, then it will switch on until the next 'off''.
Hi I have glow worm mastermind 2 channel, can I replace that with this... thanks
Hi. Yes, you can
Instructions for changing existing RWB2E (faulty) for a direct replacement. Please.
You will need to: 1) Switch off the electric 2) Loosen the two screws at the bottom and hinge the programmer up off the backplate 3) Set the switch on the back of the unit to the correct setting for your system (or to match the old one) 4) Place the programmer on the backplate (Reverse of 2) and tighten the screws 5) Switch on the electric.
I have just had installed a new boiler and valves which gives me the ability to have central heating without hot water. My RWB2E programmer works well with the exception of the boost facility, when I boost the central heating the hot water also comes on. Is this a fault or a peculiarity of the programmer?
You will need to change the switch on the back of the unit from the 10 to 16 position. Both the sliders must be in the off position.
My Landis & Gyr RWB2 is broken ( the slide control lever for the central heating no longer moves) and I need to replace it with a Siemens RWB2e. Is the backplate the same so I can inset the pins into the relevant slots or do I need to get an electrician to rewire?
Yes, it is exactly the same. So it is an easy DIY fit.
Can extra pegs be inserted to the timer dial on my RWB2 to increase the number of timed periods?
I'm afraid not.
I have an controller by Wickes. Can I purchase and swap this controller for the RWB2E controller. Any idea what the cw means at the end
Yes you can. The CW just signifies it was sold by Wickes.
I received this today and installed it as a replacement for the RWB9, on the same baseplate, on a pumped heat and gravity hot water system. I appreciate that this means that I cannot run the heating without the hot water. The time clock works fine, there doesn't seem to be an interlock between the heat and hot water controls, so hitting the heating boost button brings in the pump but not the boiler. Likewise I can set it to heat 'all day' and water twice, and the boiler cuts out after the first timed period (when the heating should still be on). I got it to simplify the controlling for my wife who did not understand the digital one, but if I need to explain that to boost the heat she needs t hit the hot water boost button as well she'll be really foxed. I seem to recall that on my original randall analogue timer there was a mechanical interlock that prevented you from setting the heating for more time than the hot water. What's the answer please?
To convert it to gravity mode please do the following: 1. Selector sliders must be in the following position: HW - OFF CH - OFF 2. Insert a small, flat bladed screwdriver into the square opening, on the rear of the programmer, with the flat end horizontal, then push fully up to the top of the slot opening. 3. Also move the switch on the rear of the programmer from 10 to 16 position, i.e. from left to right.
i bought one but lost the manual and didn't know how to adjust . tell me how to use a RWB2E Siemens (Lindais & Staefa) central hearing programmer
Please see the downloads tab.
Are the screws for fixing the back plate on the bottom or on top?
They are on the bottom.
The clock timer doesn't work, will I have to replace the whole RWB2E please?
I'm afraid so.
Is iy possible to have the CH on without the hot water?
As long as you have one or more motorised valves on your system
Hi, sorry if this is a thick question but with this programmer, can I have just the hot water on without having the CH on? Also, do you deliver to Southern Ireland and what s delivery cost please? Many thanks.
Yes, you just set the Heating slider to the off position. Yes, we deliver to Southern Ireland. The cost is £10+VAT.
Can I do a straight swap of my broken RWB1 with a RWB2E Programmer? Are the connections compatible?
Yes it will plug onto the existing backplate for an easy 5-minute swap with no wiring required.
O have moved into a house with this programmer, it seems to work fine but I am unable to move the start and stop orange and blue buttons. Please give me instructions
To set tappets to your own programme times hold the dial and slide the relevant tappet and rotate it in either direction to your desired time, then rotate dial through a full 24 hour rotation. NB: This should be carried out with the Programmer connected and power supply switched onto the backplate.
What is the difference between the override button and the boost button on this programmer?
The boost will turn its self off after an hour.
I have a RWB2E system which has worked fine for years but for some reason when I now move the switch for the heating to come on twice in the day the system does not now work. Is there a way which the system can be reset or do you have any suggestions on how I can get this fixed??? Thanks
If it's working on once and overrides, then it sounds like the system is fine and just the programmer needs to be replaced.
