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Telephone Interface for Remote Control

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A remote telephone interface to allow remote control of any of the following thermostats:

* Siemens REV24
* Danfoss Randall TP5000A or TP5000A Si
* Danfoss Randall TP7001
* Danfoss Randall RET230NSB
* Honeywell CM61 or CM67 (may need a special connector)
* Honeywell CM901 or CM907 (may need a special connector)
Please see each individual thermostat's user manual for level of control available.

Also suitable to be wired in parallel with a programmer for remote switching.

• Can be used alongside a answering machine
• Can control up to 2 different thermostats

This item is not compatible with the Orange Livebox Router. It is compatible with all other makes of router.


Text Message (SMS) Version Available




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