I'm staying in a VRBO unit in London that uses this timer for heat and hot water. While trying to turn on the heat tonight, my daughter turned the timer first clockwise and then counter-counterwise. A ticking sound ensued. I turned the heat and hot water off, and the ticking stopped. Turned the heat back on. Ticking still gone. Turned the hot water on, and the ticking was back. Have we busted the timer??
If its got power and not turning, then it sounds bust.
I have a 30 year old Landis & Gyr RWB2. Will the Siemens RWB2E be a suitable straight replacement or is there another option ?
Yes, it will plug onto the existing backplate for a simple swap.
Is this interchangeable with a busted Horstmann 425 Tiara?
You will need to change the backplate.
I currently have a Siemens RWB29. Can I replace it with a RWB2E to the existing backplate?
Yes you can.
My rwb2e Siemens controller is stuck in the on position and clock not moving round. I have ordered a new programmer from you - will it be easy to swap them over? Some of your answers to other questions say you can use the existing backplate - is this the same in this instance?
Yes you simply: 1) Switch off the electric 2) Remove the old timer from the backplate 3) Fit the new timer onto the backplate 4) Switch on the electric. A very simple 5-minute job.
I have a Landis and Gyr Type RWB 4 controller fitted to a Glow-worm 85-100 boiler - will this unit replace the RWB 4 or do you have an equivalent replacement available please?
You will need to install the RWB2E on the wall next to the boiler and link it into the back of the RWB4. There is nothing that will go onto the existing backplate.
When replacing onto existing back plate, do we have to switch the power mains off before setting the RWB2E timer?
Yes, you will need the switch off the power before removing or fitting the programmer from/to the backplate.
Will this unit replace a 35 year old Crossling control unit
It will replace a Crossling Controller. Please contact us for other models.
I have a Potterton mini minder Will the RWB2E be a straight swap or do I need to change the back plate ?
It is a straight swap, you will not need to change the backplate.
Can it be thermostatically controlled
You can install thermostats to use with it, like the RAA20 room thermostat.
Replacing RWB9 with a RWB2E, Backplate&Wiring compatable ,no alteration required,is this correct thank you.
Yes it is.
hi have a landis rwb2 do you sell a digital programmer that will just fit over existing back plate..
Yes, the RWB29 will fit onto the existing backplate:
I have a mini minder E programmer will the RWB2E replace without changing back plate and wiring and how do I remove the old programmer from back plate as there are no screws do I have to tweak a plastic lug on backplate with screwdriver? thank you
Yes it will. There will be 2 screws on the underside of the unit. You will need to loosen them - and the programmer will hinge up and off. If your programmer is tiled in, the screws may be covered.
HI, I have an old landis n gyr RWB200 programmer for CHeating + gravity HWater. Will the RWB2E be a suitable replacement and will it fit the present Backplate. Thanks in anticipation. Pete
Yes, it will simply plug onto your existing backplate for a simple swap. If you would prefer to keep to a digital programmer, then you will need the RWB29 or RWB2001.
My rwb2e Siemens controller is stuck in on position and clock not moving round. Does whole unit need to be replaced or is there something I can do to remedy .
You will need to change the whole programmer.
Is this an easy replacement for a Landis & Gyr RW2? Will it simply fit over my existing wall plate with no wiring changes necessary?
Yes, it will. It's a very simple 5-minute job.
This replaces the RWB2 I take it? Also can I have hot water on only because at present with my RWB2 the hot water and radiators are on and this is not cost effective.
Yes it does. It has just one set of timings for heating and hot water. for different times, I would recommend the RWB29 instead. Please see the link below.
Does this RWB2E replace a (faulty) RWB9?
Yes it does.
Can this be switched on/off at customers discretion ?
Yes, The heating or hot water can be switched off by moving the appropriate slider into the "Off" position.
can the controller be set to come on once a day only (not twice)?
Yes it can, Move the slider to the once position.
when the programme says 'all day' what time does it go on and off at?
It switches on at the 1st on tappet, and off at the last off tappet. The two middle tappets are ignored.

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